Thursday, February 22, 2007

Plans for R10

Now that R9 is finally available, I'm ready to start making plans for R10. Firstly, I really don't want to leave it so long between releases again. The longer I leave between releases, the more hype builds up, and the harder it is to meet people's expectations. I prefer the idea of doing fairly frequent, incremental releases rather than relasing versions with huge sets of changes periodically.

So I'm currently planning to release R10 sometime around the end of March. The question is, what should I focus on?

The areas which clearly need lots of work are speed and compatibility. Unfortunately it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation - if the emulator runs slowly, it doesn't matter if certains roms don't run, because they'd still be unplayable. On the other hand, there's no point in having an ultra-fast emulator if it doesn't run the games people want to play. As I see it, I have to keep working on both of these things - in the long term, it doesn't make sense to concentrate on one and not the other.

I think the best approach is to alternate on work between the two areas. R9 saw significant speed improvements, but almost no progress with compatibility, so I'm currently leaning towards trying to get a few of the more popular titles running. But you're the ones who are going to be using the emulator, so I want to hear your views on what I should work on next.

Please reply to this post with your opinions on what I should work on next. Have a good play with R9 to see what's changed - maybe some things are working better than you expected. Maybe some things are no longer working? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Speed. Make it faster generally? Is there a specific game that runs slowly which you'd like to see an improvement with?
  • Compatibility. Should I work on FlashRAM support? Is there a specific game that doesn't boot, or crashes the emulator? Does your favourite game boot, but then crash when you try to start playing?
  • Audio. The audio support is quite new. Are there certain games where it doesn't work? Should I try to improve the audio so it's less choppy?
  • Graphics. Maybe your favourite game runs, but there are significant graphical glitches?
  • Save Games. Save game support is currently 'in' for EEPROM and MemPak based saves, but very flaky. Should I work on improving this so you don't lose your hard-earned progress?
  • Savestate. Would it be better for me to implement savestate support, so you can save an resume a game at any point?
As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to be away all next week, but I'll try to post as many comments as I can before then. When I get back I'll work through the comments and announce what I'm going to concentrate on for R10



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Preferior said...

speed up, obviously, if one game run with awesome textures or audio but slow frame rate isn't playable, then anyone want to play? no

first focus in speed up, and later you can work in other thing

i hope i help you...and again, sorry for my english, i don't controll it very good ;)

saeedm said...

I vote for speed.
Most of the games I'll be playing already work :) So i just want those smooth 30frames a second

Jopiebrood said...

I vote for savestate, so you can resume anywere. :D, and speed ofcourse. there is no point in playing if you cant resume, so I vote for savestate and speed. and thanks for the hard work you did for us strmnnrmn

Linkzie said...

I'm amazed of how good OoT runs now (without sound). Inside houses, ok it doesn't look good, but I mean it running!

Pierre said...

Hey !

Well, i noticed that the sound was not really perfect, even if it's great that it has been implemented. So, for me, you could focus on having a perfect sound even with the actual framerate. For exemple, zelda ocarina of time has a huge delay between sound and video. Speaking of Zelda, i guess it's the only game i really would like to play. But well, you did such a wonderfull job that i won't make it a request, only a piece of thought :) You're one of the best coder for the psp, so thanks for giving us the hope of playing N64 on it!

Ahmed said...

First of all.. thanks for R9.. =)

my vote goes to compatibility (priority) and speed..

other stuff could be sorted out later.. =)

White said...

id love to be able to play goldeneye? even maybe multiplayer!!!

i dont know about everyone else but ive noticed that the only game i can play properly is mario kart my framerate is at this moment at 6.76 on a wrestling game.

maybe also incorporating an option to manually change the frame rate?

White said...

also just for your information, if the Roms are not in a zip file they load a hell of a lot better!

Deacon said...

Better Banjo-Kazooie graphical/speed support.
My fave' game on the N64 if you can it would be appreciated greatly.

bakaotaku2021 said...

Thanks a lot for R9. However their are two things that i think are crucial for this emulator. Please switch audio handling to the Media engine. That is the only way for users to enjoy audio support. Their is no point in working on audio if its not done through media engine because everyone will just shut it off while playing your emulator. Your emulator already is struggling to get "playable" speeds.

Secondly the emulator needs another major speed increase.

On a personal note. People are going to complain no matter what you do. The emulator is still not playable according to must users. So if you do small updates, people will still complain because these updates won't show the desired "leaps" that they want to see. This is my own personal views. Anyway good luck.

jon2491 said...

Hi, Super Smash Bros doesn't work (Well, only intro, and with glitches), can you fix that?
BTW, tha savestate would be perfect!!

Tenshu said...

Speed obviously
Then focuse and the other things

We need a solid base to work with =)

Masked_Majora said...

Firstly big thanks to your hard work on my favorite Emu!! For me the speed in R9 is ok with many games I like to play, at least it is not annoying. So for my part I would really love a bit more compability with the focus on games many people like to play.

My Top List is:
1. Zelda Majora's Mask (My absolute fav. game)
2. Zelda OoT
3. Super Mario 64

My second priority would be a better working savegame feature. Save sate would do the job, too - I really don't what is easier to implement.

Keep up the good work - you are already unreplacable!

Maxi_jac' said...

Hi StrmnNrmn !

First, Thanks for your work ;)

I personnaly vote for speed !
And maybe for saves, because it doesn't work correctly in OOT

I have another suggestion : In Mario 64 and another games, when i don't touch my analog stick, it still goes right or up or ...
Maybe you can implement something to avoid this ?

I noticed the pause menu doesn't save the modifications when you come back into it, and you wrote R8 in it.

I don't really care about the soudn for the moment, but when you'll try to improve it, i think the ME processor could help.

++ B.

Cueca said...

I think that the Speed need to be the main focus for R10. After Mario 64 and other "light weight" is running at pretty good speeds (25fps+ with sound maybe?) you could get back the focus to compatibility...

If at last ONE game is running at full speed the emulador could stay more time on the memory sticks around the world ;-)

keep the good work, and thanks a lot. :)

Maxi_jac' said...

Oh yes, i forgot to add something ^^

I remember the R1 ( yep i'm an old fan lol) was in kernel Mode,
Didn't Kernel mode allow us to use more RAM ?
i believe since R2 or R3 you have set the emu to run under User-mode, since now everyone is in 1.5 or OE tnaks to Dark_Alex and fanjita (and all great coders), maybe you can use kernel mode now ?

++ B.

Florian said...

*one vote for savestate* ;)

MasamunesBlade said...

Well the only ting I really want is to be able to play zelda ocarina of time and majoras mask. Sound can come later...but I played OOT in r9 and it crashed >< otherwise it was decent. But I really wish they were at more playable speeds. btw Strmnnrmn you're the best^^

scott said...

speed speed and more speed

frangin2003 said...

Congrats for your work, it's a great peace of code.

Regarding plans for R10:
- speed

I think that you'll focus on compatibility when you'll run out of ideas to improve speed.

Congrats again, it's my favorite homebrew.

Tech said...

I would have to say speed or compatibility... Super smash bros would be nice

Xeak said...

Starcraft 64 would be just awesome! But you clearly have some speed kinks to work out, so you go ahead and finish up with that sort of stuff.

Rob said...

I vote speed, but would also like to see the ability to navigate anywhere on the MS for roms. i like to keep a /ROMS/N64 folder right in the root (it's much easier for me to update that way)

Daniel said...

First of all, thanks for this great emulator :P

Savestate would be great.

John said...

Speed (and savestate if possible)

Mark said...

Firstly, Awesome work so far, its coming along nicely...

In terms of the next step, I'm going to echo bakaotaku2021's comment that a good move would be trying to get you head around the ME and getting the audio processing done on that. Although it'll be a big task, once done it will mean that time can be spent on speed/compatibility/features (perhaps that order too?), without having think about tweaking the audio.

Ignore all the people piping on about 'ad hoc multiplayer' as the emulator is far to early in development to even contemplate such features!

Keep up the good work buddy :)

Barry said...

Definetly want more speed, and i would say with most mario games and my other fav's (goldeneye and Zelda: OoT) The savestate feature shounds like a good idea too, i would say the EEPROM save feature is a bit less important.

tyler said...

I just plain want a speed up on Super Smash Bros. You have done a great job StrmnNrmn on this emulator, all i want is a speed up and maybe in a future release *way future probably* adhoc support for mulitplayer. That would be great with some games once you get more speed and sound.
Lets go Super Smash Brothers!

Anonymous said...

Speed is probably a concern, maybe moving stuff to the ME like exophase suggested at one stage.

However, Compatibility on the other hand would be quite good, as R9 broke a few titles. (Banjo Kazooie is one).

I found a bug in your menu, its quite annoying. Having too many rom's in the menu makes it go all flickery.

Im quite pleased with your Auto Combiner System, is there any chance that all the textures would be fixed with this method eventually?

IM with both Speed and Compatibility where as Compatibility fixes up those games that freeze at start with unknown tasks (Conker, banjo tooie, Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark etc)

I'd be delighted to get in touch with you sometime, im bound to add those textures that can only be added manually after i have played them out.



P.S you forgot to mention the compatibility list :P will be up and running soon. Keep your eyes peeled

AtaruZ said...

I vote for speed and, secondary, the savestate ability.
Anyway, any effort from you to improve this already great work is always welcome!


julian_wicks said...

First thanks for all your work much appreciated.

OK, I can imagine mostly every one would like to see speed improvements, but I would also like to see Golden Eye running on Daedalus.

Thanks again for all your hard work and time you put into this project.

Andrew said...

I think I'm probably going to be in the minority here.

You're compatibility isn't bad. When it comes to the N64, most people want to play Zelda and Mario--obviously. And these are covered.

My vote? Make compatibility a distant second, and focus on speed. Even just Mario 64 running at full speed is way more impressive than lots of games running at a third of full speed. Move audio to the ME, as others have suggested (I'm sure this is a given), and make that thing completely and entirely playable.

I just think R10 would be far more impressive with speed as its focus.

Simon said...

While speed is as always essential (getting one game to run perfect would be a huge achievement, maybe an offshot version of R10 for perfecting a certain game?), my actual prefrence would be compatibility. The problem with roms that don't load and jsut crash the emulator is annoying. Games like Goldeneye (which worked up till around R5, and now just refuses to load), any of the Star Wars games, plus european versions of MarioKart & Lylat Wars (starfox) would be some good additions.

Seems like a lot of games are starting to work though, Waverace and pilotwings run with dodgy graphics.

In my opinion sound shouldn't be too much of a concern, while it's a nice feature once a game runs fullspeed before then it's just annoying. Although it's great to try it out in R9.

In the end, so far you've done an amazing feat and I can't see where you go with this. It's a great challenge to see what you can pull out the PSP's hardware and you're doing well.

So good luck :) and look forward to trying out future versions!

Gary said...

Thanks a LOT for working on this. It's a huge improvement!

I'd vote for speed and compatibility.

I'm still hoping for wcw/nwo revenge and no mercy to work at some point, though I know those arnt on everyone else's top lists. But if speed can be improved and a greater list of games, that would be great.

student1 said...

First off, i would like to thank you for all the work you have done in this project. The speed is amazing... and they said it could not be done =). Again great work.

Second thank you for the opportunity to comment on what should be the next steps in your project!!

Now as for what should be considered first, i would say probably speed, then again who know how much more the little psp can sqeeze out =). The game that might be interesting to see first emulated depends on size considerations i guess, i m not sure if the psp ram can accomodate some of the bigger games like zelda. But for startes possibly the best rated games of the system, with size in consideration (smash brothers for example). Zelda would be amazing, but its size might put i hampers into things...

again thank for your work, it is really much appreciated!!!!!

Mario Kart God said...

I would like the sound to be better and mario kart to go about 10 fps faster. Also maro 64 speed boost.

BrooksyX said...

Here are my few Ideas that I think would really help the emulator in the next release:

-Switch audio to the Media Engine (if possible) this will allow for games that work almost fullspeed with out sound to play at almost full speed with sound.

-Add a frame skipping feature.

-Save states

-Speed, games like Mario 64 and Mario Kart run great at most places but there are a few spots with some slowdowns.

Thanks for all your great work! R9 is a blast to play.

Mario Kart God said...

If you could also make super smash brothers work it would be sweet! But What I really want for R10 is SPEED and better sound.

Kefko said...

I remember last year you where thinking about assigning the ME to execute the RSP tasks. Possibly even use the eDRAM as a buffer for the for the recompiled code. I'm quite curious if your still planning on implementing it. If you could get away with audio not using up to much memory it might even provide a small speedup.

As for your questions. I haven't had a chance to test R9 yet but I heard the save support is quite unstable, I think that would be a prominent feature to add a stable save support. From my own experiences the ME doesn't work well with save states, when loaded it often results in losing certain audio channels.

clabbin said...

Hey LOVE the emulator strmnrmn. Ummm i personally would love to see better support and speed for Legend of Zelda OoT, audio isn't really a big deal to me. I would also enjoy playing Diddy Kong racing at a decent speed (DS version sucks). If you got Zelda running at a decent playable speed, thats all i would ever want or play


Ranguvar said...

Majora will be hard to get working, since it needs extra RAM (expansion pack) and the PSP is RAM-starved as it is...

1. Save states!
2. Speed in tLoZ: OoT.
3. Less glitchy graphics.

tuttson said...

great job on r9!
i think speed is the top priority but also a personal favourite of mine (and many others I know) is the wrestling titles on N64 (either wcw/nwo world tour or revenge, wwf no mercy and wrestlemania)

fastpiu said...

The emulator is the best of all emulators of N63 for psp, the implemetation of sound in the games is good, Super Mario 64 crashed, I only view te intro, for me the emulator have bugs, I believe that you repare this bugs.


Saludos fastpiu

Sorry for the ortography I'm spanish and I don't write the Inglish good, sorry.

Lead Laden, My Thoughts Taken said...

I vote speed. I am scared that you could become another of those amazing coders that spend so long on their work, but didn't plan on working on it for so long. You have the ability to get the speed up that I don't think many of us have. If you can use your skills for that, someone else could come along to work on compatibility using the source code you generously give if you ever decided that you needed to have more time in your life and suspend the project. Just my two cents.

Hanfraucher said...

This is how my priority list would look like:

1: Getting popular games running on a decent speed / grafic so they are playable:
Some very popular games:
-Mario 64
-Mario Kart 64
-Zelda (both)
-Star Fox 64
to name a few...

2: getting the saving done. There's nothing more I hate if you achieve something and you either cant save or save's get broken. if it's savestate or ingame saving,I suggest do whats easyer...

Forgott to mention... you'r the best! This is the one PSP app I really looking forward to...

djacura said...

teacher strmnnrmn, incredible work the one that this making, I believe that the best thing is than frame is centered in even improving but the speed rate, and the stability of the sound, soon but ahead already will be able to improve the compatibility so that I believe that,

better to play 4 games affluent, that to 15 with low frame rate and bad sound.

for R10

- speed up

- sound estability

- bug fix etc

sorry for my english is very bad.
very thanks by its great work will be always remembered, love.

El3M3nT123 said...

I would like to see a sort of emulator for a specific game for omptimal game play such as Zelda. I think it would run better at lest for zelda's sake.

Rehbock said...

Hm nice Release.
in my Opinion you should speed it up.
Compatibility without any Speed seems to suck to

and the major change you should take:
Change the Version in About :P
in R9 you can still see R8 on the screen.

Nick said...


gotta have speed as the top priority

then second priority would imo be savestate

and third compatability and working anything else out.

great work keep it up =]

Jeremy said...

Thank you so much for R9! Mario Kart is fully playable!!!!!

Ok so here is what I think would make the most sense.

You should work on both speed and compatibility, but if we cant play our favorites, then the speed updates wouldn't be used to their full potential. There are many of mine and other peoples favorites that do not load up or crash at the menu screen. Some great titles that I believe many people would love to see supported are the following: Super Smash Bros., Mario Golf, Paper Mario, Goldeneye, Yoshi, All the Mario Partys, Donkey Kong 64, Pokiemon Snap, and South Park :).

Im don't want to sound whiney and like a complainer, but this is what I feel the masses would like to see supported. Even one or two of these titles would be awsome!!!

You really shouldnt worry about the small stuff untill the Speed and Support is perfect.

superanimefreak said...

Speed need more speed. The r9 is so much better than R8 however it still needs more speed for me some games are fair however only a few so yes more speed other stuff can come

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

i have had an idea that has not been listed but i did see it used to some effect by sony (and of course hacked by our homebrew community). what if you made a program that would reorganise and compress the rom so it would take up less space and run faster by running in native code? would that be effective or just a waste of time?

Ryan said...

I think you should look into offloading audio emulation onto the ME processor. I think eventually it will be the only way to get sound running 'right' on the emulator. Great work BTW.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, quite honestly, your emu is coming along great, but you forgot 1 thing, a framerate LIMIT! eventually Mario 64 starts to run so well that mario runs around at like 5X speed, its fun to watch, but bad for gaming, also, without the limit, you will occasionaly get a severe drop in FPS after overpowering the proccessor. On a side note, get starfox64 to work full speed with sound if possible ;)

Always here to give advice


dan said...

well, i think its safe to assume that the most wanted game is Zelda Ocarina of time. To me, R1-R9 seem to be focusing on making mario64 run well. And this has been achieved, mario64 is almost perfect (i do understand that this is sort of a side affect of working on the core of the emulator rather than game specific). I think you should focus on working on specific games according to demand.

Cueca said...

[+] ... another reason to focus on speed is beacuse is better if you could play 2 games really good, than if you could see 2 thousand games running sloooooow.... :)

[+] I could help you making a good looking menu and/or logo if you want :P

[!] ah... I´ve found a bug in Rom settings menu... the dinamic recomplier and refresh textures is always set to disabled(apears to be), don´t matter how many times you change this while the game is running. I tested with Mario 64 [U].

[^^] thanks

bryan said...

hey man great emu!

i think the things that need to be worked on first, is speed and savestate. those two features are the most important in any emulator, like everyone states, there are compatibility issues but who cares if the games run at 1/4 the speed. compatibility can be done later
heres a list on things in importance IMO:


Ian said...

Well, I think R9 is great, much faster. However, the audio skips a lot except with framerates higher than 25. The games play at 25fps w/o sound. When you add sound you get about 18fps. It is better but.......

I strongly feel sound should be done by the ME. This would make sound skip a lot less and would keep awesome framerates.

eldominicanito7 said...

alot more speed so i can actually play resident evil 2

Mattias said...

thanx for the great progress u have done so far with your emu. its getting better and better!

of course i vote for SPEED! the grafix are alrady almost pefect, and savestates arent that important right now.. so once again as most of the ppl say, speed speed and more speed! :)

1. speed
2. sound
3. compatibility

pkmaximum said...

I would like to see speed improvements as a main priority, because no matter what if games run.... we won't even bother with it if the speed is to slow. But if a few games run and the speed is at a playable state, at least its worth sitting down and playing the emulator

I would like to see audio moved over to the ME for the PSP. Because in R9 the differences in speed with sound enabled was just way to evident.... so its clear that audio is taking up to much of the CPU in the PSP at the moment.

Frame skip support wouldn't be too much of a bad idea now that sound has been implemented into the emulator

Compatibility would be a nice thing to focus on. For instance even though Super Smash Brothers loads... we get a crash right when you hit start at the title screen. But the audio in the background is still playing so I don't think something like that should be too hard to fix.

Save State support would be nice, but I don't think extra furnishings like this should be given at such an early state in the emulator (early as in... still in a work in progress state) I think something like this should wait until speed is at good stable rates.

In the end... I personally think you should lead towards getting speed ups in the emulator, and moving the audio over to the Media Engine on the PSP.

Good luck Strmmmn I support your emulator no matter what you do none the less.

Adam said...

I would prefer if you made it as fast as possible before focusing on compatiability. It already plays the games I'm interested in, so if more games become compatible later I'll think of it as a bonus.

god0fgod said...

More compatability with popular games. Speed is still very slow (most important). THe audio needs to be much smoother. Netplay comes later.

hamagc said...

it needs more speed. i'd rather play 4 games at full speed than 20 games at half speed.

definitally an improvement over the previous releases, hopefully r10 will be as big of an improvement as r9 is.

mario kart is alot better now, but if you run the regular tracks it's still a little slow. time trials are almost perfect. haven't tested the audio yet.

Michael said...

I vote for compatibility and speed. I'm particularly interested in Tetrisphere, which currently crashes before getting to the game menu. The N64 was the only platform for Tertisphere and I think it's an underappreciated game. :-)


Ranguvar said...

DEFINETLY include an in-depth config menu. That way, if you're too busy to hammer down some incompatibilities, we can find working configs for them and share 'em around. Some games will need tons of tweaking, that's just how it is.
After that, savestate, speed in OoT, and graphics fixes.
I can definetly live without audio, so cleaning the audio bugs is not a very good use of time. I think veryone can live with bad audio, so long as we have reasonable framerates (20+ fps, preferably ~30fps).

Sean said...

I think that you need to focus on the speed and switching the audio to the ME processor because it’s easier to get compatibility if the emulator is running at full speed. Then after that you can focus on the extras like multiplayer, save states, better graphics, smoother playing, custom controls and all those other little kinks that are holding this emulator back from its true potential. I think it would also help if you got someone who has lots of experience to help you out with some of the areas that you personally aren't the best and most experienced at. And Thank you for all that you have done.fin

Dan4o2 said...

There is a bug of compatibility with the DynaRec and Smash Bros that causes the psp to crash since the first release (it can work very without the dynarec, but it's too slow to be playable). I would love you to fix it (if i buy the wii some day, it would be for ssbb). (the game intro works very well and is a lot cleaner than in past releases)
There are some graphic problems with Mario Kart : text (special characters) and, when playing, the head of the character goes in every direction (but is still on the body lol). When invicible, the body is not blinking, there are only some small moving stars following him.
A little hint in speed would also be welcome, but that the most difficult thing to do.
I would like an option to save the current "global settings".
Another possible setting about viewport size : let the user the option to make a custom one. Using a non-moving picture of an emulated game, the user could change the width and the height, could cut some bands on the top and the bottom (out of screen), move the center of the picture. For the controls (pixels by pixels), I would D-up to increase the height, D-down to decrease it, D-right to increase the width, D-left to decrease it, analog to move the picture. Holding Square could allw the user to change his custom viewport faster. I don't know if moving the screen is interesting, but sometimes, I would like to change my viewport (if it's not too hard).

Thanks for R10 and the future and past releases of Daedalus and enjoy your holidays !

MikE said...

These are the things you should put in R10:

- Speed (MOST)
- Moving audio to the ME (MOST)
- Savestate

Games to focus on:

- Zelda: Majora's Mask (Favorite)
- Zelda: Ocarina of time

Games to not focus on:

- Mario 64 (Already playable)

Also, when I load a ROM with the dynamic recompilation option set to enabled, I enter the paused menu of Daedalus then I navigate to the Rom Settings tab and it says that Dynamic Recompilation is disabled.. is it disabled or is it just saying that?

Ritik said...

Speed and graphics for me. This is inherently because of the reason that once you improve graphics, the game won't seem choppy to people making it seem much more smoother. And speed increases tend to fix other small problems in the games as well.

jdl11 said...

In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 almost all of the text is just a straight line. I would like that to be fixed. If it matters at all, the country of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 that I have is Europe.
Also savestate would be cool.

Simon said...

Framrate is still an isu. When i tried playing Super Mario 64, there were long breaks between framerate with the graphics but also audio. This was also apparent with 007- The world is not enough where the framerate was awful and i got no sound. GoldenEye didnt even start for me.

It would be good if you could change the settings during a game instead of start the game all over again!

So the main issue is speed and audio in my opinion!

I do admire your work extremely! Kepp up the good hard work ;)

Jonathan said...

Bomberman 64 needs some help. Black overlays for some reason.

Also Mischeif makers

Vic Vlist said...

Thank you for releasing R9, it's great. I would greatly appreciate a release focused on compatibility. Games like Turok and Star Wars Shadows of the Empire don't even start up. And if I'm not mistaken, can't compatibility also bring some speed up surprises? Anyways, thanks for the emulator, it's awesome.

Tasty said...

Hey, thanks for all your awesome work.
I would really like to see a compatibility upgrade, as the first 4 roms I tested didn't work >.<

But its your decision, and I hope you have a good weekend!
Thank you

Cueca said...

another things:

[^] do not worry about "savestates", "adhoc", and other cosmetic features that some people want... these things can come after...

[+] something util features like frameskipping, option to disable some graphical effects, disable 2D and/or 3D graphics (for speed up 2D games like yoshi story, MK Trilogy and Mischief Makers), would be appreciable :)

[-] I think that savestates can ruin the game experience! :P

Alex said...

the dead zone of the analog stick needs to be increased. every time i move it left or down, it barely keeps moving that way. its really anoying

tbp said...

In my opinion speed should still be the high priority. The FPS doesnt need to increase much more for certain games to feel fully playable.
Thanks for all your hard work.

PimpMaster5000 said...

First off, I gotta say thanks a million StrmNrmn for this update. I see a ton of improvement with speed. I can play Mario Kart now.

I vote for speed.

Having only 10% compatibility but full speed would be very awesome. Who cares if you have 90% compatibility but only get 10fps in every game. I would rather just play the popular titles on my psp anyways. I mean, anyone can play those random games on his/her PC anyways. It's the awesome games like Zelda and Mario that I will want to play on the go. And I see absolutely no point in even messing w/audio until games consistently get 35fps. And things like save state, and cheat codes, etc... shouldn't even be thought about yet. Those things should wait for the final release of Daedalus (assuming it ever gets full speed and fair compatibility). Anyways, thanks again for coming back to the psp scene. :D

Hakan said...

I vote for speed!
And it would be nice, if you could add adhoc-support later, so you can play with your friend...Dunno, whether it's possible...

Doug104231 said...

Hi StrmnNrmn i am begging you from the bottom of my soul that you can make my favorite games work here they are

Conker's Bad Fur Day
Super Smash Bros.
The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarena Of Time

I am very anxious to play Conker's On My PSP i Hope You Read My Comment And i thank you very much for all your work on the emu hope to see a R10 Thanks Again And Good Luck

Fiction520 said...

Aside from the obvious speed and compatibility There are two things I would really like to see implemented, frameskip and a framerate limiter. In Mario 64, in some rooms it's like mario is on crack.

Also there is a specific issue with Ocarina of Time where Dynamic Recompilation will not stay enabled.

Other than that I can play Mario64 with pretty much no frustraion from the minimal lag and Mario Kart Time Trials runs at pretty much full speed. These will keep me happy until OoT and MM get playable

Keep up the good work!

Joe said...

Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest doesn't boot up, would like to see that.

atomic_bob said...

I think compatibility should be your primary focus.

because it's my belief that having 100% compatible titles would solve a LOT of other problems for you ..and it would be a good start. PLUS it gives the users full freedom to test all the titles, and give reports on specific bugs, that a lot of people wouldnt have caught.

for example, maybe 1 or 2 people are going to play turok 2 all the way to the have to rely on their reports in order to fix issues in the code.

bomer said...

Thanks for your awesome work strm!

Want I really want from Daedalus is as follows

1) SPEED. Speed is number one priority to me. Who cares if can play 101 n64 games on the go if none of them go past 15fps

2)PLAYABILITY. Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, Mario Kart, Goldeneye, DonkeyKong... These games are all staple games of the Nintendo 64. The big kahuza's. I would really love to see these titles all running at a playable rate.

3)ZELDA. Without arguemnt, Ocarina of Time is considered one of the greatest games of the 64, if not all time. This game runs with many graphical glitches (ground textures mostly and inside buildings) and is barely playable.

4)Save States-A small but important feature, noteworthy of any good emulator :) I'd love to see it in Deadalus!

Thanks for the awesome work again Strmm! Eagerly awaiting R10!

Mario Kart God said...

Also please add FRAMESKIP and would it be better to switch to kernel mode?

shallowlife said...

speed bro ! nothing more to say ^^

Nick said...

Well, I guess I might as well be the first one to actually answer your questions instead of going "omgz make its go fastuh!!1". Here are my opinions and votes.

Speed - The main game that I see that struggles the most with speed, seems to be Banjo Kazooie.

The graphics are perfect now with R9, but the speed can only get up to about 3 to 4 frames per. second. In R8 It oculd only go up to 2 to 3 FPS, so I do see a small speedup. I would just like to see what you could do with that game.

Compatibility - Everyone knows that Super Smash Bros. is only good on multiplayer with a friend or something. If you still find it fun, like I do with Bonus games and stuff, then stick to it.

I say try getting Starcraft, Diddy Kong Racing, and/or Banjo Kazooie to work, or even Yoshi's Story. I'm leaning torwards Banjo Kazooie and DKR, but just relying on speed right now. Everything else is fine at the moment, it's just that you can only get up to 3 Frames per. second in gameplay. I suppose it shouldn't be a problem just twinking that a bit Strmn..?

Audio - I do notice in Army Men Srages Heroes, you really don't here anything and the quality is lacking alot. Not to sound rude at all, it's just not playable on this emulator, it either freezes or goes slower than Banjo Kazooie. =P

Other then that, I really don't think you can do anything with audio right now to improve it, because all the games are laggin due to FPS speed and it's going to sound bad whether or not. Just stick with sound on Super Mario 64 or any other games that go fast enough to hear something clear.

Graphics - Super Smash Bros. seem to have the most graphical issues, in terms of characters and the textures on the icons and such. And you can't get passed the single players load screen when getting ready to play Zelda on the first level and then that just leads up to a crash.

Save Games - I don't have any problems with game saves right now. But if I do I'll post any problems.

Savestate - The Savestate is fine where it is. If you were to come back to an exact spot to where you were before you left, I would feel uncomfortable. I want the Daedaus emulator to feel like a realy Nintendo 64 system in your hands, just as easy as you can get it.

All and all I would say sticking with improving your Speed. The only games that I say need a speeding twink is Banjo Kazooie and OoT and any other games that have a large majority in a Daedalus poll-like situaution


Agashka said...

I vote on SPEED!!!
thx :)

ThatOneGreekGuy:D said...

I have an idea! Make a feature to read GB saves, for Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2!!! :D You know, emulate the expansion pak! Other than that, just speed in general. You`re the man StrmnNrmn :D!!

taco said...

The most important thing that needs worked on is compatibility. Most games don't start. Some that don't work are Super Smash Bros, Goldeneye, Wipeout, and Jet Force Gemini.

After the compatibility is higher, speed needs worked on.

After all of that is done, then sound should be worked on.

JATF said...

First I'd like to say thanks for this great emu.

I like your Idea of alternating the focus of each release between speed and compatibility. So My vote is for R10 to
focus on all the compatibility, graphic, sound, and bug fixes you can get done in a month. And R11 to be about whatever speedups you can get done the next month , and so on. having a plan like that will also help keep peoples expectations
in check.
My biggest reason I don't think speed should be the focus of the next release is because R9 is already fast.
I tried the 10 games you made preview images for.
Most ran well, 15-25 fps without the sound. Quest 64 even ran too fast without sound. army men and zelda OoT were the only real slow games but I only thought army men was unplayable, and that's also because of the graphics problems. spiderman was almost unplayable IMHO but only because of graphics problems. all that I'd request in the speed department for the next release is frameskip, witch should be straightforward.

on the saving vote: save state is a must
IMHO now that we have a number of games that are playable. If you implemented that than I wouldn't care if eeprom and others worked.

BTW the games I'd like to see worked on for R10 are Star Wars rogue squadron (I'll be in heaven when that becomes playable), which crashes the psp in R9, and 007 Golden eye.

thanks for letting us vote and have a great sky trip.


blast said...

hey can u do full speed first so that we all can play zelda ar full speed

MacMan92 said...

There are only a few things that I think need improvement:

Sound! - I'm glad that sound works, but, no offense, it's horrible. If you could make it less choppy, that would be great.

Quitting - I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that the only way to quit is to reset the PSP (this might only be because I'm running an eloader). Having another way, eg. an option on the menu, would be good.

It could use a little work on the shadows and things like that.

Honestly, I don't have much of a problem with the speed. It's much better than the last one.

Then there's the occasional crash, etc, but that's more likely a problem with the eloader.

The only game I play is Super Mario 64, since it's all that my memory card will hold.

With all that said, I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with R10.

Alex said...

I would say speed, then compatibility.
So, we could play game that are already working at a decent speed, and then, when compatibility improves, speed will already be fine, and you can "add" games.

Sound is not really important. Of course, it's better with it than without, but a game without sound still WORKS.

Savestate is cool it the save of the game doesnt work. Normal save is very important.

Sorry for my english, I'm french^^
Anyway, wish you good luck. Thanks

slicknick654 said...

First of all Great Job!!!!!
Deadalus9 has come A LONG WAY from Deadalus8.

I just have a few ideas that would be amazing for some time in the future.

If you could get conkers bad fur day to run, and then get online multiplayer, that would defienetly be the ultimate homebrew. (Conker's Bad Fur Day is 64mb)

Also star wars pod racer is a good game but doesn't run because it's too big. (32mb)

So basically for now you should include more game compatability,
and speed.


Ser said...

I say work on the LOZ games, Ocarina of Time works pretty fine as it is but with many graphical glitches, I really havent tried to run Majoras Mask but i'm guessing it has the same issues.

And work on Super Smash Bros., if you
can get that to work perfectly then you will be a god to many PSP emulation lovers.

David said...

I vote for speed, in games like Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario 64, if you really make them go over de 30 FPS will be great!!!

Thanks for all Strmn!! The news R9 It's Awesome!!

Cheers from Mexico

Rishad said...

First, I want to applaud your effort on this N64 emulator.

Speed with sound enabled has some room for improvement. So before making cosmetic adjustments, I'd ask for speed/sound improvements.

Antonio said...

Thank you very much for this release, its awesome!!! Congratulations for this project, its getting better and better every day.

As Ive read in the other posts and as I think, you should improve speed, its the primary thing to be able to enjoy the experience with the N64 games on the psp. Once you've got that, people will be able to play N64 games, then they'll need sound and compatibility and saves and all that. But right know, speed is a must.

Dark said...


Lorence said...

Hey, StrmnNrmn,

First of all, congratulations on making the best N64 emu for the PSP that we know of, hahah.

Anyways, I only have one suggestion for a game that needs to be fixed, probably easy too.

For the game...

Snowboard Kids:
It runs slow, playable, but slow, also, the graphics and texture of the courses and characters are REALLY messed up, sort of like an...acid trip, hah, see for yourself.

So overall, just for Snowboard Kids, just the speed and some graphical issues are the only problems, sound could be improved, but I blame that on the speed of the ROM.



arius said...

Personaly i think you should work on the front end before anything else, get it looking clean and clear , have proper set options to abandon a non running/crashing rom and make the emulator more stable ,i my self am in fear of using the emu as after 4 roms crashing the psp pretty badly it has put me off testing it at all tho i would love to test it for you and give you detailed reports on a daily basis, this is something i can do for you but i think you will have to email me in regards to this.

1,get the emu running /executing and exiting without problems.

2,clean and clear gui, try to limmit most user options for the moment and only make them availible to such a person as a tester, meaning i would remove the audio on/off for the moment, keep it simple.

3,work on speed and set your self goals for just 5 main roms , roms with different attributes so you are building on speed as well as compatibility with just 5 major roms.

4,work on only the main functions of an emulator, dont waste time on little things like extra user options ,savestates ,cfgs for roms and controls - this is all to be done at a later date, no need for it at the moment and if anyone complains then tough.

i hope this helps you and i would love to hear from you

Adam said...

Before I thought you should work more on speed, but after spending some time with Zelda I discovered that it crashes frequently inside the Deku Tree, so now I'd rather have you work on fixing that. It actually runs pretty good too, about 12-15 fps inside the Deku Tree on average which isn't too far away from being full speed since Zelda is only 20 fps on a real N64.

Nick said...

I think speed should remain a priority, and maybe moving the audio over to the Media Engine, with a view to moving other things over. D-lists maybe? And maybe as an aside, we could have a frame limit option, because Mario64 does go a little too fast in a few parts, and this will only become worse if not addressed, and a Auto frameskip would be a lot more feasible now there's sound support. It's my opinion that compatibility should come later on, i would rather have a few full speed ROMS, than 10 that are too slow to be enjoyable.
Whatever you choose to do will suffice though, because it's important that the whole process remains fun to you in the long run.

Glenn said...

I think save states and speed would be something to work on. Normal saves are OK but save states are a feature that improve on the original game. Of course speed because I'm sure everybody would like at least the games that run be up to speed. compatibility wouldn't be bad either.

Edgar said...

Try compatibility with different firmwares. I have 3.03 and it wont work

Miles said...

Speed: Some games are "playable" but still not fast enough to be "enjoyable" I think. One way to do this, would be Frame Skipping. I really thought that frame skipping would be in R9 but was disappointed when it wasn't.

Audio: A GREAT Improvement over no audio at all, I wont complain! I find it easier on the ears and eyes to play with the audio off still. The choppiness of the audio because of the low frame rate kinda kills the whole experience.

Graphics: StarFox 64 is THE game I would want to work near perfectly, and honestly, its close! Another speed up, working audio and ridding of the graphical glitches and I'm all set!

Compatibility: Games like SuperSmashBros, StarCraft 64, WaveRace 64, DukeNukem 64, Things like that. Those would probably be on my Top 5.

Great work StrmnNrmn! Keep it up!

Andy said...

speed sound a graphics, i want to be able to play zelda oot and mejora maks and also master quest too =] that would make the best emulator, if you get zelda running perfect and noramally, right now im LOVING your r9, but what i hope more is r10 which would be better =]

Guido said...

Compatability and speed are obviously my main concerns right now.

I just want to say that I'm really appreciating all the time you've put into this and it really is an awesome achievement!

I'm also hoping that the amount of ungratefull people leaving nasty comments on various other sites doesn't bug you too much. It's really saddening to see the amount of negative comments people write.

Again, way to go!

MiGs said...

Speed improvements would be good good, but I'd have to go with game compatibility, especially for games such as:

Mario 64 (runs good already)
007 Goldeneye
Legend of Zelda: OoT
Starfox (runs good aswell)

If you can get these running perfect, full speed with sound, and no other games work, then I think about 90% of the people who use your emu would be happy, the other 5% would complain about not having any pokemon games, then the other remaining 5% would complain about not having games like Perfect Dark, or Jet Force Gemini not running at full speed. Thanks for the great emu, N64 is still the best console imo!

brunobelo said...

StrmnNrmn, first I'd like to thank you for this great release. :)

Second, I was playing StarFox and the game have a lot of graphical glitches, but it's almost playable.

Third, how can I say your name?! How can I say StrmnNrmn? :P

Thanks man, you're awesome.

Xabier said...

i was skimming through, and no one said, FRAME SKIP. if this is possible, i think it could be a good idea

Xabier said...

o and forgot to mention, Speed limiter, as in, not letting games frame rates go higher than 30fps or maybe we can set where the limit is.

bob said...

I think you've done great so far, but the compatability of the emu,doesn't really have that wide a range as some might like(like me).So I think you should focus mainly on compatibilty and as always little speed boosts here and there(sound improvements pretty much run right along with that)for the next release and that should be good.:)

Andrew said...

I never had an n64 so i don't know all of the games but the only game that doesn't work that i want is golden eye.

I would like to see Super Mario 64 run fast everywhere instead of just certain areas.

Audio would be nice but not needed at this point but even if you get it to work at full speed without once u do add it the speed will be greatly reduced.

Emil said...

I would LOVE better speed and more smooth sound.

The James bond Goldeneye game doesn't work, Super Smash Bros. doesn't work, and Donkey Kong doesn't work for me.

Also, I would ABSOLUTELY LOVVVVVVVVVVE savestate support; that is one of the things that really annoys me....please implement it.

Emil said...

Sorry for re-commenting, but a GREAT thing to also implement would be Multiplayer support, like the Snes9x TYL emulator......I would freak out from joy if that would happen =)

mr_anoynmous said...

Two things - move the audio support to the Media Engine, and implement frameskipping.

Justin said...

I say speed, and if there is time maybe some compatibility. I think it would be awesome if perfect dark worked.

Great job... its really coming along

Jonathan said...

The reason the CPS1 and CPS2 emulators run so smoothly while less powerful systems' emulators like SNES are way behind is because NJ utilized a clever method of caching ROMS to speed them up. If you utilized this same method, I'm sure the N64 emulator would run compatible games at much higher framerates than we've seen thus far. Just a suggestion! :)

starogre said...

stuff to work on


***if i had to choose one thing in all of this, it would be frame skip's a quick-release type speedup for a few of the games that work the best and would keep us busy while you release R11 (if frameskip is hard to program, nvm about the quick release part :P***

There would be a few small things, besides compatability, speed, and audio that i'd like fixed.

First, is it possible to allow the psp to go into sleep mode during game play? When I try it, the psp gets messed up and I have to turn it off.

Second, ....i have to go, i'll post later. :P

ok, now that i'm back...

Second, is there any way to play audio, on event or trigger, rather than streaming it with the graphics? I think that would help improve the sound quality a lot...


Fourth, i'd work on compatability first. Just go through people's compat lists and look at the games most in demand and attempt to get them all unfrozen. Once you do that, you'll have a much easier time coding the rest of the textures and such i believe.

On the other hand, if you work on the speed and sound of the games that work at the moment, you could keep everyone busy while you improve the rest of the games, or maybe the rest of the games won't work with your speedup code for the games that already work!

I have no idea, i don't program emulators

Fifth would be frameskip. At least 2 frameskip would cut down the smooth a little bit and increase the speed. It works very well with SNES and could work well with this too.

Sixth, I see some of my global settings don't get saved, don't know why, but w/e...maybe it's just me...

And Finally, seventh, savestates would be a last resort/project. Heck(ll), the snes savestates dont even work for me and i'm fine with using normal save points. The only bad thing is games without save features...

PS - regarding the rom selection, could you make it so the joystick does nothing, rather than scroll fast, because my joystick is just SLIGHTLY off and it makes it continuously scroll down. like, make the d-pad do the movement: like make a tap be one list item down, and make hold be in place of the joystick

thanks again blasdhfa;sldjf

tsurumaru said...

People, try reading Strmnnrmn's blog posts. whoever posts "the sound doesn't work properly" is making themselves sound like an idiot. Of course it doesn't since its currently linked to fps and this is unstable.

I'd like to see Speed -> Compatability -> Everything else and join in with everyone asking for the ME to be used.

What areas of the emulator do you believe could be optimised/rewritten to gain speed increases?

Have a great holiday!

dash said...


I think the big feature of R10 should be savestates/game saves. If you're playing Zelda OoT running super fast and with good audio quality, without game saves, you might as well just quit this project. Saving should be top priority. Frankly, I couldn't care less about audio. Speed should be the second thing on the list.

P.S. Good work!

Lodis said...

I think the only thing that should be concentrated on until it is perfected is speed. As far as I am concerned compatibility, graphical fixes and everything else comes last. Speed is the most important, I am not at all concerned with anything else. Why would anyone want compatibility worked on at this stage? So they can play their favourite game at 10fps?

Just imagine if speed was worked on until most games got a steady 30fps, compatibility could be worked on in a later build and your favourite games would actually be worth playing and enjoyable.

salomon st said...

i vote for speed and zelda oot is the number one game i would love to beat on a psp!! that would be awsome

Marcel said...

Great work! R9 is a big improvement. For R10 i would like to see a speed increase firstly and less choppy sound. For now im really only interestred in the 2 Classic N64 titles Mario 64 and mario kart 64. if either of these games ran full speed even with no sound that would be great.

Thanks for this awesome Emu!

Achillies_Last_Stand said...

Thank you so much strmnnrmn! This is truly one the greatest advancements in hand held history. As far as what to work on next i would have to say that speed gets top priority. Personally i don't think that audio is all that important as of yet and graphics can be fixed over time. If you focus on too much at one time the project might get a little rough. take your time.

Brendan said...

most common roms run fine, with the exception of a couple of weird color issues here and there. What the emulator needs is speed, the other stuff is pointless without speed.

Tony said...

I vote for speed first, compatability second. Last would be savestate... if savestate worked for the majority of the games, then regular saving wouldn't matter, now would it :P

Jeroen said...

I still think speed is the most important, if its just a bit faster most games will be actually playable more, and as soon as the game runs perfectly you can turn on the audio because now the audio just ruins everything most of the time.

After that comes compatibility, some ogod games dont run (correctly) so that should be fixed...

Michael88601 said...

dude i really like your work and i think you did an awsome job on your lastest edition uh if you you have any extra time or know any one that can code can you give me a hand maybe i can help you seting up r10 or someting

Adam said...

by far I think speed should be worked on so you have a very fast base emulator to work on making more games work and look better graphicaly

Imtiaz said...

Speed should be your main concern. If the speed is improved, I'm sure that the majority of people will be happy. The first thing people usually judge an emulator on is the speed that it runs. Please concentrate on speed. Thank you for what you have done so far.

Garrett said...

@ the rom caching, this would require a windows program, and the reason why NJ's worked was because it cached the files, N64 games are (essentially) one file; while CPS1/CPS2 are several, and he cached certain parts of certain files :)
For my request:
Get a couple of games running full-framerate... you are really close on a few:
Super Smash Bros
Super Mario 64
Mario Kart 64
Star Fox 64
Then work on the graphical errors in games like Glover, I think that if you could fix the graphical errors in glover, you would essentially have all graphics rendering properly (and the DK graphics in SSB)
then the main focus could be speed
Also, I would REALLY like to see savestates, it wouldn't slow down the emu any (make it part of the start+select screen, as a list of slots, and underneath the list of slots have a screenshot of each save.. 10 slots?)
Take a Screenshot
Continue Emulation
Save/Load State (O=load/[]=save?):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
return to main menu

Thats my idea, it would match the theme quite well, and provide a detailed screenshot as well as a easy way to save/load

Prioritize speed and savestates for now, then work on graphics/sound later... (have worked on an emulator myself before.. a gb emu...)
When you get a few games (a handful, 10 er so) at full framerate, then try implementing sound perfectly for those select few, if you can keep them at full framerate and the sound running good (which with the two processors you have to work with you should be able to) you can essentially set sound aside until you run into a problem with it...
Until then speed is the biggest issue, and you aren't far from full-speed on all games...

To those who don't believe me:
While developing my GB emu (not available, it was to help me learn how to program) I went from 10-12 fps with later games, to 20-30 in one version update, at 30fps on 10 games, I implemented sound and a couple days later I had full framerate + sound (this was back when PII was powerhouse)
His is harder because its 3d and whatnot, but hes still not far...

Good luck And you are one of the best PSP programmers

Anonymous said...


I think Speed still needs a major improvement. Maybe running at 333mhz would help?

Games I'd like to see have MAJOR speed ups/compatability:

Super Mario 64
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2


Although you added audio and I LOVE you for it, I still play with sound off, becuase its just so choppy and unresponsive I can't bare it. Improvements would be fantastic.

Graphical stuff:

Games like Ocarina of Time are actually having problems that they did not previously have graphically, I just though I should point that out, for the benifit of the community. On R8 with the Spiff Up, it did not see these graphical glitches.

Nimajneb said...

I vote compatability, get as many games working for the emulator and improve the 'details' from there.

PSPHax0r9 said...

My input:

* Speed. Zelda, Zelda, and Zelda. Zelda:OoT is still considered one of the greatest games of all-time, and was the most popular game on the console. If you can get Zelda, dare I say, full speed, you will have a happy, happy crowd.
* Compatibility. Seems like compatibility was lessened a bit this time, Super Smash Brothers does not even boot any more.
* Audio. Meh. I would say Speed>>>>>audio
* Graphics. I guess fix significant ones, but minor ones aren't bad right now at all.
* Save Games. Yes, yes, and yes!
* Savestate. Seems unnecessary at this point, but might be a good feature later on.

nights777 said...

Make games like Super Smash Brothers run faster. Make Destruction Derby run at all. :P Support for more games.

Ezekiel said...

I vote for Speed!! Thanks for your hard work by the way!

Anonymous said...

I'd say put full speed as your first priority, then add support for games. Personally I'd like to see Goldeneye and Rogue Squadron.

simon said...

*work on the ability to save/load to external save spots

*add cheats

*improve texture system

*allow 'quit' option

*speed up, please! -of course!

*allow different sound quality, so it doesn't dramatically down the fps

*please put loading bar for roms so we know when to restart if the rom has stopped.

*work on clipping

*make it stronger, ie more compatible with games

if all this is done the emu will run extremely smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, you should focus on making a frame limit or else the game runs faster than it should, then work on graphical issues, then speed, then compatibility, and finally audio

itsalldasame2me said...

r9 was a big improvement from r8. Mario Kart time trial with no sound is almost too fast. I was able to get 30fps+. I personally vote for a speed increase for r10 though. As said before I think the first thing you should do is run the sound in ME. This would surely make games not have as much of a speed decrease when sound is enabled. Great Work BTW!!

Elvis said...

Hmm... i believe increasing the speed is the utmost important thing to keep people happy because like one said have the few games run really fast and they will be busy with that and later down the road work on compatibility. For example look at the gameboy advance emulator when it first came out the gpsp ran super fast with a couple of games and then the games that wasn't so fast just wasn't stable but it had a more postive thing going on there. So speed first and that automatically should improve the sound quality because running a game slow would have the audio bad too. Also why bother increasing compatibility if the game you just made work wouldn't be playable to anyone imo.

bamhm182 said...

I think that it should go int his order.


Diddy Kong Racing doesn't work in some screens, but I think that it might just be because of speed.

BHSPitMonkey said...

You're definitely going to be subjected to a casserole of the things every individual wants for themselves. Naturally, I want to say "Just work on what's most comfortable for you to concentrate on", but here's my selfish opinions:

* Game saving is pretty important. As much as I adore OoT, I don't get a kick out of watching the (slow) beginning cutscene of a new file, every time I boot the ROM.

* Whatever can be done to up the speed of OoT is great news to me; Ocarina on the go is my desire.

* There are still graphical glitches that would probably be a relatively minor task to solve (garbled text in OoT, for instance).

Now, I'm not going to bore you with my favorite game title or anything like that, but those are some (in my opinion) pretty important areas to see improvement in.

Keep up the good work! It's greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i vote FlashRAM and Speed, plus if you have time The problem that is causing Expansion pack games not to work, although expanhsion pack is DEFINITELY in it for some reason doesn't work, i looked through the scource, it doesn't actually appear you've defined it as RDRAM but just "RAM"

Its completely up to you whats in your emu, this is just this obseervers opinion :D

Guizmo said...

I vote for :
- Speedup Zelda OOT

George said...

Hi, let me just say R9 is brilliant, im so close to playing Mario 64 full speed on my PSP now its unbelievable, thank you!

In R10 nothing should be more important than speed, I noticed that when playing R8, the slideshow of images that was most games realy did detract from the fun, R9 is definately getting closter to that 30FPS and i can definately see myself playing it more because of it. Afterall, whats the point in increasing compatability if all the games are going to be slow and unplayable? focus on games that work at the moment like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie :) and make them so good that i could play them for hours on end without getting tired of jumpy graphic, and also it the framerate is upped in R10 audio will be MUCH better.

Just another point Id like to make, it sounds crazy but i think you need an FPS limiter...I noticed in Mario 64 that at times the game was running at 40FPS which seems way too fast in game, maybe if you could have an option to limit the framerate to one of your choice, say 30 or 35FPS?

Thanks for all your hard work and i hope my suggestions were useful!

Chris said...

I would say you should work on speed, as long as you have compatibility with the main games such as Super Mario 64 it should be alright. I would prefer to be playing something at full speed than knowing that when full speed gets here I can play certain roms on it.

Son Gohan said...

I want to run Bomberman 64!!!
I also think it will run without freezing. But in the Intro, when Bomberman throws a Bomb into the air, it crashes!!!
Please think about it in R10 =)

GreeTs tO BomBerMaNfAnS!!!

Lewis said...

really really want goldeneye support, maybe bomberman 64 also

Alcantor said...


Thank you for your great emulator !!!

Speed Up...

I see your write in C++, don't you think if you write in pure C (not C++) you will get speed improve ??

Maybe a can help you ?


Wedge63 said...

You do a very good work but there're still many bug of compatibility. This roms are'nt run on R9 (or run with many bugs):
-Doom 64
-Legend of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask
-Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest
-LEGO Racers
-Lylat Wars
-mario party (1,2 and 3)
-Namco Museum 64
-Paper Mario
-Smash Bros
-Star Wars - Rogue Squadron (me preferred)
-Star Wars Episode I - Racer

I test many roms and I continu to complet this list. (It isn't easy, I'm french !)

Tehdy said...

Savestate support would be definitly great.

aka said...

Strmnnrmn, just add the audio support and some speed increment, maybe like jhonatan says. Only with this two things the emulator can be used by people who would to play "mario64" on PSP ;)

little PS.

u r my hero remember ;) great work with r9

Loudone said...

Hy strmnnrmn

Fristly many thanks for your work, daedalus is the best N64 emulator for PSP but many games still don't work with it, and I agree with Jonathan It could probably better with the using of cache File for heavy Roms like ZELDA Saga or Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie etc...

AnyWay, Now I can play and save my game on Mario 64 And you know is already a great feat

Lucas said...

In my opinion, you should be focusing on speed and savegame stability.
After that, maybe fixing the sound, but I wouldn't give it much priority right now.

infernomax said...

Speed, oh and can you limit the framerate? some games are going to fast , Thanx

antoine said...

Compatibilty with EUR and JAP N64 games. Because today it seems that it's only compatible with US games.

stee said...

I really think the main updates still should be SPEED and work on compatibility later.

I say this because wasting time on compatibility won't really make any changes to how the games run in the end so its better to have the speed first then compatibility last

David said...

Well,after finally stopped being lazy and put it on my psp. I think it should be speed and sound, but mostly speed. I am curently playing Super Mario 64 and it is awesome, just really slow for me at times.

Aaron said...

Speed please =)

god0fgod said...

Please allso add frameskip and frame rate limit ( for some reason mario kart was going 36fps for a while)

argos said...

hey man! just simply amazing the fps for mario without sound!! Weel for the next release (it's just a personal advice) I should like to have texure fixed for the zelda ocarina of time and of course ... gain of speed!! the sound can wait !! ^^ Again, thank you for your work and please continue in this way, I think you're on the good road !!!

Toasted said...

I think speed is the best choice, i mean, sound is already working good when framerate is acceptable, a speed up will also make the sound better, no?

Jérémy said...

I will like the addition of the French language, because I am French. Afflicted if I speak badly English (!!! XD

Cameron said...

Speed and graphics. If a game is compatible but too slow or too graphicly glitched to play, it's pretty much worthless.

Zoohooz said...

I would love for Wetrix to run. From R8 to R9 the text is readable, but the game is not. I figure this would be a fast compatibility considering its a puzzle game.

I would also like to see tetrisphere running. Mine has been freezing.

You are THE BEST.

starogre said...

this was my original post for the release of daedulus and i saw that you asked for game statistics so here's my compat list

(i have a question: can project64 gamesaves work with this? like for example, in the mario 64 water level, it runs really slow on psp because of the lag while swimming....)


[B]compatability list[/B]
[I]all without sound:[/I]


[B]paper mario[/B] freezes when i input my name - textures are messed up

[B]super smash bros[/B] doesn't make it past the title screen - textures are pretty screwed up

[B]nfl blitz[/B] runs pretty slow and textures are messed up

[B]starfox[/B] plays smooth, but slower than normal - textures are weird in only a few places

[B]DK64[/B] seems so slow that it freezes on load (black screen)/or it may have frozen, not sure if the emulator menu still worked or not, didn't check - textures don't appear

[B]banjo kazooie[/B] runs very slow during movies and very VERY slow during gameplay - textures seem fine

[B]banjo tooie[/B] will probably be nearly the same

[B]mario kart 64[/B] runs near full speed - textures appear not right in only minimal places

*weird note is that i was mario, driving on the first track in mushroom cup, i was jumping around and laid a banana peel, jumped some more, ran into bowser, and fell through the track, into gray water, was fished out, and put back on the track

[B]bomberman 64[/B] freezes before start when he picks up the bomb

[B]pokemon snap[/B] freezes and shuts off the psp when the N for N64 starts to appear

[B]diddy kong racing[/B] ran sorta slow, and no textures appeared at all, so most of the graphics were missing

[B]mario tennis[/B] freezes when displaying the N64 logo in the very beginning

[B]super mario 64[/B] runs almost full speed, except for a few places such as swimming in water (the underwater level will be a pain :P )

[B]fifa soccer 64[/B] runs very very slow - didn't go all the way to the game which will probably run even slower, if it loads that is

[B]mario party 3[/B] freezes right when loaded - displays nothing

[B]mario party 1's [/B]logo's in the beginning load fast, then the beginning movie runs very slow. at the press start screen, pressing start makes the screen black and freezes

[B]zelda OOT[/B] still runs a bit slow, but most, if not all, textures seem to be fine

[B]Quest 64[/B] runs slower than normal but very smooth, tiny clipping/texture issues but almost not noticable

[B]F-Zero X[/B] takes a little to load, then runs really fast and duplicates tons of textures in menu. after selecting GP race, it froze the game at 76 fps. when waiting at the start screen, it showed them racing, and a lot of textures were missing and out of place/weird. the movie seemed to run at an ok speed though...


i'll test more later on, these are the ones i tested and had time for. great job strmnnrmn, hopefully the next release can

bring us more games to try out and spread the range of games that make it past the title screen :P

i haven't tried yoshi's story, but that game has all sorts of mixed 2d and 3d textures in it so it's doubtful...

touitoui said...

hi there
first of all : GREAT WORK. i love to play mario 64 on PSP.
like every one, speed up is the main one request, but i'd like to play F-zero X, it crashes will trying to launch the races (and the menu is horrible lol)

I'm french, if you want i can help for some translation ;)

keep it on, gambatte

The said...

I vote speed overall.

Jeremy said...

Speed and then compatibility. I just repaired and modded my first psp. The hype built up and I assumed that at least a game like mario 64 would be 100% speed. Your a very talented programmer so I'm not going to begin to understand what went wrong even though I understand emulation very well. However, I can tell you that I went from telling all my friends about your work to not even loading it on my psp after I heard from a few forums that the speed increase was significant but "maybe you should hold off until r10". I feel everybody wants speed. They are bound to find a game that they like and is already compatible!

Thank you for your contribution to the scene and I hope I didn't come off as a negative prick. That is not my intention. I look forward to r10 and all your hard work

Yogarine said...

I hope this post wont get lost in the masses. :P Because I tend to think that I actually have something usefull to say. ;-)

Anyway, the best thing to do is to focus on the top 5, or top 10, games that everybody has to play: Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Super Smash Bros, etc... And once they run above 25/30 fps you start focusing on getting other games to run at all.

The reasoning behind this? Well, the N64 is an old system, and the people that are going to want to play games not in that top-10 are propably a minority of die-hard fans for a certain game. Those non-top-10 games would have really little value to other gamers who will be more ocupied with all those great PSP and PSone games. I hope I'm making myself clear.
You see, there is a certain amount of "gaming time" gamers have. 99% of the gamers will only want to spend their "gaming time" on really good games. And now that there are plenty of excelent PSP and PSone games to play, with the creation of a N64 they are only going to play N64 games very selectively, if any. And those games are very probably going to be the classics.

Of course, once those classics are running well, you should go on and get more games to work (while trying to prevent regressions).

For now, just remove all those hundreds of ROMS from your Memory Stick and only leave those few games that you know every self respecting gamer should play.

My 2 cents,

Morgan said...

I vote for speed and StrmnNrmn if you could get Diddy Kong Racing (just some graphic issues), Goldeneye, and Super Smash Brothers to work correctly that would be AMAZING for R10.

ps. I noticed two issues with R10 though, one being when I start the emulator and it shows me my roms it shows them double (like all roms are repeated on the top of the screen) and stays like that until I scroll down (is this normal?). It makes it so my DKR preview picture won't appear (I have made ones for all my games so I know what I'm doing, DKR is my top game alphabetically FYI). The second problem being when you go to the "About" section in the emulator it says R8 instead of R9, just wanted to let you know in case you want to fix that for upcomming R10. Great work, I love R9!

xSaVaGe said...

This was a great release and you worked very hard on this piece..... You said before about plans.... Well i tried ones that worked on the last build when i went to try Banjo Kazooie.... nothing and since you said there is no purple and black text i wanted to see how it looked and played and it didnt work..... Some games i want to work but still an increase in speed as well.... both 50 - 50..... I got Super Mario 64 to work without audio and clipping and it worked at 27fpses in some places of the castle and 19 fpses in game levels more fpses than other ones...mostly playable to me and managed to cheat with bunny ^^ and got myself up to the top of the last bowser with 16 stars ^^... i dont like cheating but i wanted to see how many levels played good.... mostly all of them. Main problem it gets to 32 - 37 in some places of the castle... too fast and even faster than the N64 consle could get to. I want in R10 or R11 a speed limitator like in other emulators... if its a problem then dont try but if you can get around to it it probably give a better handle on Super Mario 64 and other games... Audio doesnt matter to me but all i know about it is that if the game shows barley any graphics it works and if the fpses are at 28 or higher the audio is smooth... i dont care and it doesnt matter hopefully you get around to reading this and its no trouble reading it keep up the good work :)

Nico said...

So many posts on suggestions, seems like people are back around :P

I finally tried your R9, and enjoyed your improvements on the emulator. Great work!

As many people said I'd clearly go for SPEED UP! Actually i dont miss sound until the game runs perfectly or almost... so i supose that would add COMPATIBLITY as my second choice.

As I said on some prior post i don't know much bout coding but i'm courious on how you plan to gain that speed and if you think you can still gain a good gap or do you see a dead end near because of PSP limitations... just to know ;)

Thanks again man!

Morgan said...

I noticed after you put on more than 8 roms that the UI doubles the names of the roms and flickers (somewhat). StrmnNrmn could you adress this issue in R10 please, also I vote speed + compatability for the following titles:

Diddy Kong Racing (graphical issues)
Super Smash Brothers

Dun said...


good work strmnnrmn by the way

YCJT said...

Don't know if you'll read this comment since you got hundreds to read. But here's an idea:

Concentrate on 2 or 3 games' FULL COMPATIBILITY. Meaning getting those games to have full speed, full audio, no issues etc (90%-100% fully working if possible). Instead of trying to get more games to be compatible which ends up freezing during gameplay. Because honestly, I rather have 1 or 2 fully working games that I can play entirely, than having 10 or 20 games that boots, but lags, freezes, and no audio.

And thanks for your work!

PIGUET said...

In first, thank you for your work, it's a nice project!
For the R10, i vote for the speed.

crazedover said...

Would it be possible to recompile the ROM beforehand on a PC to be used with Daedalus later, much like how popstation works? Would this provide a speed increase?

Josué said...

Thanks thanks thanks StrmnNrmn!!!!

I vote speed up.

Sincerally, I would like, at least,play Mario 64 and Zelda Oot at full speed. After, improve to compatibility.

Lodis said...

I would also like to know how much more can be done to speed up the emulator, are there alot of areas left that can be optimised or do you think the speed in reality cannot be increased much more.

I am interested to know how you managed such big speed increases in this release when compared to the last one and I really wonder if it has gone as ar as it can go already in terms of speed.

Mario Kart God said...

Concentrate on 2 or 3 games such as Mario Kart and Mario 64' FULL COMPATIBILITY. Meaning getting those games to have full speed, full audio, no issues etc (90%-100% fully working if possible). Instead of trying to get more games to be compatible which ends up freezing during gameplay. Because honestly, I rather have 1 or 2 fully working games that I can play entirely, than having 10 or 20 games that boots, but lags, freezes, and no audio.

Urkel said...

its speed for me, we should get mario 64 at full speed and than work on goldeneye and super smash :)

maxtor said...

Hello i vote for compatibiliti for Zelda OOT and Major'as Mask.evry day want to play at Zelda and mario but Zelda is better ^^

Dertnutz said...

Thanks so much for R9!

Anyway, speed is good, but I think R9 really needs compatibility with other games (Goldeneye 007, Super Smash Bros., Zelda-OOT, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater). I would really like to see the other games run well, with minor speedups. Overall, I think compatibility should be valued above speed, but only by a small margin. Savestate would be cool too, but it might be a little complicated... games may freeze when you try to resume them. Also, not necessarily in the next few releases, but could you try to program some type of multi player over Ad-hoc? THAT would be one of the best things ever.

Thank you so much again for all of your hard work.
(BTW, have you tried Battle Tanx: Global Assault on R9? It works great! Very fun game, works just a little under half speed without sound.)

Gary said...

I hope you see this comment, even though there's almost 200 posted already...
I've noticed an annoying bug with all versions of Daedalus, involving saving. It happens to me most in Quest 64.
If you save the game, then exit via the Home button, and the emulator crashes while at the "Please Wait" screen (which it often does), it doesn't write the updated save state, meaning it won't save it. Would it be possible to update the save file on the mem card whenever it is updated in the ROM? That would solve many problems, including crashes/battery issues, etc.

Don said...

Seriously, I love that you take time to make it possible for all us N64-fans to play our favourite games on PSP!

I agree with the most things you've said about changes in R10. Savestates and normal saves would've been great! But I got some more common ideas:

- Make Super Smash Brothers playable: That game is so awesome! I would love to play this game on my PSP. This is the best N64-game ever.

- Make the Mario, Zelda, and Mario Party games fully playable: I know that'll be hard, but this would be awesome as well!

- Make a possibility to play 2-4 players in a game: I dunno if you've already done this, but it doesn't seem like that.

- Make speed, compatibility, and graphics as the main priority! Save states and such would also be great, though.

LOVE YOU, strmnnrmn!

Xabier said...

-- analog nub sensetivity option. like.. in mario, sometimes mario just starts moving by himself. this should just be a small little fix. and... umm i had another idea, but i forgot it. let me think..

after thinking for a while:::

-- i think that speed should be the main priority. if so, then full speed shouldnt take long til it happens.

-- then work on compatability in games and other fixes and bug fixes. i think that games that didnt work before, will work later as you progress in Daedalus. so no worries :-)

-- if mario runs at full speed (will be one of the 1st games to reach full speed), there should be a fps limiter enable option, so that games dont go faster than usual, if 30 fps is the normal speed for all games.

i really appreciate everything that you have done for us, you are my idol :P

Titans said...

i vote for game saves and speed.
but Zelda majoras mask does not work at all and Zelda ocarina of time the room you start looks green at first then after the first cut scene the in is dark as hell and i have too guess where to go is so slow and you cant save so there is no point of playing it because there is a long cut scene at the start of the game and paper Mario does not work when you try to make a file to play on an just freezes up so that’s unplayable wave race freezes up when picking a person so that does not work.

Future said...

Speed up, but can it be made by not streching The picture, and make it a 1x1 scale picture, and I bet money that that will fix some frame rate problems

nick said...

rampage world tour runs full speed with sound, but the sound has a weird crackle to it. and compatibility, conkers bad fur day would be great.

Garrett said...

Oh, I forgot to mention in my last post:
Priority List:
1. Speed
2. Savestates
3. alt sound?
I was thinking that since emulated sound isn't very efficient, and not only that but very difficult, and that games are VERY boring to play silent.. could you implement a MP3 player using the ME?
just a thought.. play the music inside the /MUSIC/ folder.. and then it would have sound, without using too much system resources...
just a thought..

321erik123 said...

Long-time Listener, First-time Caller.

Firstly I vote for speed, many people have already explained why this is a sensible choise so I won't.

What I would be really interested in reading is what impact a switch to kernel mode could have, and also if the ME could do more then sound emulation to free up more cpu power.

Looking forward to your next post.


Ali said...

I vote speed up because the best games in my opinion (Mario 64 and OoT) already work but are frustrating to play because of their lagginess. Savestate would also be nice. Great work so far!

Anonymous said...

I vote that you work on them in this order with the main focus on speed, speed = playability.

- Speed
- Save State
- Compatibility
- Graphics
- Save Games
- Audio

For R10, shoot for Speed + Save State

Save state is a lot handier than the real save game, this way you can start over or load your save instantly.

Speed is very important because I would at least like to play Mario64, Starfox, or Mario Kart at closer to full speed, perhaps 30-40fps?

Then i would vote on expanding the compatibility, followed by the others.

ramon said...

Before anything, thank you for R9. Well, I have an idea to emulate N64 buttons on PSP

Sorry about my english, I'm spanish xDD. Ok, I was thinking two options:



Analog Stick------------Analog
L+Square----------------Left C
L+X---------------------Down C
L+Triangle--------------Up C
L+Circle----------------Right C
Select------------------Emu menu


Do more flexible the button config adding the possibility to combining keys like option 1( a key might combine anyone with any other key), but personalizing combinations for each game and saving a different configuration for each game.

NOTE: This idea has been based on a Sega Genesis emulator called DGen

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