Sunday, February 18, 2007

R9 Status Update

It's been a couple of days since my last post, so I wanted to give a quick update on what's left on my R9 TODO list.
  • I've been working over the weekend at fixing a number of outstanding graphical glitches, putting in place a system to automatically translate n64 blend modes to the psp. This should hopefully nearly eradicate nearly all of the purple and black textures that have shown up all over the place in previous releases. This is quite an interesting feature from a technical point of view, so I'll talk about this in a bit more depth once R9 is out.
  • I have a few glitches in the new UI to fix (e.g. audio can't be disabled once the rom has started, controller can't be remapped once the rom has started).
  • I need to hook up a few things to the new UI (e.g. 'reset to main menu', 'take screenshot' etc)
As you can see, it's quite a short list now, so I'm still on track for releasing R9 by next weekend :)



Mario Kart God said...

Awesome! Can't wait!

David said...

Yay!!!.. Can't wait.. Thanks StrmnNrmn!!!!!!!!

Grettings from Mexico!!

stee said...

The purple/black texture fix is a big update as it affected queit a few games pretty bad.

By any chance does this fix a small issue with mario 64? The one where at the opening scene the water around the castle disapears.

Its no big deal i just though it might be a bug which could affect other games aswell.

Samuel said...

I'm really looking forward to your report on the blend mode translator. This is gonna be fun reading. :)

leques said...

yeah, I cannot wait until it gets released. Any plans in the future of enabling Ad Hoc or any other type of Network play? That would just be the insane.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on this move :)

Looking forward to starting a compat list for R9 :)

Kiah "What does this button do" Connor said...

Good work Mr StrmnNrmn. As promised, here is your turtle back, alive and well.

Any plans for future features? Perhaps implementation of multiplayer, perhaps using adhoc in some way?

Anywho, good job so far, look forward to the release of R9.

Jorge said...

Ad Hoc is still a looong way to go for N64 emulation

Andrew said...

Congrats on being at the helm of an enormous amount of hype...

...not that that's necessarily a bad thing. If R9 is what you say it is, you're going to be the biggest thing to happen to PSP Homebrew since custom firmwares.

Morgan said...

Good to see another update StrmnNrmn thanks! This R9 release should be the best thus far, and I just can't wait until it's ot to test various roms. Also I can't wait for the vote on what's next to be worked on, I hope it's compatability because games such as Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye, and Super Smash Brothers would add prestege to the emulator surely.

disturbed19 said...

I dont really think adhoc mode would be possible, the psp has a hard emulating the 64 it self, and adding adhoc would take up alot of juice and the emulator would be really slow. thing about it.

grim said...

will the compatibility be increased in this build? Either way its awesome man. good job and mad props.

Mario Kart God said...

Infrastructure mode would be sick!!!!! Is it even possible???

Dustin said...

Love your work man. Can't wait to play CBFD. Also have you looked into fixxing all the issues with some of the later games, such as Tony Halk Pro Skater 3?

Bryn said...

Nice. That purple and black line thing was all over in starfox. I hope SSB and Goldeneye work. Your name will never be forgotten.

Adam said...

on step at a time leques, one step at a time ;)

I have to say this is absolutely amazing that a single coder can design something as complicated as this on a platform that is barely able to handle it.

great job, can't wait for next weekend!

BrendanL said...

Yay! Good thing R9 fixes those purple and black glitches! I hated them in R9.

Ian said...

well, today is my B-Day, no joke, I am 14. You think as a great gift you can send me a copy of your build right now, that would be awesome. If you don't want to that is fine too.

Ritik said...

Awesome! Can't wait for next weekend!

Just wanted to ask, has the whole Super Smash Brothers problem been fixed with all these numerous bugfixes you've been making?

And also, do you have a donation link so we can simply donate to you for the hard work you've been putting into R9?

Anonymous said...

Automatic blendmode selection, say bye bye to spiff up wally ;)

Nice to here mate, this is gonna be bigger than pops cos the N64 was the best of that generation:

Nintenboyz, Aren't Wii All

Anonymous said...

[quote]yeah, I cannot wait until it gets released. Any plans in the future of enabling Ad Hoc or any other type of Network play? That would just be the insane.[/quote]

Well, first lets work for the 40-60fps for most/all games and then we can worry, or should I say and then HE can decide whether it is feasible to have Ad Hoc or Infrastructure.

If anything, it would be Ad Hoc only.

Aw203 said...

From what i heard from a psp forum, multiplayer with wifi is next to impossible .The psp simply cannot support it with its current hardware.

If he gets multiplayer working with 40-60FPS and decent grpahics he is the psp god.

wally*won_kenobie said...

Why dont you people read previous posts :|.

StrmnNrmn has already specifically stated

a) No donations

b) No early builds even if its your 100th birthday!

c) Don't be a tightass

I'd imagine something could be done with the Xlink Kai network for Wifi games. Again it would have to be approved by strmnNrmn and third parties.

Morgan: Diddy kong racing could work in R9, seeing it was more GFX issues than anything. Wait and see :)

Super smash brothers works in PSPlink, u people just have to learn how to use it and im not telling anyone how to use it as its too complex.

The thing im interested in is how strmnNrmn is going to make all the blendmodes automatically and if overwrites the current blendmodes file. Looks as if we wont need a Spiff Up anymore :)

MikE said...

It is going to be hard to wait for a week :'( but NICE JOB DUDE!

Robin said...

You're great. I WANT A CHILD FROM YOU!!

Anthony said...


In the words of borat:


Lodis said...

I really don't understand why anyone is asking about Adhoc or increased compatibility when clearly speed is primarily the most important.

Even though we have heard that many games have increased speed up to 40%, until a consistent near full speed with sound is reached I don't think compatibility or Adhoc should even be mentioned. Speed is still the most im portant area to work on, improve and eventually perfect!!

tsurumaru said...

First of all it has been said before on here, please actually bother to read Strmnnrmn's posts. The answers to half the questions people have have already been given.

Secondly I hope development moves in the following manner Speed -> Compatability -> Extra's.

Strmnnrmn have you had a chance to speak to Exophase or any of the other emulator devs regarding ME usage?

It was some time ago but I believe Yoyfr and Laxer3a had quite a bit of trouble implementing its use in SNE9xTYL. However there appears to be much more information available now to coders (PS2Dev for example) so hopefully you will be able to implement something in the upcoming releases.

Have a great holiday!

god0fgod said...

You must have a lot of time on your hands.

Morgan said...

Yes Adhoc would be great but we are incredibly far from that. StrmnNrmn is focusing on getting the games to actually work properly before worrying about network play (although adhoc would be insane!). Anyway guys your still asking questions that have already been answered such as:

Compatibility has not been increased since R8 (unless some small fixes have caused minor issues in games to be fixed, rare though)

StrmnNrmn doesn't want any donations unless it's for something like for a new dev psp if his broke or something like that.

People please read all his posts because alot of your questions have been answered before and it only makes StrmnNrmn longer to code Daedalus if he's stumbling over questions that already have been answered. Good work StrmnNrmn!

N64-Lover said...

It's my personal opinion that speed should always be the priority over compatibility, and i hope this continues to get the Lion's share of the work. You're doing a sterling job StrmnNrmn, and even though i don't really play N64 games much anymore, i love the emulation aspect of it, and find your posts extremely informative.

StrmnNrmn said...

I'm not sure where everyone has got the idea about wireless multiplay etc from all of a sudden - it's not something I've mentioned. Has this cropped up as a topic on another board?

It would be an awesome feature, but it's really not on the list of priorities at the moment :( Until speed and compatibility are there I don't think it makes much sense to start speculating about multiplayer features.

Maybe by R50 we can pick this discussion up again :)

Kramer said...

LOL, your awesome StrmnNrmn.

Keep up the great work.

D said...

I just have to say, thank you for doing this Strm, looking forward to playing some n64 games with sound on my psp. huge +karma for making this for us of us annoying nintenboyz

Nick said...

@ leques

I do believe Nrmn mentioned information about an Ad Hoc mode. In my opinion I think that would be a bit harder than we all think it is.


@ StrmnNrmn

Hey Norman, I was a bit curious on this. On the Daedalus R8 Shifty Spiffup Beta that was released by someone that I don't know right now, it seemed to be the only version of Daedalus that seemed to be compatible with Banjo Kazooie. Worst part is, that in-game, alot of textures are that purple and black checker-like glitch, and down-side is that in-game is about 2 to 3 Frames per second.

I was wondering, have you gotten Banjo Kazooie to work on this version, and is there also a speedup? To atleast 10 FPS?

Thanks in advance. =)


jas_pollo said...

good work StrmnNrmn!!!!!!!!
didy kong racing could be playable?
i hope so!

Janglez said...


Will R9 work on HEN 3.03??? Please say "yes!"

I Cannot wait for this Release but i Fear that it might not work on HEN 3.03 Will it?
and if not any suggestions on what to do? i cannot downgrade because my fav. game MGS:PO requres 2.81 FW And i have to have it :) please help :) i Cant wait for this Weekend And Good Work A++++

Sketch [OHG] said...

What about PRX support? alot of users like to use programs like CheatMaster or CWCheat to create codes for emulators, in past daedalus releases, these plugins didnt work using this emu. but did for almost all other homebrew/emulators. i can garuntee you there is a large ammount of people who would love to be able to use these prx's in use with R9 release. if you could make it compatible it would be MAJORLY apreciated.

kekpsp said...

Hi everyone, thanxs StrmNrmn I have dusted my PSP for the amaizing R9 :)