Saturday, February 10, 2007

Comment Moderation

You might have noticed that I've introduced a new policy of moderating comments for each post. There are a couple of reasons for this, but mainly this is because I wanted to have some control over the nature of the debate following each post.

In the past my posts have fallen into two main categories - general Daedalus updates, and more technical posts about some of the specifics. For the techincal posts I want to encourage more detailed discussion, so I'l only be approving comments which I believe are going to help stimulate this. This means I'll be rejecting comments about unrelated issues ("when is the next release?", "make it go faster please" etc). Please don't take this personally!

For general updates, the policy will be pretty much the same as it has been, i.e. anything goes - although I'll still be rejecting duplicate posts or anything totally off topic.



deaxxx said...

Thats a comprehensible step.
I'm sure you will finish your great project well also without spam and off topic posts.

Samuel said...

Great. You seem amazingly calm for getting so many stupid posts. "Don't take it personally" - really mature.
Others would have put it a lot more offensive. And even that would have been understandable.

Zodionic said...

If it avoids arguments and people posting rubbish, then I don't mind, also, with out all the junk comments, its easer for StrmnNrmn and others to see what people relay think about the project or related topic.

tsurumaru said...

This is great to hear, I hope you receive an apology from those that decided to spam your blog whilst you were busy coding.

skater9269 said...

admirable I mean this is your blog your emulator and we are just the humble users good thinking plus when we see that our post has been approved it shows you have been here and have read them right.

hunter57 said...

Hello I am French and I speak trés badly English, thus excuse I for the writing. Above all thank you for your emulateur n64 you made a great work. But as I saw on a web site you want to have temoignages to use has to make the daedlus r10. Highly-rated graphic: there are bugs to the menu and I noticed bugs in the diddy kong racing game(set,play) and the ocarina of time zelda who just blocks(surrounds) aprés the introduction. Highly-rated accounting(accounts department): many of roms are not compatible with your emulator as 007 goldeneye, gt 64, fifa 99 and many of the others game(set,play). For the sound: the sound is not good especially for marion go-cart 64. But I knows that to go to you amelioration. it is for my comments. And one thank you for your fantasy to emulateur, and I wish you a good continuation for this emulator.