Thursday, February 22, 2007

Daedalus R9 - Rejoice!

I've been working hard making the last few changes for Daedalus R9, and I'm pleased to say that it's now ready for download:

Daedalus PSP R9 for v1.00 Firmware
Daedalus PSP R9 for v1.50+ Firmware
Daedalus PSP R9 Extras (a few preview pictures for the UI etc)
Daedalus PSP R9 Source

I've talked a bit about what's in this release, so I'll not repeat everything here. Here's a summary though:

* Faster
* New UI
* Audio
* Various graphical fixes

Please note - as audio support is very much 'beta' at the moment, it's disabled by default. You can enable the setting either in the front-end, or from the pause menu.

Please also note: To keep the distribution size down, I've not included any 'preview' pictures for the rom selector alongside the emulator. You can download and extract the 'Extras' file above for a few sample previews. It should be easy enough for people to create their own preview pictures - see the readme.txt for more details.

That's about it for now. Please post comments with any immediate feedback. I'm going to be a bit busy for a few days (and then I'm off skiing on Sunday for a week), but I'll try to reply to as many questions as I can in the meantime. I'll also try to get the ball rolling with my initial thoughts on stuff I want to do for R10.

[Edit 1:07AM - You may need to wait a few minutes for sourceforge's mirrors to synchronise. Sorry :) ]



dash said...


you are the best. ever.

HiHi said...

Awesome, thanks for all your hard work!


Nick said...

Awesome man, really. :)

Thanks dude. ;)

Daniel said...

Nice work man, props for the great work!!!

gamehunter101 said...

great work man

Joe said...



Roy Chang said...

i think there's a glitch on the daedalus menu, suddenly the name jump out to the middle of the page

Nick said...

I don't know why, but my version of Starfox won't work at all. It just freezes on the "1997 Nintendo PRESENTS" screen.


Anyways, Banjo Kazooie still goes painfully slow, but I have noticed a major impact with the glitches. Nice job man.

Now I'm off to test and make icons. :)

Javier said...

Amazing, back in 1991 I developed a MKII version for a CASIO PB-1000, then I realized that I had to work for a living and I had to stop working in these incredible and satisfying scenes. I don't know how you do it, but please enjoy your skying weekend... having a life and yet being able to work on this is just memorable.

Manish Prabhune said...

Dear Strmnnrmn,

At the onset i am very thankful for this release of yours.

But I comment here to let you know that the emulator freezes on my PSP. Details are as below

PSP Firmware 3.03 OE-C
No Plugins installed
CPU speed set to all possible combinations thru recovery menu

Daedalus starts, does not freeze on the initial screen, but on the next screen of menu where we have Global Settings, ROM and Rom settings option shown. It freezes and I have to remove battery to restart the thing

Mince is a TA-086 PSP, though this is nothing to do with Daedalus i suppose

Look forward to any support you can provide me (if am not the only one facing this problem)

thanks and great work

elsidor said...

Great work on this, i've tried mario 64, starfox and mario kart and all have great speed ups and are much more playable compared to R8.
Enjoy your holiday next week, you deserve it. Thanks

Josh said...


bamhm182 said...

THANKS MAN!! Some of my games didn't run though, but I'm not sure if that was the rom or not.

Even if it was Daedalus, this is still a GREAT piece of work!

If you want a list of the games that failed, feel free to email me at!

Mario Kart God said...

It is so amazingly fast!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Mario Kart! It is just so good!!!! YOUR WORK IS AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you again! I will be playing this for the next month straight! THANK YOU!

Andrew said...

Can't wait to try this out, congrats!

Caleb said...

Nice work, man!!! Still testin out some ROMs, but there seem to be a bunch that run terrific! Man this is some crazy progress. A full-speed PSP N64 emulator is in sight!

Not complaining by any means, but I'd like to point out that there appears to be a small bug in the UI, when you have too many ROMs in the ROM folder (not sure how many, I believe I had 12). It doesn't scroll correctly when this happens. But, I'm sure by the time this gets approved there will have been lots of others saying the same thing. ;)

Anyway thanks so much, this will keep me entertained for a while. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey strmnnrmn,

Cool release..

I have noticed a few games have broken (banjo kazooie) is one..

Great speed improvement though

Preferior said...

Amazing, man you really do it!! the best emulator for psp!! but...mario 64 isn't full speed yet >_<, that's de first step

out of the castle = playable
inside the castle= playable
inside the first world( i don't try others)= frames down like the rain

but dont worry, it's still playable and very good speed up with respect to R8

keep working on it, and eventually become the best emulator who born of the psp scene ;)

P.D: Forgive me, mi english isnt very good because i'm spanish, but i hope you understand it


FLX said...

For some reason it locks up when it starts, i see the splash screen and after that the main menu, but nothing works. I have put in it in the GAME150 folder.



Nick said...

Hey Strmn, I noticed a glitch in the UI list. I have like 10 games on there, and when I go down to Kirby, the list just keeps blinking and the game texts are overlaying and I don't know what to do, and can't see my games to chose from.

But when I go down to the bottom of the list it goes fine. You should just release another Daedalus like a "Daedalus R9 v.2" or whatever, that fixes this glitch, and other noticed ones.

Nice job otherwise. =)


Reuben said...

Awesome work!
I have a question: Is there viewport scaling in this release?

David said...

Awesome work dude!!!, really aweso!!!, I love It, i'll quit Halo y go back to the old school :D

Cheers from Mexico

Reuben said...

Nevermind... Disregard my previous question. But, please do answer this: How do I enable frameskip?

FLX said...

Never mind, it had todo with my rom naming

pkmaximum said...

I would like to say the emulator is definently improving speed wise, and graphic wise (on certain games).

Great work Strmmmn, I look forward to seeing in what you have in store for R10, I'm going to assume that you will take a look at the ME for the PSP =]

The sound quality on Mario 64 over were the Water Fountain is 100% perfect with full speed (in that 1 area XD)

Lead Laden, My Thoughts Taken said...

I'm playing ocarina of time... this is amazing. This is something that hasn't even been accomplished on the pc so efficiently. Great work!

FrzR said...

Conker is not work ?

itsalldasame2me said...

This is great StrmnNrmn! Mario Kart with no sound is very close to ful speed. Thnaks for all your hard work. And by the way if your taking suggestions for r10 I would rather have more speed. Thanks again and nice release!

Edcy said...

you are the man!

Phalkon13 said...

I'm fairly new to the PSP scene (just got one for X-mas), and as soon as they found a 3.03 hack, I entered into the homebrew scene. I'm finding that there is some awesome things out there, like your emulator, for instance. You're doing some awesome work, and I've been looking at the different revisions since I saw R7. My question is this:
They were working on a GBA emulator for the PSP based on the VBA emulator, ported. It was canned, due to the GBA emu that came out called gbSP, claiming that "VBAPSP used classical methods to emulate GBA games, while gbSP does not, and therefore can have the speedup".
If they're not using standard methods for the emulation to speed things up, do you think that you'd be able to implement those same kind of methods that the crew for gbSP used? (Forgive me, I don't have the info for VBAPSP off hand, but the creator for the gbSP is "exophase", if that helps. I don't know if you'd be able to use the same methods with the Daedalus emu, what with it being different systems, but I thought I'd take a shot and mention it. I'm not a coder in any way, so I don't know how coding an emulator works, but if they take advantage of the hardware in a way that speeds up the game in some way, and it can be implemented... well, I thought that'd be cool.
Anyway, I ramble... Thanks man for all your hard work. I can't wait until we have a full-speed N64 emu for the PSP! :)

infernomax said...

Strmnnrmn you've done it again... these happy days are yours and mine

MikE said...


Abbas said...

I have 3.10 oe-a' ...
and it keep freezing after i load the menu screen and then turnin off

i have the 1.50 version and am putting it into the game150 folder

Chris said...

I've been waiting so long... Thanks a million! Great things come with time. :D

BHSPitMonkey said...

Cool stuff. The speed-ups are really evident.

Now, StrmnNrmn... The time has come to ask about incorporating a USF player into Daedalus ;) Has it been considered? HCS ( wanted me to let you know that he'd be glad to help in realizing such a dream. He's a pretty righteous coder himself, and a big name in audio emulation.

Let us hear what you think! There's plenty of people out there who would take great pleasure in such a feature (or plugin?).

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

although BETA that would have to be the best "first version" of sound support ive ever seen in an emulator, nice release.

If your looking for comments for next release read the following if not: Ignore my comment and enjoy your moment of glory:

FlashRAM support
I havn't had a chance to try expansion pack games but for some reason they weren't working b4, might be in R9 i dont know
S2DEX uCodes (Yoshi Story)


Nico said...

Great work! As promised :P

Thanks man!

Glynnder said...

Awesome! Thanks

Seyed said...

Awesome release man :) I love the new features, and various speed ups throughout some of the games. CANT WAIT FOR R10 :) .

I also posted it on the front page of pspcrazy :) Hope the love spreads...


Linus said...

Works fine! Thanks!

Got two games working with ~20 fps.

One thing a think you forgot is in the "About" scrren, its says R8 (this is R9, right?) ;)

Then another thing you could do is a nice icon in the XMB?

Linkzie said...

Wow really nice, playing OOT now!

You're AWESOME! Keep up the GREAT work!

samuel_munro said...

something i've noticed here in the emulator is first of all some games that worked on r8 don't work on this release of r9 like mario kart 64 and in the about section of the emulator it says "Daedalus R8" instead of R9

kingofauzi said...

Hi StrmnNrmn,

first, thanks for your awesome work :)

There seem to have a problem with European rom (for exemple, Mario Kart 64 work with the US rom (U) but not with the English european rom (E).
And there is a lot of similar cases :( (US rom work, not European)

Thanks again and @ + (i'm french :)

Ruben said...

Does this work with 3.10?

Anthony said...

Goldeneye and Pokemon Snap dont seem to work for me

james said...

I hope it works with 3.10, because I really don't want to downgrade and risk my psp breaking.

BTW, does Zelda run smoothly? like no lag or it being slow anymore?

cooldawg08 said...

NICE WORK! hey to anyone that was wondering about the custom fw. I'm running 3.03 OE-C and it will play roms when the emulator's placed under the 1.5 folder .

Donkey Kong 64 support would be great/ and Conkers Bad Fur Day: <-----havent tried CBFD but heard it didnt work

Toasted said...

That's really great, thanks a lot!

Ninoh-FOX said...

why me roms don't work in me psp 3.10 oe a'? I has the N64 rom in v64 format and in r8 wonking but in r9 don't working. Why don't work in r9 if this emu is best that r8? Is it for me FW or for the roms formar? Please resporn, thank

pd: sorry for me inglish nevel, i am spainish.

killerferret666 said...

Just an idea - but how about a frame skip option. Like the snes emulators. Yes it may make the games a little choppy but rather then slow them down they will run faster with sound and be very very useable.

For instance;
Mario is currently roughly 17fps in game, if you have a frame skip of option of 1 in 2 it will up the speed to the equivilant of 25fps much more playable and smoother. Also it can be put in as a variable option so you can specify differnet rates. That way different games can have different frame skips set. I know you probably wanted to stay away from that but it will give a much 'feeling' emulator.

But I must say congratulations on a great working emulator, your hard work is appreciated!

lux209 said...

Very nice work The R9 is really faster than the R8 !

I tried Mario 64 works great in the castle but the speed slow down on the 1 world.

Mario Kart 64, vrey nice works very fast ! But some graphical glitch on the game and some small bugs.

I hope you continue to work on a R10 !

Many thanks for your job !

Fahad said...

this is good but its sucks at the same time i put the file at the game 150 and i see the initial setup but it freezes can some1 plz help good job but still needs improvement

Zoltan said...

great! but the sound kills the speed improvments, anyway enjoy skiing, and I will enjoy my full speed mario kart. Thanks!
btw im 11 and i have 3.10 OE-a' made by dax the king of custom firmwares, and i do know what firmware is. although i am young, im not an idiot, pls be nicer in the irc rooms.

Garrison said...

fahad how did test it if u say ur psp just froze

PSPloverdude said...

Thank You So Much!! I love the N64 emulator. You have given me hope in it's potential.

Although the only game I like playing at this time is Forsaken 64, i'm still pleased with the emulator. I tried many ROMs and was surprised that one of my favorite N64 games worked.

Maybe some day most games will work?

Best Wishes & Good Luck forever!!

New Id said...

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