Sunday, November 11, 2007

Icons update (part 2)!

..And the last update today (I promise!)

I just wanted to say that I've now received about 100 entries for the icon competition. I'm about halfway through the list so far; apologies if I've not responded to your entry yet.

I've had a lot more entries than I was expecting. Originally I was planning on posting all the entries so that people could comment on their favourites before I picked a winner. There are too many entries for me to be able to do that, so next weekend I'll pick my favourite 10 and show them instead.

I've had lots of entries from readers of PSP-Generation, so a big 'merci beaucoup' for that. It's certainly helping exercise my rusty French :)

There's just under a week left before the competition ends, so be sure to get your submission in shortly. Thanks for all the entries so far!


PS Remember it's 'daedalus' and not 'deadalus'. It's an easy mistake to make :)


Swish said...

It's great to see so much updates :)

Boaz said...

yeah lots of posts today.
And yeah i also make the mistake sometimes that i call it deadalus instead of daedalus.

Where did you get the name from strmnnrmn(ur name is hard to:P)?

Maby from stargate? In that series the daedalus is a powerful starship of the humans(Tori).

michaelp said...

And anyways, hope to see some great icons in the next version of Daedalus with so many entries.

StrmnNrmn said...

@boaz: StrmnNrmn is just the name I used to use playing StarCraft at university. I wanted Stormin Norman but it limited me to about 10 characters, so I had to delete the vowels :)

t3heford said...

how do you pronounce it?
day dal us?

Anonymous said...

just an idea

could you try and get the psp cam microphone working in games
such as "hey you pikachu!"

that would be really sweet

and could you please fix the annoying bug in paper mario

Boaz said...

and strmnnrmn what about the name daedalus? where did you get tht name from? stargate:D, from the great daedalus starship vessel from the Tori? :p

ghostrider185 said...

I believe the name Daedalus,
came from the ancient greek story ( forgot the name ) ,but there was this maze were this bull would reside and the dungeon name given to it was Daedalus.
And thank you StrmnNrmn for all your hard work Ive noticed something very interesting that Ive came upon using builds of your emulator.
My primary example can be shown here were it states that Daedalus does not run at 333MHZ
Heres the Vid
It shows a large FPS speed Increase , which leads me to belive Daedalus is not running at 333 MHZ

Jody said...

Only picking 10 favorites? owee..
Could you like put all the entries into a .zip and put the link up in your blog, after the competition, so everyone can pick their favorite?
well it's ok. OH OH OH pick mine!! lol

Morgan said...

StrmnNrmn I think for another addition for R14 possibly could be a date/time or battery information (% and temp.) on the bottom right of the emulators GUI would be a touch. Just giving you ideas to maybe help this emulator get some more style and user friendlyness. Regarding the icons and such I believe you should tell people music in the background of the boot is also acceptable for more creativeness.

Eric said...


I'am MaGiXieN, admin from PSP-Generation, ( and i'am happy to see that our members send you a lot of work et 'merci' for the comment.

Checkviller said...

All you peepz should take a look at the README.

it says Daedalus was a Greek craftsman who invented a maze for king minos to put the minotaur in.

Samuel said...

And Daedalus made wings for him and his nephew, Icarus, so that they could espace from the Labyrinth (Minos had shut them up inside the maze).

But Icarus thought he was a god, and flied too close to the sun, his wings burned, and he fell in the sea...

PS : As you can see in Wikipedia, it seems that a maze has a beginning and an end, but not a labyrinth.

Samuel said...

Are you just a namesake, or are you using my name on some kind of purpose?

Deadalus made the wings for him and Ikarus, but Ikarus is his son.
The use them to escape from the island of Crete, where the Maze is.

Ikarus didn't think he was a god. He was just foolhardy, as kids tend to be.

His death was divine retribution for Daedalus, who previously killed his master student, because he was threatening to surpass him.

Also, he the wings don't burn, they melt as he approaches the sun (the Sun isn't all that far away in Greek mythology), because they are held together by wax.

Later, Hercules finds his body, when it's washed ashore, but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

The wait is on :)


I wonder why Perfect dark only has audio but no display :/

StrmnNrmn said...

@t3heford: I tend to say 'day dal us', but I think the 'correct' pronunciation is 'dee dal us'

@ghostrider185: The very first call Daedalus makes on booting is to set the clockspeed to 333MHz. Your second run shows the same kind of framerate as I usually see for SM64 when I'm developing, so something is obviously going wrong when you run it normally.

I'd be interested to know what firmware you're using. At some point I'm probably going to have to get another PSP for testing various firmware related issues..

Boaz said...

3.72HX-1 u dont have to test 3.71m33 becouse its almost desame.
Its on a fat psp with the second motherboard sony implanted(cant remember the name of it)

daedalus runs fine, only with issuses for running games.
Sometimes some games will not start, other times they will.
thats the only issuse i can find.

by the way: Can you add compability for perfect dark and the menu of command and conquer?