Sunday, March 04, 2007


Just a quick post to say that I'm back safe and well from skiing. It was awesome! As an added bonus I made it through the week without breaking any bones :)

Lots of people posted with their thoughts on what I should work on for R10 - many thanks for all your feedback. I'll post an update with my plans shortly (probably sometime tomorrow, after I've recovered from the travelling.)



scott said...

welcome back,glad you had fun, and hopefully i wont look like a fool but.......FIRST!!!

Xabier said...

glad to hear from you again. happy u had a good time :] !! did all the slopes tire u out?? lol. i miss the snow.. take ur time getting settled man =]

Daniel said...

Great to know! Hope you had a great time

Taco said...

Any release date?
Just in case you didn't know, Mario Kart has messed up graphics at some tracks, like Wario Stadium.
You can see the screen glitch here:

Morgan said...

Glad to see your back, there are two issues with R9 that I think should be adressed and can be fixed easily. First one is the obvious one, when you put more than 8 roms on your memory stick Daedalus flickers the titles and shows them double (until you scroll down a little). The second issue is one I think I've only noticed, when you go to the "About" section of the UI it says build R8 instead of R9. That's all I've found besides the text problem in Mario Kart. Anyway StrmnNrmn I hope you can increase speed in R10 and get the following games running good:

Diddy Kong Racing
Super Smash Brothers

Those 3 games have 3 eperate issues so I know it's unlikely that you could adress them all in R10 but please do what you can, thanks none the less.

Alex said...

Cool! I hope you had an awesome time!

disturbed19 said...

Woohoo!! cant wait for more updates, im gettin excited already :P im hoping for another speed update, and possibly better sound.

j said...

Great! When I went skiing i went down a black diamond for my first time when it was really really icy...I fell 3 times but still made it down without breaking any bones too :P

Hope you take into consideration everyone's posts. I read through just about all of them and they seem to have good ideas.

GmDude66 said...

Great news!

Glad you did not break anything :P

Inkyoobis - Mike said...

Get a good sleep. one more thing what runs better .rom or .z64? ive heard rumors that z64 does. And psp runs in 16bit not 32 right? anyways hope ur trip was good.

Mike S. said...

Glad you're back safe and sound!

MikE said...

Welcome back.. Jet skiing is more fun then skiing :P! Even though they are totally different things.

wally*won_kenobie said...

Lol Morgan,

StrmnNrmn knows about these issues. Too many people keep whinging to him about the same games.

I will be emailing him a whole heap of stuff after the compatibility list is done. I have a heap of Ucodes and mux files for him to glare at when the PSP doesnt combine correctly, the Ucodes cause the game not to work correctly and NO diddy kong doesn't have a missing Ucode unless it hasnt been picked out.

Anyway I hope the snow was good, hope you could make plenty of ice for your beer :P and uhhm to eat!

So you people know, this compatibility list will be a bit technical and I will try to explain some of the stuff but dont rely on it to tell strmnNrmn whats wrong b/c he doesnt want to spend too much time looking at it I would gather.

Appreciate you are keeping us up to date mate!

Have fun!


BrendanL said...

:( I'm the only one who gets broken bones, but not because of skiing. It's over the stupidest things. I have low calcium so my bones are brittle. So last year, I tripped over a shoe, I broke my toe. I also hit my toe against a door and I broke it. And also, when I was playing basketball, the ball hit my finger and it broke. That's why I'm drinking as much calcium as I can so I don't end up with another broken bone.