Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weekend update

It's been a busy week at work, what with catching up after my week off and GDC, so I've not managed to post as many updates as I'd have liked.

On Daedalus I've been starting to take a look at the list of potential optimisations I listed and working out what to tackle first. To help me do this my first job is to do some work on Daedalus's profiler, to try and figure out where the biggest wins are going to come from. Hopefully I'll be able to report back with some interesting findings this weekend.

On a related note, I've spent the morning looking at converting the source control I'm using at sourceforge from CVS to Subversion. I've been meaning to do this for some time. I've never really been a fan of CVS, and as I'm using Subversion for other projects at work and at home I thought it made sense to migrate Daedalus over too.

So you can now access the latest Daedalus source* through Subversion:

svn co daedalus-n64

With CVS I usually only updated the source alongside every release. Ideally the repository would contain an up-to-date copy of my local build, but I've had problems in the past where people have distributed 'intermediate' builds of Daedalus PSP, bugs and all. I only ever release new builds when I think there are enough new features and its stable enough to make it worthwhile for people to download and install; updating a source a bit less frequently gives me a bit more control and helps prevent everyone's time being wasted with intermediate builds. I think that I'm going to continue with this policy for the time being. We'll see how it goes.


*This is still just the R8 source which I lifted from CVS today. I'm in the process of testing whether this compiles OK, then I'll refresh the repository with all the changes from R9. I'll update this post when the R9 source is available.

Edit: R9 source commited to Subversion, all seems to be compiling OK.


Nick said...

Awesome. Good luck with everything! :)

Morgan said...

Sounds cool StrmnNrmn hope your next update includes alot of work you've done to Daedalus. Wish you all the luck in coding Daedalus and hope you keep busy this weekend, thank!

Christen said...

Keep up the great work dude!

Simon said...

Cool. So no real info about future updates but you wont release any minor updates for the time being.

Thanks for the info. :)

Anonymous said...

You have alot of time on your hands. That's kool. You did great on R9. I love the speed improvement and the audio. You got one of my favorite games to work, called F-ZERO-X. big thanks on that one. You doing great on this. I wonder what improvements will be in 2 years, there might be an R18 or R20, if you work non-stop on it. I always can't wait to see what you have in your next releases. ok, I'll comment another time. Do you have a myspace? probably not.