Sunday, August 13, 2006

R7 released!

I've just uploaded R7 to SourceForge. Here's the changelist:

[^] Avoid checking for interrupts in dynarec code in most situations.
[^] Optimise dynarec Load/Store instructions to avoid checking for interrupts directly.
[^] Implemented the remaining 32-bit integer instructions in the dynarec.
[^] Implemented the remaining commong load/store instructions in the dynarec.
[^] Implemented JAL/JR in dynarec.
[^] Optimised various texture cache related features.
[^] Added various known value optimisations to the dynarec engine.
[^] Link together blocks even when they exit with branch likely instructions.
[+] Added option to allow frequency of texture update checks to be reduced.
[+] Added the ability to configure buttons
[!] Fixed a couple of compatibility issues caused by the dynarec.
[!] Fixed a couple of issues related to self-modifying code and the dynarec.
[!] Fixed issues with the framerate counter flickering.


Daedalus R7 for v1.00
Daedalus R7 for v1.50
Daedalus R7 Source

The main emphasis has been on improving the framerate of as many roms as possible, but I've also made some significant fixes to the dynarec engine which should improve compatibility for a few roms where this was causing problems before.

There are two settings you should be aware of if you're looking at getting the fastest possible framerate. The first is on the global settings page (that's the one you see on the main menu as soon as you boot up). You'll want to set 'Tesselate Large Triangles' to No here. The next option that helps boost the framerate is set 'Texture Update Check' to Disabled on the Rom Settings screen. A combination of these two options give a significant speedup in various roms.

In R7 I've also added the ability to define your own custom controller configurations. You can define a new controller mapping by adding a new .ini file to the Daedalus/ControllerConfigs directory. There are a few examples in there already, and I'll look at posting a brief tutorial up here sometime soon. If you come up with a new mapping you think would be useful then email me (my address is in the readme.txt) and I'll post it up here and add it to a later release.

I think R8 is going to continue to focus on improving the framerate. I still have a lot of optimisations I want to get in, and I think these will help improve the framerate even further. I also want to spend a little time improving the front end, as it's getting harder for me to add new settings and options in there. I also want to add an option for changing some of the settings while a rom is running (i.e. I think it's time we had an in-game menu.) Another thing I'll look at for R8 is saving settings between runs of the emulator - this way Daedalus will remember which controller setup you prefer for each rom. Finally I want to add an option to quit back to the main menu without having to restart Daedalus.

Phew! That's quite a big list. I can't guarantee I'll be able to add all that for the next release, but that's what I'm currently aiming for. I think it's more important to try and release regularly (i.e. every 3-4 weeks) rather than try and cram everything into one go, so some of these features might move back to R9 if I slip behind.

My first job though is to move my development environment over from my old PC to the new 'beast'. I've had to put this release together through a Remote Desktop Connection to the old PC and I can't bear to do that any longer. It'll probably take a few days to get everything set up on the new PC, but it should be a lot less painful in the long run :)



Imtiaz said...

YYESSSS!!!! Thank you so much!

Zodionic said...

yes!!!! this is great, noticable speed increase in mario but i seem to be getting some strange green textures in the castle

Sroon said...


Evan said...

So i am getting a solid 11-13 FPS in mario in bomb-omb battlefield. I'm going to try Zelda out soon, hopefully its getting atleast 6-7 FPS.

And strmnnrmn, is there any chance of getting a savestate feature as seen in NesterJ and SNES9x?

Seeing as PSP is portable, it is much more convenient to be able to save anywhere than having to play through to a save spot, especially since PSP battery life isnt so hot, and if i leave it on it will only last a few hours with half charge

StevIEmw said...

any news on if you can work on goldeneye strmnnrmn??? it wont even try and load this rom now

Sroon said...

Lets get started ont the compat list wally and other guy!

Mario Kart God said...

Why is Mario Kart so choppy???!!!

Imtiaz said...

Mario Kart is choppy but its really playable!

Mario Kart God said...

Strmnnrmn do you think you could release another build and fix the bug that's making Mrio Kart very choppy.

DuRoLuRo said...


skater9269 said...

the choppyness kinda is bothering me but i will suck it up maybe he can fix it in r8.

skater9269 said...

yes it is choppy in mario cart and allitle at one point in mario 64

Evan said...

mkg, are you sure that it isnt just your dump of the game? strmnnrmn said in his updates that it was running faster than before and didnt mention it being choppy.

If no one else confirms that it is/isn't choppy i will try it myself and get back to you

Mario Kart God said...

Well Rampage is full speed but has a few new graphical glitches.

skater9269 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
skater9269 said...

its not just his rom I reported it first before strmn made this post.

Mario Kart God said...

I wonder if strmnnrmn can release another build and fix this problem??!!

StevIEmw said...

i doubt strmn will do another release just so you can play mario kart MKG, get a grip, he will probly try n sort it for r8

Mario Kart God said...

Maybe it just a small issue he could fix in a few minutes, because Strmnnrmn never said anything about it being choppy.

kersplatty said...

nice solid speeds in mario now good luck with r8 i hope to play at 20fps :D. when is it likely you will incorporate a media engine

Mario Kart God said...

Anybody get any other fast games???

skater9269 said...

yes strmn do try to fix the chopiness it would really rule if you could and i dont want to wait 4 more weeks to play mario kart.

Mario Kart God said...

Yes, same with me. It would be really cool of you to fix the choppyness in Mario Kart. I reaally don't want to wait 4 weeks. So if you could that would be great.

Mario Kart God said...

Oh, and why is it that Mario Kart is like the only game that has this huge choppyness in it??

jth17 said...

SSB is still unplayable with dynarec.

Paper Mario still won't work.

I didn't notice the choppyness with Super Mario Kart, just a big speed up.

Super Mario 64 is much faster in all areas.

Goldeneye won't even attempt to boot up.

Quest 64 runs very nice. Its gets a little slow outside(8-10fps as opposed to 15fps+ inside), but aside from that. Its good. This was with the texture thing on every 30 frames. So, it only gets better.

Mario Tennis still won't work.

Banjo Kazooie's intro is practically unbearable, don't begin the play the game unless you have about 15 minutes to get through it (3-5fps for the intro but it speeds up at the end to ~9-11) Horrible framerate in game(3-3.5)

Overall I would say he acomplished his main goal, speed. Graphical problems are still at large, and compatibility still isn't high. Although, for an emulator this new, with only one coder, it's going just fine.

Disturbd1 said...

Strmnnrmn, regarding the PSXP emulator:

That was where the original news broke.

thedman said...

JESUS DUDE CALM DOWN LETS ALL CRY CUZ MARIO KARTS A LILL CHOPPY look hes gonna fix just wipe the sand out ure vagiana

Disturbd1 said...

And huge props for this release! It's awesome!

skater9269 said...

mortal kombat 4 no longer freezes and plays quite well even though it is only at 10 fps or somthing like that also it has major graphical flaws but the charecters and blood are good so its ok by me.

skater9269 said...

suck off it is very choppy in the fastest levels and we are simply saying we do not wish to wait 4 more weeks play it in time trials in choco mountain you duche bag.

jth17 said...

nevermind, mario kart is very choppy, but the glitch is fixed, I just finished a race ^_^

jth17 said...

I doubt he will be taking request to fix specific games simply because someone wants it fixed right now, and can't wait. That would be like me sitting here whining about Paper Mario still not working and I don't want to wait.
If I were him I would be taking a week off from all the hours of coding.

And congrats on the release strmnnrmn. Oh and I noticed the other day that you had developed an N64 emulator for the PC, I saw it on

Mario Kart God said...

Yeah, I would really like to play Mario Kart without all of that choppyness. And I don't want to wait 3-4 weeks.

Evan said...

JTH, daedalus for PSP is actually a port of strmnnrmns PC emulator (also named daedalus)

Disturbd1 said...

I wasn't talking about Mario Kart, I was talking about Mario 64. I could care less about Mario 64, as I alrdy have a DS.....

Mario Kart God said...

Well Mario 64 plays pretty good, but not Mario Kart. Nice release Strmnnrmn, but if you could fix Mario Kart please soon, it'd be great.

skater9269 said...

jth mario kart was one of the better playing games paper mario never worked do you see the difference.

Mario Kart God said...

Mario Kart was the best playing game in my opinion, so that's why everyone wants the choppyness fixed soon. Since a lot of us were wanting to play Mario Kart most out of all of them.

Potato said...

This rocks way to much.

Zodionic said...

i havent played mario kart yet and dont want to incase im dissapointed :(
ill try playing with the settings a bit

Zodionic said...

lol QJ still hasnt got this yet

Mario Kart God said...

I've played with the settings in Mario KArt but it is always choppy. : (

Mario Kart God said...

I bet Strmnnrmn is working on the Maro Kart bug right now. : )

skater9269 said...

i agree mario kart was the nuber 1 game i was looking forward to I might revert back to r6 to play it please strmn fix mario kart other than that excellent release

fyre said...

SHUT THE FSCK UP MKG...nobody cares about how you want Mario Kart to run without being "choppy." Give him space and time to work on the emulator. It's the best one out there. You want to play Mario Kart? Grab an SNES emulator or a DS.

Sk84Life said...

2 things StrmnNrmn,

First off, have you ever considered rendering the graphics at the Nintendo 64's native screen size; 320x240? I would most certainly prefer that other the current widescreen setting because 1, it would make the graphics look like they're supposed to. And secondly, it would made it run a tiny bit faster because the screen size would be smaller and it wouldn't have to distort it from 320x240.

Secondly, do you think you could email me at I would like to get your email and send you some information I'm currently gathering. It's just a text file per rom, along with a picture or 2, and the text files contain information about best and worst settings and what they do. A compatibility list of sorts.

skater9269 said...

strmn great release mario is way better btw it feels full speed in the castle at some points but it is only 20 fps what is up with that.

Frisky Jaguar said...

@ sk84life
lol when Morgan or Cobra gets back they'll be pissed off if you took that idea. They got a running compatibility list for R6 but 3 people for an R7 Compatibility list would rock

Wow, congratz man think back when on the pspupdates when all those people said N64 emulation on the PSP could not be done. Congratz

zshadow said...

Great improvement over R6 Strmnnrmn, already looking forward to R8 ;)

Nice work as always :)

Mario Kart God said...

I think Strmnnrmn is working on the Mario Kart problem right now since he has not commented back once to us. He usually does.

Sroon said...

Wally iv done a bunch of the compat list bro!

pkmaximum said...

WOW Strmmmn great job, sry if this sounds too critical though but I really didn't notice the speed increases that much. As it was almost the same to me as R5+R6 I admit the speed was a bit better in R7, but I'm not thrilled about it. Well anyway don't worry about Mario kart as frame rate in the long run is the thing that has to be focused on the most but until 4 weeks from now XD. I hopefully will see a full speed N64 emulator eventually. Thanks for your great work Strmmmn. But please speeeeeed =P

Rom said...


I Just Messed Around with the Pictures because it looked too plain so here, lol hope you like it.



Richard said...

dude this is kewl.... just to tell you i made some kewl background pictures cuz grey is boring. go on my site and look at them
anyway thanks 4 the emulator its kewl

Kemp said...

Guys, calm down about Mario Kart. Yes you want to play it without the choppiness and you want it sorted right now, but cut the poor guy some slack for once. He's just worked his ass off getting out a major release for you (totally free I might add, you don't pay a cent for it) and as soon as it's out you're making more demands of him. I personally would be saying "screw it, they can wait even longer if they're going to be like this". Give him some time to relax and do his own things without having to worry about code and maybe he'll be in the mood to get it all sorted afterwards, constant pressure to keep working on it will only turn him off the idea.

Fischer-Fritz said...

just registered for this post...

first of all i want to thank strmnnrmn for his good work

and second...

mario kart god... there are 55 comments at the moment and 13 from you about the "choppyness" and mario kart
(one wasn´t about mario kart from overall 14 comments)
i don´t think strmnnrmn is stupid, so it should be enough to write the mario kart stuff once
also i don´t think it´s a bug

did you really think you could play mario kart on this release with full speed? or fast? everybody knew this wont happen in r7...

Kemp said...

That's a very good point, 13 posts about Mario Kart is *very* excessive (especially from just one person), just mentioning it once and having it confirmed by a couple of people is enough for StrmnNrmn to know there's a problem. Spamming up the comments with duplicate posts just gives him more to read, which means if there's a post that is actually useful about the problem then he would likely already be skipping any comments including the words "mario kart" and thus would miss it.

RyanMWolfe said...

So how does Zelda oot work i havent tried it because you cant save and it will still be slow someone tell me if it is fast.

Urkel said...

man mario kart is choppy, but mario 64 is alot faster, in the room with the bob-omb level, I get 20 fps in that room! and the slide I get around 14-15 fps, its awesome.

But one question, to improve framerate, whats the best way to set the texture update at? 30 frames makes it seem faster and every frame makes it seem the same.

Jonesyxxiv said...

Quest 64 seems to run full speed in side the castle, and is at least playable outside(I leveled up about 3 times).

Mario Kart God said...

Strmnnrmn, this is an awesome release. Rampage works at an average 30.29 fps!!!!!!!! Super Mario Kart runs even faster!!!!!! And Mario Kart runs basically perfect but just has a choppy bug or sumtin. Keep up the good work! You are my favorite coder of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario Kart God said...

Oh, and Strmnnrmn do you have a paypal for donations?

Evan said...

MKG, are you a skitzo or something? in 13 out of 14 comments you asked about mario kart, and then in the last 2 you act like you just found daedalus and are praising nrmn like he is a god

DuRoLuRo said...

Wow, It´s almost full speed in
Super Mario 64.
Good work Strmnrmn!

Mario Kart God said...

Well, I figured it took a ton of work for him to make it go that fast in Mario Kart. Yes, it would be nice if the game wasn't so chopy, Then it would be just about perfect when he fixes it! But I'm sure Strmnnrmn can fix that pretty easily. Good work Strmnnrmn!

GmDude66 said...

Great release!

Be sure to keep the CVS updated :D

doolaik said...

MKG if you miss mario kart so much, just use an older build; stop spamming about it being choppy in R7. things are bound to break when other parts of the emulator are improved. i think mario 64 is more of the benchmark for daedalus anyways.

be patient and wait for R8 or R9, because there is no way that strmnnrmn is going to "fix" the release just so that you can play mk64.

Kemp said...

Vern, we already covered that, and he stopped spamming the board about the choppiness. I think at this point anti-spam posts will turn into spam themselves.

Zodionic said...

kemp by complaining about spam posts complaining about spam posts you are spammin, and i realise that because im complaining about someone who complained someone who complained about someone who was spammin, i myself am spaming

Zodionic said...

i guess the guy just loves mario kart!!

Kemp said...

An infinite chain of spamming :o *mind explodes*

RyanMWolfe said...

Quest 64 dosent quite fit the screen for some reason it might be the dump. and to the left of the Game screen is the Daedalus rom boot up stuff like The Cpu looking stuff. anyone help me please??

Jonesyxxiv said...

I tried daedalus on my computer and Paper mario froze at the same point. But it worked in other emulators.(it freezes after name comfirmation when making a new file)

PSDroideka said...

Mario Kart is at half speed!!!
How do i know? well it takes 2 seconds in real life for 1 second to pass in the game. Wikid release.
More maths: 17 of the 74 posts here have been by MKG, thats nearly a quarter!!!

Anyway great release by Strmn Nrmn! People who can't see the speed up must be blind!!!

Fixes i want in R8 (if possible)
1) Being able to see the stages in Buck Bumble
2) Ordinary save support in Zelda OOT
3)The symmetry stuff i mentioned before
4) All the stuff you said

wally*won_kenobie said...

Ok compatibility list has 81 games in it at this minute

I emailed you strmnnrmn about goldeneye,

Sorry about pestering you for not adding this, i had to refresh...

wally*won_kenobie said...

oh BTW goldeneye wont work as there is an option in one of the dynarec things that needs changing.

Maybe a loop to detect goldeneye would suffice

joshisposer said...

how big could it be for strnm to make it full speed without trying to compress the eboot? i would be willing to test it up to 30 mbs. I'm sure people wouldn't care if he didn't try to make it small and not take up the psp too much. also, when will he start trying to implement sound into it? this n64 is awesome and totally worth all the waits.

Sk84Life said...

Alrighty, well I kept my word and made an enormous compatibility folder. I'm not done yet, but I think I can post my findings breifly here. I've tested 50 games so far, and I plan on going to 82. I sent an earlier copy to StrmnNrmn with only like 30 or so games, but he has yet to reply to it.

Games that will run, and you'll want to try:

Bomberman 64
Clay Fighter - Sculpter's Cut
Duke Nukem 64
Harvest Moon 64
LEGO Racers
Mario Kart 64
Micro Machines 64 Turbo
Mortal Kombat 4
Pilotwings 64
Quest 64
Rampage - World Tour
Ridge Racer 64
San Fransisco Rush Extreme Racing
Snowboard Kids
Starfox 64
Super Mario 64
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Wave Race 64
Zelda - Ocarina Of Time

Playable games with serious graphical issues:

Castlevania 64
Doom 64
F-Zero X
Kirby 64 - The Crystal Shards
NFL Blitz 2001
Quake 64
Super Smash Brothers

Games that will not run:

1080 Snowboarding
Blast Corps
California Speed
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Cruis'n USA
Earthworm Jim 3D
Excitebike 64
Gex 64
Goldeneye 64
Paper Mario
Perfect Dark
Rayman 2 - The Great Escape
Resident Evil 2
San Fransisco Rush 2049
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1
Vigilante 8
Worms - Armageddon
Yoshi Story
Zelda - Majora's Mask

Mabye this huge post will get his attention. :D In the near future, I'll post again with the same format, but with 32 new games.

Sk84Life said...

XD I just noticed wally*won_kenobie has a large collection of running games going to. His is on a website though =P. Mabye I should combine mine with his... After looking at his list, he's missing a huge amount of the games I listed in the post above.

I also forgot to mention the layout of my folder.

It's the main folder that everythings contained in, and inside of that is 3 folders to seperate the games into the catagories I used above: Playable, serious graphical issues, but playable, and not playable. And there's also a little Read Me thing I made in there.

Then, upon opening say, the playable section, and picking a game like say Super Mario 64, You'll find there's a folder or 2 for screenshots, taken on different settings. A text file containing frame rates and sometimes somewhat large sections of notes. And then finally, some games will have the mixed_mux files because the folder is meant for StrmnNrmn, but I'm not exactly sure how to get it to him. And wally*won_kenobie, if your reading this, email me at so I can pass it on to you.

Sroon said...

Ok bud! but you have to have pics,missing mux and a breif explanation on how the rom works!( O ) ( O )

Disturbd1 said...

sk84life: Gex 64 does run, and gets in game, however when u jump on the TV button, it goes nowhere.... Gex still bobs his head, but he won't go into the TV....

Gex 3 is a different story, tons of texture issues, and it wont go in game....

Sk84Life said...

Disturbd1, I already know that. I put it in the unplayable catagory because it's useless. What good is it if all you can do is run around in that small pre-world area? Last night though, I did move it to the playable folder simply because technically it can play, so people will at least try it, but you can't use it long term.

Even if the games will run the menu, if they wont let me play actual gameplay, then I consider them unplayable until further notice. Like NFL Blitz and San Fransisco Rush: 2049 for example. They both work just fine in the menu's but freeze when gameplay starts. Anywho, I have to go to work now.

Sk84Life said...

By the way, I just made a folder real fast called: Will run menus, but wont run gamplay, because those games needed a catagory of their own.

Games included in this folder:

NFL Blitz
NFL Blitz 2001
Paper Mario
San Fransisco Rush 2049

I'll probably find more for this catagory while I finish testing my other 30 or so games tonight. McDonalds! Here I come! =P

Tinnus said...

Is the source really from R7? in AboutScreen.cpp it says R6...

skater9269 said...

strmn what are the files savestate.cpp and savestate.h used for in daedalus it is in the core folder in the source.

wally*won_kenobie said...

hey dude who wants to help

Post a snapshot of the game, Missing_mux file and original folder also with speed its running at and a comment about the game (if it doesnt work write why, if it does write how it works)

email results to (prefeably in bunches of 10)