Thursday, June 22, 2006

Source code rant - update

I was going to post these responses on the comments page, but I was worried that they'd get buried and I have a few important points to make.

From laxer3a:
Now you start to see why the TYL emu source was released shifted by one version from the bin. :-)

I was thinking about doing this, but it's important that people are able to tinker with the source as they please. I usually only ever have the time to refresh the CVS depot when I release anyway, but if other people get involved in the project then this will need to happen more regularly.

gregnoid wrote:
Naa, this pre-release is just a fake !
Becaus PspMonkey had not compiled this.

I need to make it clear I was ranting about PSdonkey, not PSmonkey. I have a lot of respect for PSmonkey and I wouldn't want people to think I was criticising him. It's unfortunate that so many people confuse the two names. Remember: donkey = large four-legged member of the horse family (likes hay, sombreros etc). Monkey = amusing, cheeky primate (likes bananas, mischief, etc) :)

psdonkey said:
About the pre R5 build that I made. Yes I did change a couple of minor things in the source code and things seemed to run a tad bit better. However, after reviewing your updated R5 release, none of the changes that I made in the other build had any effect in this new R5 build that you released. In fact most of what I did was clean up some of the excess code and I can see that you already did this in your R5 release.

I appreciate you clearing up the situation and making your source available - thanks for doing this. I really wasn't expecting to see this happen, so accept my apologies for the criticism I levied in my previous post. I had a bit of a Hulk rage going on and it wasn't really justified.

You make a really good point about having a shared directory for roms between Daedalus and Monkey64 - I'll look at rolling this change into the next official release (R6). If you're really keen on helping contribute to Daedalus then I think you should drop me an email and we can talk about the possibility adding you as a contributor on sourceforge.



wally*won_kenobie said...

I dont think he even uses that email.

I tried emailing him and he never replied.

The Monkey 64 / daedalus shared dir was originally my idea BTW :P

Oh just so you know the screenshot feature doesnt work that good ATM (Reported to be freezing in Mario 64)

Could you make an option of having the framerate on/off for an all the time view.

Some games are running at full speed but the camera goes through the wall and freezes.
The games are
Rugrats - Scavenger Hunt
and Bust a Move

Disturbd1 said...

lol, u typoed ur own name...Anyway, i just have a question about R5. Gex 64 finally works, but when u step on a tv button nothing happens, but his mouth is bobbing, and mouth moving... So y doesnt anything happen? Just curious

tsurumaru said...

Hi StrmnNrmn,

Glad you had a great time in Spain.
I just wanted to post due to the number of forum posts I've seen that go something like:
"Zomg i hop dat da nxt vershun has full spid n sound n stuff"

I just wondered if it would be useful to show how you plan to develop Daedalus (Beyond the next release). I'm assuming you have a rough idea of what order you are going to work on each aspect of functionality ^_^;
I just thought it might help to manage the expectations of those that don't appreciate the amount of work that goes into each release.

I would also suggest caution in working with PSDonkey, perhaps he is ready to redeem himself but there are still many issues surrounding him that are dubious. Can you for example confirm that he did anything to his source code version other than compile it and put in a menu screen?

Anyhow cracking finish to the Ozzie match, lets hope England can find second gear in time for Sunday! ;)

kersplatty said...

nice work hope u had a goosd tym anyways good luck wid r6

kaiser said...

I think StrmnNrmn and PSdonkey should work together on this. I think they would have alot to offer each other and can make this emulator even better. Good luck PSdonkey and StrmnNrmn

PSDroideka said...

I reckon Donkey should go with his original plan and continue with his emulator that was never released. Cant wait for the R6, also glad you had good time in spain, i also reckon the frame skip option would be a great thing to incorporate such as your other ideas

Kaiser said...

No I don't think anything of what was posted above. I hate these imposters who pretend to be something or someone they're not, namely Donkey.

PSdonkey said...

Sorry Wally, I just have been very busy and I haven't checked that email in awhile. I just checked and I didn't see anything from you, maybe it got deleted somehow. If you want, you can either resend the email or send me a pm over at in the fourm section.

StrmnNrmn, I'd be glad to help you out in any way that I can. I already went a little deeper into your source code and added a couple of new features to your R5 build. I will upload the new build and source code to your email address in a bit and if you want to keep the changes, you can add them into your R6 build.

For everyone else who wishes to learn to code in C++ and hope to make your own games or applications for the PSP, I went ahead and wrote up an easy to learn tutorial on programming in C++. For those who are interested, goto this link at

g0atbutt said...

strmn, I would highly recommend reconsider working with psdonkey. Have you seen his fake n64 emulator video? Or heard of his cronies (and occasionally himself) harassing psmonkey? He tends to exaggerate quite a bit too (or at least twist facts to make himself look better).

No offense to psdonkey, but he has proven himself extremely untrustworthy. Just be careful working with this guy. He has 0 respect in the dev community (but he does appear to have some with ignorant users who haven’t been on the scene long).

I would atleast make him talk about his fake video he released a while ago before I even considered adding him to your team.

PSdonkey said...

Well the email I sent you StrmnNrmn came back. I guess I have the wrong email address for you. This is the email address that I found for you at

If you could let me know what email address you would like me to send the R5 changes and updated source code then I'll do it right away. Or if you would like, you can email me at
and I will respond back to you. Thanks.

goatbutt, any and all videos that I have made are real. I did not make anything or any claims up. I have my reasons for not releasing anything as of now. There is no need to make negative comments on StrmnNrmn's blog.
As for being on StrmnNrmn's team, I believe that StrmnNrmn is doing an excellent job on his own. I am just giving him some new ideas just like everyone else here who supports him is doing.

Morgan said...

Donkey could you give a link to the new changes? I would love to see what you have made. What kind of like changes did you make though decrative, graphics, speed, etc.? Please StrmnNrmn allow Donkey's changes be released with your permission of course. It would be better for overall progress of N64 emulation.

itsalldasame2me said...

goatbutt psdonkey is not a fake. he is a very experienced coder and also a nice guy. And those videos were not fake. hopefully he will release his *REAL* Ultimate64 emulator to the public eventually. Dont flame psdonkey he is a nice guy.

kersplatty said...

y r u dodgin my pm's in psp hacks then donkey? so can we hope for significant speed increase in the r6

Disturbd1 said...

so when can we expect your emulator to be released, psdonkey? It would be great to show these as$holes up

Morgan said...

PSDonkey please answer my question!

tsurumaru said...

PSDonkey said;
"goatbutt, any and all videos that I have made are real. I did not make anything or any claims up. I have my reasons for not releasing anything as of now. There is no need to make negative comments on StrmnNrmn's blog."

1. I don't really want to dredge up the past too much PSDonkey, but why have you never made a public release of your Emulator in the long long time that you have been "working" on it? I can think of no reason at all that anyone under as much personal scrutiny as you would have for withholding a release, especially when under as much criticism as you have been. This only heightens the thoughts that everyone have that you wont prove because you can't.

2. There IS the need to make negative comments, people in the PSP community don't want Daedalus dragged into the same situation of Donkey64/Ultimate64, ie a whole lot of disinformation, smears, and ultimately disapointment for those expecting a real release.

If you are genuinely trying to make up for the mistruths of your past then good on you, you must see however how trying to associate yourself with a N64 emulator not of your own work is viewed by the wider community.

Finally to those of you who haven't followed this sorry tale in full since PSDonkey's first posts on the PSP scene and especially to those posting here in support of him (if in fact they are genuine posters), without proof there is nothing, his reputation is already sullied by his previous unsubstanciated claims. He could even be a nice guy (As claimed) but the trouble he has caused has been great.
Show me an Ultimate64 release or the sourcecode and not more BS and I'll show you a convert to the cause.

kaiser said...

Stop picking on psdonkey. If anyhting, he is trying to help out StrmnNrmn and the PSP community by enhancing Daedalus. He has already contributed to the PSP community by writing a very good tutorial on C++ lessons over at the fourms. I thought that C++ coding was going to be too difficult for me but reading his lessons and codes, I have already made a few simple programs in C++. Let the guy help out StrmnNrmn if he wants. Once I get better at C++, I want to try to help out StrmnNrmn to.

wally*won_kenobie said...

I bet this is not the same PSdonkey as all other places.

Unless he speaks up about the emulator that he never released two months ago (EXACTLY). also apologises to PSmonkey for all the trouble he has caused in PSPupdates etc.
If you are the PSdonkey you claim to be i guess you owe a lot of people favours.

Strmnrnmn: Might be wise to check IPs and check with wraggster at DCEmu if they are the same.

tsurumaru said...

Kaiser, I'm assuming you're not the DCemu Kaiser (who also posts here).
I'm not picking on PSDonkey, he may well have written a guide to C++, good for him, in fact I am glad he is contributing to the scene in a constructive way and he has my thanks for that.
What I am doing however is pointing out the fact that PSDonkey has since the beginning of April 2006 claimed to have had a fully working N64 emulator for the PSP. Since then he has consistantly failed to prove its existance other than some "videos" (at the same time which he was caught out asking how to capture video from a PC N64 emulator). He has consistantly posted on forums as alternative user names either to promote his own releases or discredit others, and has caused disapointment and drama across many a forum (for which he has rightly been banned for).
With almost zero integrity how can anyone be expected to believe a word he says?
What I don't want is for Daedalus to become embroiled in the same sort of issues as has occured in the past.
Since PSDonkey is still maintaining that:

"any and all videos that I have made are real. I did not make anything or any claims up"

Why doesn't he just release his emulator and silence his critics? Why should he want to contribute to Daedalus if he has his own fully working full speed emulator as he has claimed from the beginning?

Strmnnrmn proceed with caution.

PS typical bloody rollercoaster England result, as least due to all those red cards Portugal are going to have a few of their players out!

kaiser said...

PSdonkey doesn't owe anything to anyone. Neither does StrmnNrmn. These coders give their time to make homebrew for everyone without asking for anything in return. If StrmnNrmn wants PSdonkey to help him out with his next release, then let him. Neither of these two owe you guys anything nor does any coder owe anybody anything. Just appriciate the work these guys do for you and stop complaining about anything.

Disturbd1 said...

"Finally to those of you who haven't followed this sorry tale in full since PSDonkey's first posts on the PSP scene and especially to those posting here in support of him (if in fact they are genuine posters), without proof there is nothing, his reputation is already sullied by his previous unsubstanciated claims. He could even be a nice guy (As claimed) but the trouble he has caused has been great.
Show me an Ultimate64 release or the sourcecode and not more BS and I'll show you a convert to the cause."

I've been in the psp community since the beginning of US release, and know all about PSDonkey and previous actions. All I can say to the flamers is GROW THE F**K UP. Stop flaming coders, we owe you NOTHING. Time and time again he has proven he CAN CODE extremely well. As A coder myself it gets extremely annoying to see good coders flamed.

Oh and if you don't believe I'm a coder, google X_JesusOfSuburbia_X and PSP. I'm sure you'll find something...

tsurumaru said...

Nice mature response guys, way to read my posts. As I said I have nothing but respect and admiration for Strmnnrmn and his work, I'm just giving him the heads up on PSDonkeys dubious past and voicing the concerns of the majority of the scene, and yes ultimately it is down to Strmnnrmn whether he wants to work with PSDonkey or not (who has incidently been busted on many occasions for posting as other users).
More drama and still no proof...... ;)

PS Damn shame about the Ozzie result :(.

kaiser said...

You are the only one making drama tsurumaru. Just respect all coders alike and be appriciative that you have homebrew because of them on your PSP. If you think you can do better, then do it and stop complaining

tsurumaru said...

Kaiser, once again, nice of you to actually read any of my posts, I'm not complaining at all, I'm merely highlighting PSDonkeys highly dubious past for Strmnnrmn.

In fact I've been fairly ambivalent to the whole PSDonkey issue since I haven't actually tried any of the N64 emulator releases and haven't waited with baited breath on the releases like quite a number of the N64 fans have.

I am however interested in the overall projects progression and I have seen the effects that this has caused in the wider scheme of things.

Anyhow since you can only seem to respond with "respect all coders" as if magically this placed everyone who claimed to be a coder on the same footing, thanks Strmnnrmn for all your hard work on the Daedalus project.

StrmnNrmn said...

wally: PSmonkey actually suggested the shared dir idea to me on MSN before his first release, so I think he deserves some credit for that one :)
I'll add an option to permenently display the fps in the next release (assuming I don't forget!)
I'm not sure why the screenshot feature is broken - it's quite possible it's running out of memory and crashing. I'll look into it.

disturbd1: Unfortunately it could be any number of things - until I get a spare day to sit down and investigate a specific rom it's very hard to make fixes for things like this. It'll get there, but it will take time :(

tsurumaru: That's a great idea. I was thinking about posting with a general 'roadmap' of features I want to work on and the order I want to tackle them in. I don't want accidentally lead people to believe the emulator is going to be perfect in a few weeks just because there's been some rapid progress early on.
Not sure second gear was located on Sunday - I suspect I heard the sound of gears grinding painfully at one point :)

StrmnNrmn said...

I'm closing comments on this post now, as I'd rather the PSdonkey debate didn't ramble on forever. Cheers!