Thursday, June 22, 2006

Plans for R6

I'm back from Spain now. I had a great time in Barcelona, it's a bit of a shame to be back :)

I'm planning to have quite a quick turnaround on for the next release, i.e. hopefully I'll have something ready by the end of next week, or early July. I want to concentrate on fixing a bunch of graphical issues (adding new combine modes to fix various pink+black textures etc). I'm also going to look at reducing memory requirements - I think the stability problems associated with running the emulator with dynarec for an extended period of time are a result of running out of memory. This should also help to improve the Expansion Pak support. If I get enough time I'll look at adding support for configuring the controls on a rom by rom basis. Finally, I also want to look at improving savegame support.


PS Congrats Ghana + Australia :D


xiringu said...


I wanted to ask you about an idea I had for getting a few extra fps while the emulator is being improved.

You tell me if it's a feasible idea, or just a stupid one... :)

I remember back in the days of the 386 and 486, when I was at uni, that we started with a new thing: .JPGs !!! hehehe

I remember the first .jpg viewers and the slow they were to render the images.

One of the things we did to improve the speed was to add an option to process/show 1 every 2 lines. Of course, it had an impact on image quality, but it wasn't so bad after all.

Sometimes it is worth it to lose some quality to get more speed.

I was thinking if it is worth it in any way to add that as an option to the emulator.

An example:

instead of working with a 300x200 screen, work with only half height 150x200 and then display an empty line every other line to get the final 300x200.

I know it works, and I've seen PSP emulators losing fps when switching from 1:1 screens to fit/zoom.

Well, this is another way or making things look bigger without affecting the fps, and I think it is a good option to have.

what do you think?

could we get extra fps on all screen modes with these little trick?

ukcuf16 said...

Hey Strmnnrmn,

Just wanted to ask if there is ever going to be frame skip in later versions :) THX!!

Richard said...

hey bro,
I'm a big fan and my 13 year old brain is supporting u and learning from u.
the main reason i posted was just 2 give u a pat on the back well done bro.
[and about the soccer GO SOCCEROOS (i come from australia),BUT my relitives r from ITALY F@#K this is bad.]

finalfan said...

hello im excited about the next build but i was wondering... remember that video that was shown a while back that showed i nice menu and a perfect looking emulator with sound that was running banjo kazooie perfectly...what was up with that

StrmnNrmn said...

xiringu/ukcuf16: I've responded to your questions in a new post :)

finalfan: A hoax maybe?

crackups said...

k onda quisiera saber si en el proximo emulador ya va ah tener sonido y velocidad decente como ah unos 60 frames saludos

DarknessWalker said...

I've sent you a mail with an idea for mapping de C bottons... I would like to know if you recive it, because I think it's realy interesting. It's about using circle botton to "transform" de D-Pad into C bottons pad. Well then, thanx.

Velthazar said...
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Velthazar said...

StrmnNrmn, just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and for keeping us posted on it. Your working your ass off for people that dont even deserve it such as in the forums (name is Lochness) i got on some whiney people that leech from the info they get from you then flame ya about it. Keep up the good work!