Thursday, June 15, 2006

Daedalus PSP R5

I've just uploaded the R5 release to sourceforge. Here's the changelist:

[+] New DynaRec engine, resulting in significant performance improvements
[+] New front end - ability to toggle a couple of options (more to come)
[+] Save game first pass (eeprom4k, eeprom16k and mempak)
[^] Various interpreting engine optimisations
[~] Use .png fileformat for background images, save ~380KB
[~] Stripped out unnecessary code, save ~250KB

By far the most substantial change was the addition of the new dynarec engine. As detailed in previous posts, this is still some way from completion but is already providing significant benefits (around a 2x increase in speed in many roms).

I've also added the groundwork for a new front end and implemented a first-pass of the savegame system. The savegame support isn't fully tested so I'm expecting a few teething problems - please post any bug reports on the sourceforge site (preferably!), the comments page or email me (check the readme.txt..)

I'm not too sure what I want to concentrate on next. It's been over a month since the last release and I think that it would be a good idea to knock out the next few releases in quick succession, to help me pick up some momentum that I've lost. If I aim to do this I'll probably concentrate on some nice (but quick) improvements such as various graphical fixes, savegame support and per-rom control configuration. Any suggestions welcome :)


R5 Source
R5 for v1.00
R5 for v1.50


wally*won_kenobie said...

Hey Strmnnrmn Check ur email inbox, I sent an email about the bug report :)

Ogre said...

The main problem I notice from the pre-release and this official release is that it seems to crash regardless of game after 5-10 mins.

Disturbd1 said...

How do u load a save? And how do u save?

Kramer said...

nice work strmnNrmn mario runs nicely. i can confirm save works with mario but it seems a lot of roms that worked before arent anymore and there is random crashes other than that thank you for all the work youve done

BigMace said...

very nice release, i really am enjoying. Thanks for making the saves pj4 compatible too, like you said you would.

For some suggestions (hey you asked).
Configurable controls, or atleast map the c-buttons on the dpad for now.

I am not liking the gui, i would prefir something more like snes9x tyl 0.2c or Rin gbc emu. Also the ability of returning to the menu in game and map that to the select key.

A frame skip option would be nice to as it would allow for even more speed increases.

kekpsp said...

Thanks Strmnnrmn your a star in the emu scene, well done :)

PSDroideka said...

Just playing mario now, some DEFINATE optimisations and speed with little (if any) loss of quality, thanks for the expansion pack, ill test quake II out later for that feature ; )

kekpsp said...

Just been playing Mario64, I have noticed a few pauses followed by a graphic glitch if you press select when this happens the frame rate reads 50fps is that the dynarec in action or just a glitch of sorts in the code. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

great work i see you put good effort ive found a larg error you other guys might of seen this alot ,that alot of aminated and three dimetional objects and backrounds come out compleatly pink
im serious i got the installation all down but still. i use games that are .v64 format(i here ther are mulltiple formats)it heppend to me wile trying to play smash brothers,c&c,anddidy cong racing
any advice?

Linkzie said...

THX StrmnNrmn! Mario is running faster, gotta check other roms too (:.

speedofsloth said...

hey for controls how about

a psp triger for the z button (fast presses)

dpad and stick for dpad and stick

square and x for a and b

triangle and circle for l and r

the other trigger as a switch to
change the face buttons into c buttons

Kaiser said...

Maybe you could offer custom configuration in the next release.

Disturbd1 said...

a better save sys, like those of the snes and gen emus. Keep the menu, it makes it seem like a real game. BTW, relating 2 saving, i find that the mario 64 saves never appear 4 me...


MasBienPapa said...

Great work, keep it up!

PSDroideka said...

Well, the expansion pack doesnt work for QII, but i honestly dont mind as its to be expected with memory constraints, besides mario64 at the speeds its doing is enough!!!

AngryRolyPoly said...

I got the emulator to work, but it runs at half speed... How do I speed it up?

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