Thursday, August 16, 2012


Wow, yet again it's been ages since I posted. I just wanted to share some information about a project I've been tinkering with in my spare time - I ported Daedalus to JavaScript. You can try it out here:

Be warned - even though it's based on Daedalus, a lot of features are unimplemented, and there are a whole host of new bugs that need fixing. It's also pretty slow (but not as slow as you might think, given that it's written in JavaScript).

I'm going to write up some notes about the implementation over at Otherwise I'll probably see you back here in a few years ;)


Josh said...

Wow, glad to hear you're still on the coding scene! Have you thought about PlayStation Mobile at all? ;P

Ukcuf16 said...

huh no way, the one day i decide to randomly check on this blog happens to be the exact day u write a post. Its good to see ur still going, always appreciated the work u did on daedalus for psp. Thanks and keep up with the coding!

Sergio said...

Just got the N64 emu nostalgia... and I've remembered some good emulators, such us PJ64, 1964 which are dead.
Also remembered Smiff site :). I always liked how clean and organized was. Kudos to archive..

There I've spotted daedalus, an emulator that wasn't that good at those times.. and now I've

What great times... downloading ROMs via dial-up, (later, bleem, nemo, 1964, daedalus, ultrahle, project64...

Wish you the best StrmnNrmn!

anthony colon said...


First off, I want to start by saying how dope you are for
creating this emulator. DaedalusX64 opened alot of peoples eyes to the
potential of
this wonderful machine. However, I do have one more thing to ask of
you before you quit
the scene (if you haven't already). I wanted to ask you (if it’s not
too much trouble) if you could make a fork of Daedalusx64 that is
specifically optimized for Super Mario 64 Rom Hacks. I have a PSP GO
and a lot of the hacks run decent but sound is always an issue. So I
figured if the emulator was only focused on accurate emulation of
SM64’s Fast3D engine, they could run at full speed w/sound. I feel
like a lot of people would love this and it makes sense as the PSP is
still the only handheld that can compete with the switch in terms of
playing some 3D Mario. (thousands of stars worth of rom hacks).
Meshing these 2 hacking communities could have some awesome synergy
and maybe even immortalize one of the best portables in existence.
Only thing better than 3D Mario is portable 3D Mario. Thanks for any
help and all your hard work in advance bro.

P.S. I'm not rich but I could give you some slight incentive through
paypal lol. (not even joking, that’s how bad I want this)