Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Daedalus PSP R12 Released

I've just finished uploading the latest build of Daedalus PSP:

Daedalus PSP R12 for v1.00 Firmware
Daedalus PSP R12 for v1.50+ Firmware
Daedalus PSP R12 Source

As usual it will take 20-30 minutes for the files to propagate across the Sourceforge mirrors, so please be patient :)

Here is the list of changes:

  • [!] Fixed issue preventing Goldeneye from being loaded.
  • [!] Fixed dynarec for Goldeneye.
  • [!] Fixed dynarec for Super Smash Bros.
  • [!] Fix various texturing issues with 4bpp and small or non power-of-2 textures.
  • [!] Fix TexRect instructions with negative s/t components.
  • [!] Fixed the HUD in Mario 64 (broken in R11.)
  • [!] Fixed lights in F3DEX2 microcodes.
  • [+] Correctly implement instruction fetch exceptions, improving compatibility.
  • [+] Improved floating point compatibility.
  • [+] Correctly handle mask_s/mask_t tile values.
  • [+] Implemented a few custom blend modes.
  • [+] Screenshots just cover visible viewport.

If you've been following the updates on this blog over the past month the most obvious change is that Super Smash Bros. is now running well with dynarec enabled, and many graphical glitches have now been resolved. The compatibility fixes were specifically aimed at Super Smash Bros. but may well fix issues with other roms too. Overall SSB is looking and playing much better than it was in R11, but even at 30-40fps it's still not running at fullspeed yet. There are a few graphical issues that still need resolving, but all in all it's starting to feel very playable with frameskip set to 1 or 2.

Goldeneye is also running in R12. Although the intro sequence is running very quickly and with few noticable graphical issues, a lot more work is needed to it running at a playable framerate in-game. I think it's a good start though, and something to get excited about for the future :)

Otherwise R12 just has a fewm minor compatibility and graphical fixes - there are no optimisations for this build.

As always, leave your feedback on the comments pages. I read all your comments and I'll do my best to reply to any questions you raise. I'm particularly interested to hear if any roms which were broken in previous releases are now running in R12.




hardran3 said...

Thank You for the update. Will test when I get home from the job. Keep up the amazing work!

GeoTsai said...

thank you for the update

wii11_19 said...

wonderful work, big improvement from r11. THANK YOU

Volvagia said...

Great job as always! Downloading to test right away! :-D (love you!)

I would also like to ask you something... I'm not a great programmer, but I'm learning. So my question is:
To be able to emulate a N64 and such, what do you recommend to read more about and where/what can I learn from?

And yeah, have a great vacation!

Tom said...

So, now that r12 is out, what are your plans for r13? maybe speed? maybe compatibility?

i'd like to see the legend of zelda series running real fast!

well, jsut tested majoras mask. it works! menu is weird (has a red BG)speeds are exellent so far!

also could you fix the random crashing in loz ocarina of time. please?

anyway great job so far! looking nice!

taco said...

Great job!!
This is a great start on Super Smash Bros.
I think you should work on Goldeneye and sound next.
It would also be nice to have Perfect Dark work.

neo said...

man this is awesome

super smash bros works gr8

Tevin said...

downloading now! i've been waiting all week for this thank youuu!

Andrew said...

Very Nice!!!
Impressed w/SSB
What will you work on for R13?

StrmnNrmn... You Are AWESOME!!!

j said...

ill test it when i can! thanks! does sleep mode work yet?? :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats Strmnnrmn,

Great Job! I'll get stuck into this compatibility list :)

Compatibility list:

Anyone can edit it :) and it shows if games dont work in R8 - R12 also the speed they were if they did work.

Just to be helpful :)

nateguitarist said...

Great job man Daedalus R12 works like a charm and Runs smoothly. Are any of the Turok games going to be compatible any time soon. There are tons of turok fans out there.

asdf said...

Great update as usual. I decided to fire up a few roms that had not worked previously and unfortunately they still don't: The New Tetris and Ogre Battle 64. Ogre freezes and Tetris doesn't show the textures of the blocks as they fall.

However no big deal, these aren't the major games and your work is much appreciated! I'll give ssb a shot now!:D

C said...


Red said...


i've been hovering in your blog for the last 5 days waiting for the release! can't wait to try it!

thankyou for your work on daedalus, it's the most exciting thing in homebrew!

Phearom said...

hey not a bad release, i guess u can say it was worth the wait.. I tested out SSB and it worked better than B4 but then again with sound.. >_O" lol.. anyways I like this version and i hope ya improve it more. SSB may be a bit slow, but i feel it getting there, at least.. I can somewhat beat an Opponent with 1 life within 3 minutes O_o" haha.


Red said...


having tested R12 with SSB for a bit now, i must say it is very very acceptable. its heaps of fun!

there are unfortunately still a few graphical glitches, like the decals on the starfox ships, and various sprites not being seethrough, though i did find one big fault, and that's in the 3rd bonus mission, where you have to 'race to the finish.' for this mission, the camera will not follow the character! it stays stuck in place, but if you press pause it will again centre on the character like it is meant to, but pressing unpause will leave the camera stuck again!

pretty weird!

but again, well done with R12! SSB out of the way, how hard would Jet Force Gemini be to get working? with widescreen support and features that made it one of the best n64 games, that would be a treat on psp!

name Nick said...

Just ran SSB on R12. Here is a video:

It's a thousand times more successful this it was on R11. Graphics, speed, and everything has improved so much.

Great job, yet again, StrmnNrmn!

AAN said...

great work once again, SSB runs perfectly

thank u sooo much strmnnrmn :D

p.j said...

nice job. i love this emulator! cant wait till the day conkers is playable..haha well until then keep it up. great stuff :D

Heather said...

Thank you so much! This will be great on the car ride to the shore on Saturday! :)

Mike said...

Super smash bros. doesnt just keeps loading...and loading....Goldeneye doesnt start...Zero Hour doesnt start, even though it started in the last release...WHAT IN THE NAME OF HECK AM I DOING WRONG?!

VVoltz said...

Your work is much appreciated!!!
Keep up the good work!!!!, we own you a lot.

mike03$$$ said...

i tried it keep up the good work and may u please work on the wrestling games they never worked on early releases

Scott said...

Bravo, Strmnnrmn! Homebrew is now possible for all via the 3.50 downgrader - which means your fine work will be on more PSP units than ever!

* A lot of graphical glitches are missing from Starfox64.It is now very playable even at ~17fps. I've already earned a few of the HIGH KILL awards, which was nearly impossible before.

*WaveRace64 no longer crashes when you select a player. I was able to complete the first race, though the sky doesn't work.

Blast Corps still does not boot properly. But I can only imagine how many more are working now!!

It's so amazing to watch this project come together - keep up the good work, it can only get better!

Diesel_Mr2 said...

Thanks dude, It's great being able to play SSB on my PSP :)

RikkyC said...

Very happy to inform everyone that Mario Party (first one) is now playable (minigames too) with a decent framerate (around 15-20fps)!
[I]Note: I have no idea if it previously was playable or not, but I checked the R11 list and it said no, so very good news[/I]
A bit disappointing that F-Zero X and Yoshi's Story are still hanging before the boot screen. Shame.
Oh well, good work Strmnnrmn, enjoy your holiday. You deserve it.

MeanBlueSpider said...

Thanks for the hard work StrmnNrmn. This release is a notable improvement from R11. My test ROM is SM64, and R11 couldn't run well with audio enabled. Now audio runs 10-20fps normal and drops to ~5fps under heavy load. Without audio, those nums gain +10 across the board. A common issue besides having to render alot with distant shots is the all the stars that are rendered are half black. I think that there may be an issue with the shadow rendering that is causing this. Idk if this occured in previous releases, but might be another way to get a small speedup. I still dream of the day when I can play SM64 and other great roms without any notable difference in performance from the actual console, but I think this is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work.

Ring-Ding said...

Hey, this update is great, thanks strummnum! It fixed a lot of roms in addition to golden eye and super smash bros. From what I can tell, it fixed mario party (which runs almost at 100%, its really beautiful except for a few text errors). I really am not sure if it fixed starfox 64 (because I never tried it until now), but starfox 64 runs beautifully too, at about 80%.

You should fix paper mario next, that game should run really nice on this too, it just has a small crashing glitch.

Keep up the good work man, you rock!

JerK said...

great work as usual
but still wwf wrestlemania 2000 and the rest of the thq games arent playable, that is my, and im sure alot of others request, i will even donate some money to your pay pal or somethin lol

anyway, thanks for r12, and r11, and so on

awesome work

Jody said...

Holy SH**. sorry my language. I'm just so excited to try it out. you rock, man!

Pakoh said...

Thanks for your work, this emulator is amazing. I have tested mario64 and it works perfectly, I will test a few games.

Thanks from spain, forums EOL.

aka said...

This is GREAT Stormin! I have tested the emulator with some games and i have found some glitches depending of the sound emulation:

In super Mario 64 when it start, if you have the sound enabled the text in the black windows is all crazy and unreadable, but when the sound emulation is turned off the game works very quite well.

The speed emulation is incredible, i can't beleve it! As always keep it up the work and make the n64 fanboys dream became reality ;)

Spats said...

Thanks! Can't wait to try it out!

Alcoitão said...

Man, you're god!
keep with the good work!

Soop said...

Well done old chap! I don't post often, but I keep updated.

Diven said...

I don't know if anyone asked this.. but could you fix Pokémon Stadium 2 and Pokémon Snap ?
I would like to play those games on my PSP ;) Really old skool :P
In Snap: - I can't select letters for my name and Oak just says: 'H'
Stadium2: - In the menu's I cant go right/left.
(+ music doesn't work.. but I don't know it works on other games..)
Daedalus is new for me.. I downloaded because I heard many possitive feedback :)

hwoarang said...

Thanks from Spain , Forums EOL

filiph said...

Its finally here! :) It works perfectly, it will be sweet when goldeneye, tomorrow never dies and perfect dark and maybe banjo kazooie and banjo tooie :P

robin said...

thanks for all your hard work, it's hugely appreciated! can't wait to get home to try this out.

cheers, Rob

ObsessedPSP said...

Thank you so much for the work you have done with this emulator. I have been testing all of the roms I own with this and so far the only new rom i've tested that is running properly is Big Mountain 2000. I'm not disappointed though as I know it is gradually getting better and I will patiently await future releases. Take Care and I wish you the best.

Martin said...

Thankyou for a fantastic update.
The potential of this emulator is anormous.

If anyone knows the best config for ssb, please let me know.

I've turned off audio enabled but still cant get it to run as fast as 'name nick' did in his youtube video.

Thanks to anyone who can help me,


Jordi said...

great update! you'r awesome.


Vinorth said...

I am very impressed with the work you've done. Although you do say multiplayer is possible, I believe you should make an attempt to run these games as flawless as possible..I am looking foward to unlucky R13 lol

Daniel said...

Great to see this working so fast, frameskip really helps too. I just wanted to ask: for me on mario 64, during 'peaches letter' cut scene, it always crashed as mario is about to come out of the pipe, is that a dodgy rom iv got or do other people have this problem?

iwantanimac said...

Great work, mate. Good to see some excellent progress.

The Wrecking Crew said...

I tried out Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Kokiris are now fully clothed for the first time! :D The random crashes are still there, and the textures for Link's house and other similar places are still the same. (I dunno if you've noticed, but when you press start, the texture appears... only while on on the pause menu)

And, hurray for being able to see Fox's ship! XD I hope you find more ways to boost the speed and find a way to get Zelda (and all the other games everyone wants to play) working correctly soon!

Thanks for this release!

Giovanni said...

thank you From Chile In Sudamerica x)! Grat Work Boy go Ahead :D

Eso, buen trabajo sigue adelante con el que lo que haces es muy grande y se te agradece ;D Saluos de Chile

MasterDS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mike said...

Thanks for all the work you put into this. Great job. Still waiten for ocarina of time to work, but all the same great job.

Lawrence said...

Great Work! SSB is getting there. I jusk Tested Pkmn Stadium 2 which still does not load past title screen. I don't know if the problem is related to the SSB issue, but still great work. Mario is working great. Thanks for this wonderfull update.

Sterist said...

--fixed the black-flashing problem in lamborghini automobili, which had the same problem on the game as the bug in Mario Kart that made the motion stutter. also fixed a few texture issues. even with software clipping disabled, graphically it looks very playable. sync's at 32% though

--vigilante 8 1&2 both still get stuck in the demo/Press Start screen, however, the sequal displays a hud now.

--perfect dark may or may not be stuck in a loop, but attempting to get to another part of the menu via any key yields the same pattern -- sync between 6 and 90%, streams from the rom, then repeat. screen is black the whole time.

--road rash 64 remains unchanged

--zelda (occ of time) actually averages 10-20% higher on sync in-game

--1080 snowboarding shuts the psp off

tonyo said...

Great work !!! one more step to perfect emulation ;)

I was wondering : is it harder to have a perfect 2D emulation or 3d emulation ? Because I would LOVE to have killer instinct gold on psp one day :D

Keep up the good work !

Xx FightStar xX said...

I've seen a guy called "Captain Morgan" post on strmnnrmn's blog saying he is starting a new "Game to make work next" thread for daedalus, and it baffled me in a way.

I thought the plan was to get the n64 cpu emulation onto the ME processor to enable sound to work without expense of loosing fps.

So i've decided to post a poll, please vote on it and maybe then strmnrmn won't be pressured into making individual games work at the expense of the emulators progression. (which should be the focus in my view)

(Thanks for the release btw strmnnrm, amazing to see SSB running so good)

If you feel the same as me please post your view on the poll here -

Zphynx said...

Just registerd just to be able to comment! :)
I've been using Deadlus since r6 and I've seen loads of progress.
I really really appriciate your work and I think it's totally awsome! Just don't have any words for it.

Been trying r12 for a couple of hours now and SSB is running great. As you said the speed needs a look-over but its great besides that.

Gave Z-Oot a quick try aswell and as you enter the cave in the volcano it used to crash but you can move on in the game now. Great work! :)

For the next update I'd like to see the sound working more properlly. It's half of the expereience. But i think you should work on the stuff that you think are the most important, after all you probably got some ideas already.

At last I just want to thank you for a splendid job! I could go on forever but...yeah!

Keep it up, you're doing an awsome job!

Morgan said...

Okay StrmnNrmn the poll is up and it's running, enjoy the results. Remember though to look at the top 3 requested games to be worked on for R13. Do what you do and enjoy, hope the poll!

KingPepper said...

i got this off of another Web Site:-
Try these Settings for Super Smash Brothers..........
Texture Update Check: Every 30 Frames
Frameskip: 2
Limit Framerate: No
Dynamic Recompilation: Enabled
Audio: Disabled

Makes it Run Faster.... ;o)

Thanks for Your Fantastic Update!!!
Have a Great Holiday in Spain StrmnNrmn......
Its Great to See My Favorite Game on N64 Working Now, Goldeneye...
It Looks Amazing Running on Our PSP's.......Wooty!!!!

HellGill said...

Great work.

I think it could be easy to do this: for preview png's, when a screen shot is taken, there could be a option to copy the png file for dir preview with the same name as the rom file. This way the emulator always finds the right name of files, and puts the files where they look the best.

no space said...

This release is great! I can finally get into Pokemon Snap. However, I can't move the camera. The joystick seems to lose all function once you get past the menus and get into the real game. Is there any way to fix this?

Sterist said...

i also have a crazy idea that maybe CPU could be borrowed from another PSP via wifi, and have the host only process what cannot be processed with the margine of a small delay. it's a potential 222mHz addition, as well as 10-20mb RAM

lots of people have 2+ psp's, and would be an interesting twist for those lucky people 8)

back to reality, please continue :)

Grant said...

Hey just tested out all the roms I got, across the board great improvement on all fronts, for some reason whatever you did fixed alot of glitches in other roms

here's my findings on r12, and this is with no frameskip and sound disabled, stock settings average framerate

starfox *good* 10-20fps
quest64 *good* 15-20fps
mariokart *good* 15-20fps
SSB *good* 20-30fps

zeldaOOT -major textures 7-10fps
marioparty -minor textures 15-20fps
Tonyhawk2 -menu 10-20fps
Doom 64 -major textures 6-7fps
Pilotwings -minor textures 10-15fps
Waverace -minor textures 10-20fps
Goldeneye -glitchy 6-7fps

Yoshistory -no boot
papermario -boots no ingame
residentevil2 -no boot
Blast Corp -no boot
turok -no boot

But overall great work, more than half those games wouldn't even boot for me in r11, good deal brother and have fun on vacation

Volvagia said...

Great work as always! (posting again :-D).

I wonder if you can consider to switch the L-button with the Z-button in the default controller settings? The N64 games almost never uses the L-button, instead the Z-button is used more.

For me it isn't a problem (since I change it myself), but for newcomers who get their first impression with the emulator this could be important...

Jody said...

Hey strmn, have you ever thought about making an Animated Icon for Daedalus, or any icon with a Background behind it and a .AT3 music file with it? Some games have it. I'm just telling you this incase you want to decorate the front homebrew cover of Daedalus, a bit.

Anonymous said...


Few bugs / Glitches

Emulator freezes up when turning audio on while ingame.

When copying files from a mac, rom list shows a heap of unknown file types ( ._filename.extension )

Rom List scrolls automatically sometimes

When pressing select in some roms (whilst sound is on) it freezes the emu entirely. Rom in question, All Star Tennis.

Some Findings:
South Park Rally (Very Buggy)
Mario Tennis makes it to the next menu and freezes

No Space: Yeah i saw that too in R11.

Question: Wouldnt it be an idea to concentrate on the Nintendo made games if possible, as you know Super Smash Bros has problems then we have Mario Tennis and Mario Golf that dont work, Pokemon Stadium 1 / 2. Probably would improve compatibility as Im sure there is some sort of framework that Nintendo has put in for these games which many other companies would have used to make their games. (Yes ok Captain Morgan. DKR might impact on this)



cemicalkrow said...

Just work on Smash and zelda for now! Thanks for a good N64 emu!:)

''Brooks' law of programming projects'':)

Musouka said...

Fantastic work as always Nrmn! Thank you SO much for your dedication and sticking with this project, your work is legendary to some of us. Id love to see you go back to optimizations maybe work on sound some. Would Love to see Mario with sound. But I would also love to see Zelda MM work seeing as I never finished it, but do what you want and enjoy and thank you so much!

crush said...

Thanks from Spain , Forums EOL

PodCopter said...

Good job on the emu.

It's truly awesome.

It will be even more awesome when Kirby 64 works.

But ssb will kill my time for a while as well.

Keep it up!

aka said...

OT/and Stormin, now i remember, think at your holidays now, you did a great work with the daedalus, so your vacation would be great too, i hope ;P. Have a nice Vacation!\OT

mstrhelix said...

thanx for all the hard work!!!

Forsaken runs 25+ with perfect sound
Killer Instinct Gold is booting
Rampage is running almost perfect
mario kart is even running faster.

Every release is like christmas morning... w00t!!!

tyler said...

This is an amazing release! A lot of games work BETTER now. I mean, mario party is a bit slow but extremely playable. I have been following this since R1 and when you and Monkey were both doing this.
Of course, Mario 64 is very close to full speed, mario party is like 15 - 20 fps (it's a 30 fps game), SSB is 30-40 (it's 60) and Aero Gauge is running very fast with sound (it's 30).
BTW, don't turn off frame limiter, it doesn't have an affect on speed, it just turns off the frame capper, sort of like a car's speed limiter. Also, unscaled and full screen are the best settings for the view. I prefer unscaled so it isn't stretched and it looks amazing!!
Thanks for all your work StrmnNrmn even when people were originally saying that N64 wasn't possible or that you couldn't even get games playable!!! Now anything is possible thanks your work

XYZ-G said...

we all thank you for all your hard work. R12 was a pretty large improvement now mario party and mario party 2 run nice. and i beat super smash bros! yesss lol
thank you very much.

Exophase said...

strmnnrmn; Are you going to ever explain specifically what you did to fix the self modifying code issues in SSBM? I didn't notice a technical update for that ;)

Xenuismycopilot said...

This is a list of roms i've tested on R12 and how they ran for me.

007 The world is not enough - Visual distortions. Framerate not bad. Somewhat playable.
1080 Snowboarding - Crashed
Aerofighters Assault - Choppy. Slow framerate.
All Star Tennis 99 - Almost perfect. No noticeable glitches after short test period.
AeroGauge - Runs at about 90% framerate, with a few minor visual glitches. Overall good.
Airboarder 64 - Crashed
Army Men Sarge's Heroes - Constant screen blinking. Unplayable.
Asteroids Hyper - Runs well. Playable.
Automobili Lamborghini - Constant blinking. Unplayable.
Banjo Kazooie - Intro looks good, though frustratingly long. Game appears to have crashed right when controllable gameplay was about to begin.
Banjo Tooie - Crashed.
Bassmasters 2000 - Crashed.
BattleTanx - Crashed
Beast Wars Transmetal - Glitchy with slow framerate.
Beetle Adventure Racing - Glitchy. Very low framerate.
Big Mountain 2000 - Runs at about 80% framerate. It is playable.
Blast Corps - Crashed.
Body Harvest - Crashed
Bomberman 64 - Crashed.
Bomberman Hero - Was running ok at about 40% normal framerate until the entire backround turned blue. Unplayable.
Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition - With the exception of the pointing mechanism looking glitchy, this runs fine.
Bust-A-Move 99 - Runs well. Playable.
Carmageddon 64 - Crashed.
Castlevania - Crashed.
Castlevania Legecy of Darkness - Crashed.
Chopper Attack - Difficult Controls, 75% framerate, but still playable.
Command & Conquer - Crashed.
Crusi'n USA - Crashed.
Crusi'n World - Crashed.
Cyber Tiger - Too glitchy and slow to be playable.
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Dancing Museum - Crashed.
Destruction Derby - Crashed.
Diddy Kong Racing - Crashed.
Donkey Kong 64 - After two minutes of trying to get to gameplay I gave up. Probably unplayable.
Doom 64 - Very odd visuals, not very playable.
Duke Nukem Zero Hour - Intro showed characters moving back and forth, slowly advancing. Gameplay presumed to be too glitchy.
Duke Nukem 64 - Gameplay is slow and distorted. Only somewhat playable.
Earthworm Jim 3D - Slight visual glitches. 75% framerate. It's playable.
Excitebike 64 - Crashed.
Extreme-G - Visual Distortions. Slow framerate, but still kinda playable.
F-1 World Gran Prix - Too slow and too glitchy. Not playable.
F-Zero X - Crashed
Fifa Soccer 64 - Crashed
Fighter's Destiny - About half framerate, but somewhat playable.
Fighter's Dentiny 2 - Crashed
Fighting Force 64 - Crashed
Flying Dragon - Crashed
Forsaken 64 - Close to perfect. Playable.
Ganbare Goeman 2 - Crashed
Gex 3 -Crashed
Glover - 70% framerate. Playable.
Golden Nugget 64 - very low framerate.
Goldeneye 007 - Boots up, way too glitchy to be playable though.
GT 64 Championship Edition - Crashed
Harvest Moon - Crashed
Hexen - Crashed
Hybrid Heaven - Excessively long into sequence. Probably unplayable.
Jeremy Mcgrath Supercross 2000 - Crashed
Jet Force Gemini - Crashed
John Romero's Daikatana - 5 lines constantly accross screen. Half framerate. Kinda playable.
Kirby 64 - Crashed
Knife Edge Nose Gunner - Some framerate and graphic issues but playable.
Lode Runner 3D - Low framerate. Some text blurred. Somewhat playable.
MRC Multi Racing Championship - 75% framerate. Playable.
Mace The Dark Age - Crashed
Mario Golf 64 - Crashed
Mario Kart 64 - Runs well. Framerate is around 80%
Mario Party 3 - Crashed
Mario Tennis - Crashed
Mega Man 64 - Text illegible. Playable but hard to know what is going on without text.
Micro Machines 64 - Runs well. Playable.
Mission Impossible - Crashed
Monster Truck Madness 64 - Difficult to start without legible text. Might be playable?
Mortal Kombat 4 - Crashed
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero - Choppy gameplay. Not very playable.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy - Charactors are pure black color. Kinda playable.
Ms. Pac Man Maze Madness - Crashed
Mystical Ninja Starring Goeman - Half framerate. Graphic issues. Kinda playable.
Mystical Ninja 2 - Crashed
Nascar 2000 - Crashed
NBA Jam 2000 - Crashed
NFL Blitz 2000 - Low framerate. Graphic issues. Somewhat playable.
Nuclear Strike 64 - Low framerate. Graphic issues. Somewhat playable.
Off Road Challenge - 1/5 framerate. Not very playable.
PGA European Tour - Too glitchy. Not playable.
PPG Chemical X - Crashed
Paperboy - 40% framerate. Kinda playable.
Paper Mario - Crashed
Penny Racer - Invisible cars. half framerate. unplayable.
Perfect Dark - crashed
Pilot Wings - Graphics look nice. 1/6 framerate. Not very playable.
Pokemon Puzzle League - Crashed
Quake 64 - Slow and glitchy. Not very playable.
Quest 64 -
Ridge Racer 64 - 80% framerate. Playable but visually glitchy.
Rally Challenge 2000 - Crashed
Rampage World Tour - Almost flawless. Playable.
Rampage 2 Universal Tour - 90% framerate. Runs well. Playable.
Rayman 2 - Crashed
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing - Slow. Unresponsive. Not very playable.
Road Rash 64 - Extremely slow framerate. Not very playable.
Roadsters - Invisible cars. Low framerate. Unplayable.
Robotron 64 - A little slow, but playable.
Spiderman - Crashed
San Francisco Rush - Road disappears. Lack of car color. Unplayable.
Scooby Doo - Playable (but boring.)
S.C.A.R.S. - Crashed
Shadow Man - Crashed
Snowboard Kids - 1/3 framerate. Somewhat playable.
Sonic Wings Assault - Crashed
South Park Rally - Slow, glitchy, unplayable.
Space Invaders 64 - Slow but playable.
Spacestation Silicon Valley - Slow intro. Presumably not very playable.
Star Fox 64 - Not perfect but it runs well. Very playable.
Star Soldier Vanishing Earth - Runs well. Playable.
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - Crashed
Starcraft 64 - Crashed
Super Bowling 64 - Runs slow, glitchy. Not very playable.
Super Mario 64 - Runs well.
Super Smash Brothers - About 75% framerate. Playable.
Tetris 64 - Crashed
Tetrisphere - Constant blinking. glitchy. not playable.
The legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Not 100% but it is playable
Tom Clancy Rainbow Six - Low framerate. Some visual glitches. Not very playable.
Tonic Trouble - Crashed.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater - Visual Glitches. Half framerate. Somewhat playable.
Top Gear Hyper Bike - Crashed.
Top Gear Rally - Slow. Can't see the road. Not playable.
Toy Story 2 - Crashed.
Turok (All Five) - Crashed, none of them seem to run.
Vigilante 8 - Glitchy intro leads me to believe this is unplayable.
WCW Nitro - Crashed.
War Gods - Some visual glitches but it appears to run well.
Wave Race 64 -Crashed
Wetrix - Glitchy and unplayable.
Winback - Still low framerate with a big block constantly obstructing your vision.
Wipeout 64 - Crashed
Worms Armageddon - Crashed
Yoshi's Story - Crashed


Here are the roms I think are worth playing on Daedalus R12,

1) 007 The World Is Not Enough
2) AeroGauge
3) AllStarTennis99
4) AsteroidsHyper
5) Big Mountain 2000
6) Bust-A-Move 99
7) Chopper Attack
8) Earthworm Jim 3D
9) Forsaken 64
10) Glover
11) Knife Edge Nose Gunner
12) Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
13) Mario Kart 64
14) Micro Machines 64
15) Multi Racing Championship
16) Quest 64
17) Rampage World Tour
18) Rampage 2 Universal Tour
19) Robotron 64
20) Star Soldier Vanishing Earth
21) Star Fox 64
22) Super Mario 64
23) Super Smash Brothers
24) War Gods

Falcon_maximus said...

Well one question, do you plan to have a look at Starcraft 64, Command & Conquer and especially the Zelda Series in the near future?

Because I guess that would be the most famous (except C&C :-P) and by far the best games (Zelda) for the N64 and I mean, hey, Starcraft portable ! O_O

Unfortunately C&C and Starcraft do not even start, they just crash from the beginning.......
And Zelda.........well ,way to slow.

So if your searching for new games to concentrate your optimisations on after your done with SSB and Mario64/ 007, remember this list please ;-)


Dan said...

@no space
Pokemon snap probably would never work properly anyways since viewing the pictures requires the use of the N64's framebuffer, which is barely (if at all) even emulated in PC N64 emulators, since it is really difficult to implement and resource consuming. Although you might someday be able to get in game properly (sorry, can't help with the control problem) it's highly doubtful that it could ever run playably due to this limitation.

robert said...

Well i'm sure many have said it but in r13 i'd love to see better compatabili and speed for the xelda seris, ocarina of time being the key one of course. It's a sin not to improve these to be honest.

Ty for reading xx

Michael said...

1st thanks a lot, great work!

Is there any chance to get Tetrisphere working? Maybe in the next release? It's one of my favorites N64 games!

Thank you!

Tetrisphere please ;-P

Christopher said...

Paper Mario is still broken :(
Hangs on creating a new game.

Sterist said...

plz plz consider Perfect Dark for later compatability-updates, the gameplay on concept is the exact same as goldeneye, but it's a little more futuristic

im very surprised how few ppl mentioned this game :(

Martin said...

I made a video of all the working & playable roms available for R12.

I was bored.

Still, they're quite a few playable games now.

See the video here:

Juan Antonio said...

Hey, great work, I've seen the progress done so far and it is awesome. I have a doubt though, can this program work on PSPs with system software 3.03? I have tried and so far it has not worked. Do you think it will be possible in further updates or am I just doing something wrong. I keep getting a message telling me the game can't be started. Thanks in advance.

XYZ-G said...

hey i hope you have a good while to chill and relax. and have fun with it.

i just want to tell you before i forget. can you consider adding a reset feature? like if a game freezes or anything like that, you press select and a "reset rom" option will be on that screen. not a big suggestion but just asking.
also i am running an apple mac os X and i dont know how to remap the button controlls. it would be helpful if you can add a controller configuration in the emulator.
one last thing which can definately wait till daedalus can run most games at full speed.. Cheat Options. lol, not needed at this point in the project.

so yea lets recap:
-Reset/Restart ROM/GAME option (would be nice to add in for release 13)
-Moddify controller settings in emu (i know that others have asked you to add this feature and you responded. but i just cant change the controls with my computer.)
-Cheat option, cartridge tilt (CAN DEFINATELY WAIT till emu is in further progress)

sorry if its too much to ask for. i know you have a life other than coding daedalus. so i hope you have fun and take as much time as you need for everything.

thank you

god0fgod said...

Well done. I found one problem. After the update I noticed some colours (expecially in lego racers 1) have been changed. Eg in lego racers the lego logo is orange not red.

god0fgod said...

I will also say mario party does work but the playing boards get scrambled.

TopherJ said...

thanx for the awesome work it is way bettter than i thought it would be. There are still a few glitches on SSB like you can see the background around items (like the dark spots around the poke'balls and stuff) and when i unlock a new character like captain falcon he is not there next time i play (am i doing something wrong?). But overall it is a great improvement and it is very playable. THANK YOU

The Wrecking Crew said...

When I saw kingpepper's setting configurations for SSB I decided to try it out with Zelda (and other games). O_O YOU FIXED THE SAVING ON ZELDA OOT!!! *I give you a bear hug* :D

Rodrigo said...

very good compatibility release :)
i´ve been testing various roms and i found more roms working ^^, but also some retrocess in some games like fzero x :(

Take a look in this picture:

Bomberman hero:
as you can see, the title screen was wrong on R10, get fixed on R11 an now its wrong again :P, and the game isnt playable because you always falls in nowhere (only with dynarec on).

F-zero X(only Death Race Mode): In R10 this game works... with lots of graphic errors, but the framerate was very high (about 50~60fps with no sound and 40~60fps with sound, and the framerate becames stable in frameskip 2 or 3). I was anxious to see this game working with no graphical errors, but I was disappointed when it stopped to boot in the R11 :( . In the R12 this game also does not work.

Mischief Makers finaly gets in game ^^, but the sprites doenst appear.

Disney's Tarzan works with good speed, but the sound doesn work and character's geometry goes crazy :P

Zelda Majora's Mask decent speed, but lots of funny bugs (exactly like R11), link always Die in the start and have 3 ocarinas... :P but there is a not-so-funny bug as you can see in screenshot. Some geometry doesnt appear, like in Bomberman. and the start menu is invisible.

Super Mario 64: still have good speed as always and still slows down when that bird's sprites (out of the castle) fly away :P.

Paper Mario: crashes after chosing the name.
Mario Party: works well with small glitches. :)

yoshi's Story: boots, black screen, screams "nintendo" then hangs XD

Resident Evil 2: looks like is doing something, but shows nothing.

some games has some strange colors in the textures...

and others have a strange bug that repeats the previous screen frames lots of times (worst in goldeneye)

/end of bugs report :D

good work

Kamus said...

nice! keep working men!

jorensmithrocks23 said...

I doubt you'll see this message after 59 others, lol.

Hi strmn,

I think that super smash bros is coming along great. I hope you work on some games meant for one player after that one though, like zelda or ogre battle 64 or mario 64.

I do have a question though, you are ovbiously a great programmer, but why is it you work solo? (atleast thats the impression I get). You should do some kind of programmer search overline or in your area, that way the production rate on daedalus would be faster, and there would be more eyes on the code to see errors.

name Nick said...

Hey Norman, I just wanted to post a few small bugs, which I predict shouldn't be as all bad to fix.

First of all, on Super Smash Bros., when you shoot an item it's sort-of like a square. The items aren't transparent, and I guess you understand what I mean.

Also, and Bonus Level 3, "Race to the finish", it's extremely glitched up. It's as if the camera will only stay in one spot the entire time while you have to guess where you are going, like I'm blind.

Hope you can take a look at it, oh, and the graphics for SSB and speed have increased, incredibly! You are a life-saver StrmnNrmn!


Pete said...

your the man. love what you have done with daedalus. i was going through the games that i had and was very surprised to see that many games worked very well. couple issues i ran across in your newest release.
-ran slower with frame skip?
-paper mario crashed after i put in my name to start the game.
-Pokemon puzzle league practicually ran full speed except for major sound cracks and graphical glitches.
-Emulator won't load game after changing the rom image a certain number of times.
Those are all the problems i've had with it and i hoped i helped

dodswm said...

Wow! This version works great on mario 64, with frameskip set to 1!

Im soo happy :)

Thank you!

Dany25 said...

yep, great work, I just tested it and most games run pretty fast now, no slowdowns R13, is it possible to fix the sound/music in the games without slowing them down? its pretty...boring to play the games without sound/music :)
Thnkx for this great release.


Mario_tech_boy_ said...

I found a problem when I tried to load F-Zero X. All it did was give me a blank screen. please fix this in the next update.

Gamers said...

Any chance we could talk you into figuring out why some roms load and some don't?

I'm specifically looking for Virtua Pro Wrestling 2 and/or WWE Wrestlemania 2000 myself, then my PSP will be perfect :)

Thanks again for your hard work; so far everything seems to be working perfectly!

alan said...

hi, this is great! super mario works very good! by the way, why is it that when i try to play resident evil, i just get a black screen and nothing else happens? is there something wrong with the file or am i doing something wrong? any help is welcome

the other guy said...

Please work on Zelda Orcarina of time thats the best game ever i have never seen a single person that does not like it. The game always crashes with dyneric recompilation enabled and its really extremely slow with it disabled.

Edward said...

Pokemon Stadium 2 had some great improvements with this release, it runs pretty slow with stupidly large loading times, but now you can enter in-game with Dynamic Recompilation Disabled and the menus look splendid!.
Very good work with the Emulator, thank you very much to spend your time to continue this project.

Spam said...

Mario Kart runs very well.
Mario 64 runs even better, however, without frameskip turned on, the in-game text places spaces in the wrong spots and mangles words. Other than that, this is by far the best emulator out there. I love how you use the actual in-game save.

WuEpE said...

thank you for the update.

I have a problem, does not go the Spanish Mario 64 to me, The screen leaves black



Rushed54 said...

Great Work! But In the next update please try and Get the lagging down. Games Like rush are Hard to play

Lance the Psp Hacker said...

It would be really cool if StmnNrmn could get Donkey Kong 64,Super Mario 64,Mario kart 64,Diddy Kong racing,and super smash bros. working at full speed with perfect textures.I think this is what he should do on r13.just maybe that will make alot of games run.

Trunks said...

Hey amazing work on R12 !

I think for R13, the next thing to be done maybe is to improve the speed and try to get games running at full speed, then for R14 etc fix the bugs/glitches.

Btw, plz try to get Zelda OOT and majoras mask full s[peed sometime soon! It'd be a dream come true to play those portable!

Thanks again!

Gatts said...

Keep at it, I like your work.

Thank you.

daniel said...


i'd love to see these games, which are very unique to N64, available in the future:


theyre the best puzzle games on N64


Anonymous said...

R12 is a really big jump, but anyone know around what update Donkey Kong 64 will be really playable?
I really sooooo much, very verry, want to play Donkey Kong 64, it is very fun, I have it for n64, and I would like to play it on the road.

alex said...

can some1 help me i did download daedalus in to my psp now when i start it says The game could not be started (80020148) plz help

Alex said...

When i gonna play Zelda ocarina of time do i need to downloaded first to my computer then put it in to psp or is it gonna be in daedalus when i play??

Ben said...

Hey there, I have custome firmware 3.71m33 and have followed your instuction exactly on how to install daedalus R13 with 25 roms. Problem is when i load daedalus from the memory stick it says "the game could not be started.(80020148)" I have even tried entering into recovery mode and changing the Kernel thing to Version 1.5 and it still will not load with this. All my other CSO games work absolutely fine off my memory stick but this will not load. I get the same message appear when I try to run UMD Dumper although i get this code (8002014C) Thanks for your help, Ben

Jussimir said...

Great Work! Maybe the creators of the Playstation 2 emulator for pc dont are the same of this, or now anyone is playing playstation 2 on pc this time :)

(bad english)

Filipe said...

Isn't somehow possible to adapt the Daedalus emulator to use on the PS2? If it runs so great on the PSP it will sure be great to use on the PS2 console. Many Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is great! Very well done!
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