Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Status Update

It's been a couple of weeks since the last update. As people tend to get a bit nervous when I don't update regularly, I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm ok and still thinking about getting R12 ready :)

I'm still in the middle of looking at fixing the various dynarec bugs which are keeping Super Smash Bros from working with Dynarec enabled. I've not made as much progress as I would have liked since the last post, as I've been very busy with work and various other commitments. Hopefully I should get a bit more time to work on R12 from the end of this week. I'll post an update as soon as I have more news to report on.



Mike said...

Keep it up your emulator will rock.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your hard work strm! Good luck!

Chris said...


I usually dont read blogs let alone post comments on them but yours is something else. I love your commentary/updates on how the inner workings of Daedalus work and it really gives a new perspective to the technical side of this project. If possible in the future, would you be able to dive a little deeper into the technical aspects of the emulator that you are working on(i think there were a few like this from the r6-r8 days)?

Morgan said...

Good to hear I'm sure you'll get R12 out when your ready, should be great.

Antonio said...

1st post!!!!

Thats fantastic!!! We are with you for sure. Keep up the good work!!

Triton said...

Good job, keep up! :D

Kame said...

oi mate!

reading that bit made me think of my univ. senior year programming project.

we appreciate your time, and keep us in the loop! might be able to bring fresh ideas to the table. best regards,


iwantanimac said...

Good to see something happening. Can't wait for another breakthrough release! ^^

Checkviller said...

Hi, I'm a big fan of deadalus, play a little bit mario kart every day, and i must say: Nice job! it works really well, though the framerate isn't that big as it is on the computer, it doesn't matter at al. it really love to play it. I Hope your real-life is going very well, and that you still have some free evenings to spend working on Daedalus. I'm really looking forward to a future release, When it is released, I'm going to post it right away at the front of the biggest PSP-homebrew site of the Benelux :D

Paulo said...

the brazilian fellas thank you so hardly!
man, one question.
in the r12 , you will focus on velocity or fix bugs?


kev said...

Cool man, can't wait. Keep at it and one of these days all that hard work will be worth it.THX!

kev said...

Dude thats awesome, please take all the time you need.Keep up the hard work, and i know it will be great in the end, with you being the first to havin made the first full speed n64 emulator on the psp, PROVE THOSE NOOBS WRONG!

The Wrecking Crew said...

Hello. First off, I'd like to say that you're doing a great job. So, keep up the good work! :D

Next... I'm look forward to R12. So, I hope you get the issues with Goldeneye and Smash Bros. fixed soon!

Third, I'd like to tell you about something I noticed about some of the save files. Mind you, I'm not as N64 savvy as you are (and you might even be aware of this), but with at least Zelda, Daedalus makes a MPK save file... Isn't that a Memory Pack file? Wouldn't Zelda save to something like a SAV file? (Well, Project 64 saves Zelda: OoT to a SRA file. :/)

I know this post was about Goldeneye and everything, but I wanted to bring that up.

Well, I hope you get everything fixed up, I love being able play my old N64 games on the go! :D

JerK said...

youve been doing an awesome job man

if i may ask? is wrestlemania / the thq wrestling games working on r12? is it dynarec? just wondering cuz ive been trying them on every update lol

thanks for your time and efforts.


felix said...

tienes todo mi animo desde EspaƱa eres la ostia, tienes el apoyo de medio mundo para conseguir que vaya bien este emulador XDD,suerte y a seguir currandoteo como hasta ahora que al final la gente te lo agradece un abrazo I'm not spea english but... your work is very very goooooddd.
from Spain

imraan said...

can u include an exit button to click on so i can exit daedalus on the next version plz plz
bcoz when i use the home screen my psp freezez. it does that with every game, iso , etc.

btw amazin app

Ring said...

Hey,love your emulator, keep up the great work.

Whens r12 going to be coming out?

Have you tried Link ocarina of time at all on this? I did and it has some glitches, and it's slow but it's the best game, so I think you should try to get that working after you get ssb working.

Do you ever look at other n64 emulators, like monkey64? Whos is better, yours or his?


KingPepper said...

Is there anything to Report, on your Progress, as i enjoy reading what you have found out & Put Right.....:)

Yours Sincerely