Sunday, May 06, 2007

Daedalus R11

Daedalus R11 is finally here. It took a little longer than I expected to merge the changes across to the sourceforge subversion repository but I got there in the end :)

Anyway, here are the latest files:

Daedalus PSP R11 for v1.00 Firmware
Daedalus PSP R11 for v1.50+ Firmware
Daedalus PSP R11 Source

Here's the changelist:

  • [*] Large overhaul of rom settings and preferences. All settings should now be persistant.
  • [+] Native support for palettised textures for faster rendering and less memory usage.
  • [+] Provided a fixed size pool for all texture memory, to limit memory usage.
  • [+] Expansion Pak enabled by default.
  • [!] Updated rom info database to include save mechanism for many roms.
  • [!] Fix memory leak in texture cache.
  • [!] Fixed conversion of RGBA/32bpp textures with odd alignments.
  • [!] Fix crash which occurred when recolouring textures in low memory situations.
  • [^] Large rewrite of texture cache to reduce memory usage and improve performance.
  • [^] Various optimisations to the way textures are looked up in the cache and installed.
  • [^] Optimise offsetting/scaling of texture coordinates.
  • [^] Improve performance of dynarec fragment cache and reduce memory fragmentation.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the comments pages. I don't always have time to reply to all of the comments, but I do read every one of them.



the_wub said...

Thanks for the update! :)

Lukahn said...

Good stuff, can't wait to try it out.

else said...

Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!

RhiffSta said...

Thanx Buddy.
I really enjoy your N64 Emulator. It's getting better and better with every release. Can you please work on getting 007 Goldeneye? I think this is one of the most anticipated Games to play on the PSP.. Thanx.

Christian said...

Thanks a lot for the work. You´ve a lot of fans in Spain. You´re the best!!!
Saludos desde Barcelona

Anonymous said...

Thx ;) i gonna test it now :)

Josué said...

Thanks a lot!!!
Smash bros can load!!
And Mario 64 run fullspeed without audio!!
Thanks for can playing Zelda in PSP, Strmnnrmn.

Mattias said...

fantastic work!!

i have just tried MK 64 and Mario 64. both of them seems to be like 5-10 % faster than R10.. so its like you promised us :)

always a pleasure to enjoy a new release from you!!

Duffman said...


The stars and the money is gone in Super mario 64... Was working before.

king_crayon said...

Thank you from Australia!

sofakingstewpit said...

Another big step forward StrmnNrmn. Thanks for the hard work

jorge said...

Good job man ;)

ich said...

Mario64 is Nearly Fullspeed but Mario is in some cases very Slow.

I hope that Daedalus become anytime Fullspeed

Sorry For my Bad English I´m German

First Post ^^

Jody said...

Awesome. I'm going to try it out right now.

Gm said...

All I can say is amazing.

I have tried Mario 64 and Mario Kart so far on R11.

I am speechless on both of them.

Mario 64 went over 30fps in places around the castle, and still I got around 26+ in levels. The only problem I saw here was when you first entered a level, it would lag until it loaded all the textures. Another cool part was I could enable sound and it was synced 100% if I stood say, up against a wall or a place with less textures to display.

Mario kart was giving me a steady 20fps in GP mode at 150cc. Although that isn't perfect, it is fast enough to play through the whole game :D

Keep up the good work. I hope you can find more places to patch up to get a speed boost!

david said...

Nice update, seems faster
Zelda randomly goes back to menu when i went through a door :S

raddog said...

Great release! But I just tested out some games, and noticed some of the graphics weren't showing up at all?

Like Super Mario 64, the intro screen with the Mario head doesn't show the words Press Start, the number of lives, stars, and the camera icon was also missing in-game.

Anonymous said...

1st! Yay - i m sure there are tons of replies when i hit submit :P

I m sure you did an good job on this so far. I'll test this release in detail now and hope that you fixed alot of bugs and we get a bit higher fps now.

However: keep up the great work


Adam said...

What happened to the HUD in Mario 64?
Anyway, great release, I think you should work on adding ME support for R12.

Suflen said...

nice work.
i hope you keep doing your great job with this emulator. thanks for giving us this great homebrew.

PS. can i run the 1.50+ version on a 3.30OE-A firmware?

Dannydeman said...

Well, good I can play with my new PSP tonight. After I do a downgrade / upgrade to a Custom Firmware, I will try it.

But how does Mario Kart 64 work? Will it run as great as Mario 64 does? I don't care about the sound, but like to enjoy that game on my psp :)

MetalJay said...

Brilliant release m8, i would love it if u cud edit the eboot to have sum form of background or sumit, because im sure other people hate having 2 recompile the eboot with a new png etc...apart frm that, this is amazing, ive watched this grow, very impressed m8,super mario 64 and mario kart work excellent

England is proud of u :D

Josh said...

Awesome work. Just keeps getting better.

Just wondering, would it be possible or beneficial if you wrote some sort of program that could convert roms into a Daedalus-specific format?

What I mean is, you run the roms through a program, which would then extract, convert certain aspects to PSP format, and then repackage them in a proprietary container in order to save CPU time. I know it would probably require a large amount of code rewriting and I have no idea whether it would be a good idea, and I don't really know anything about programming, but I'm just throwing that out there. I'm sure everyone would sacrifice some time and memory stick space to have even smoother running games.

Ryan said...

Great work as always! It's nice to know that there are still guys like you that are still making the scene alive. More power to you and remember that all your work is very much appreciated.

taco said...

Great job StrmnNrmn. In R12 I think you should focus on getting these games to load:
Super Smash Bros.
Perfect Dark

god0fgod said...

Great work. I really do think you should focus on getting some popular games to work that don't allready for R12. I would love for goldeneye to work. I also think there should be a function to stop the psp crashing when an unsuported game runs.

Morgan said...

Well I am very happy to announce the Captain Morgan trick, this trick works and it enables you to play Super Smash Brothers in-game with the Dynarec ENABLED. All you do is wait till the title screen pops up, then wait until the tutorial comes up. Then click start, and when the title screen comes up QUICKLY hit start, and QUICKLY navigate through your options (such as 1 player, training, whatever you want to do). Then just select your character and enjoy Super Smash Brothers with the dynarec ENABLED. I figured out this trick back in like R8 and I tested it on R11 and it works so enjoy! Great job StrmnNrmn I wil do more testing as I watch the race in Richmond today, go Jeff Gordon!

icemaN said...

Super Mario 64 runs great especially in game i tried to run diddy kong racing ( my favorite game ) it loaded but unplayable. then i naturally loaded up some Legend of Zelda : OoT
probably the best game ever the begining video ran quite smoothly end at some points ran full speed. ingame the floor still seamed to flicker. i then threw on 3 frameskeip and the game ran what seamed to be full sped and i was extremely happy but still it was still choppy. then i booted up mario kart 64 and it ran perfectly. then loaded up some ssb and tried to get into game but my psp crashed

Thanks for all the work and cant wait till future releases keep up the good work

Morgan said...

As it turns out StrmnNrmn no matter what it says about the Dynarec being ENABLED it's disabled by you by default. But with my trick you can play the game with it enabled, maybe you should consider releasing a revision where it's not disabled. This way we can enjoy SSB with the dynarec enabled. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I figured a trick (look above) to get SSB running with the dynarec enabled but StrmnNrmn has disabled it even though it says it's enabled in the settings. StrmnNrmn it's up to you if you want to release a R11a or soemthing to fix this problem so people can play SSB with the dynarec enabled.

Ari said...

This is sweet to the max bro...and I'm so suprised that every release gets better framerate! Keep it up and I will keep loving it!

givemelove said...

Great stuff,

Many thanks,


Son Gohan said...

Could u give us a list, which games are working now?

Nice work!!! :D

rlowez28 said...

Great job on R11! Thank you for all of your hard work on one of the best emulators for the PSP!

Stuart said...

Wow good job!!!!

Puppinoo said...

Great news. Cant try it right now but, I gotta say your dedication to the project is impressive.

Keep up the good work.


Charles said...

Amazing. The interface looks beautiful. Thank you for being so dedicated and awesome! I wish more emulator developers were as devoted as you.

robin said...

Strmn, great work mate, really impressed by how this is coming along, I have no doubt at all you'll get it running full speed & almost (if not full) compatibility - keep it up!

Quick question - any idea why PBP Unpacker reports 'PBP file detected as invalid or corrupt' when trying to unpack EBOOT.PBP? I'm just trying to change the icon to one of pochi's ones. Any ideas of other tools I can use to change the icon? I've tried pspbrew but that won't let me change the icon either...

Appreciate all your hard work on this as do many others!

cheers, Rob [London]

Eduardo said...

Fantastic Release! Thank you so much for your time and effort, as we have all enjoyed it.

Now, back to mario!

Anonymous said...

awesome release! thanks a bunch

Qendrim said...

Thanks alot! :D very nice

MiGs said...

Nice nice, I'm liking this release of Daedalus, alot of good new additions and better compatability! Keep up the good work! Also, is it possible to toggle wether Daedalus renders texture/sprites? I'm thinking if you it dosen't need to render textures or sprites, it would be much much faster, alowing those that don't care too much for graphics (like me =D), to get some more speed and playability in more games.

Also, another cool thing to think about is instead of loading a game, and playing it, how about loading a game, and just listening to the sound at full speed. Is it possible to list all sounds/songs in a game and play them one by one like tracks? (just like a soundtest mode, games like Robotron64 and Perfect Dark has some killer music!)

Cueca said...

wow very good release...

but i found some retrocession in compatibility :(

F-zero X doesnt boot anymore :(
im really sad with this because this game is one of my favorites and was running extremely fast in R10 (death race).

Mischief Makers also doesnt boot (in R10 it shows the intro).

and some roms i feel that is running a little slower, and others faster (mario kart with sound ^^)

then, now i think that you could focus on compatibility and optmizations in cpu emulation... because now the speed will get better naturally with theses things working also better. ;)

now go and play some Burnout dominator in your PSP, this game rocks ^^

see you on nest post :P

Morgan said...

Well as it turns out I did get a edited ini file from Zion with the dynarec issue fixxed in SSB. But sadly to say my Captain Morgan trick doesn't work on R11, just gets me to the character select screen and then freezes after that. Well I guess I'll just wait for R12 to have SSB with dynarec enabled.

iamagamesadict said...

NICE!! well done, roms tat didnt work before finnally do. Thanks :)

Musouka said...

great job! thanks for all your hard work. Zelda oot is giving me far more problems now though, having to disable dynarec LOTS more often in deku tree just so you know

Swish said...

Wow R11 is amazing, thanks.

Don't forget about Save state :)

Farnick said...

So far, this is a very good release, much more games play, like Mario kart stays at a steady 25 fps, which is more than playable for me. very good job.

Musouka said...

hey spent few hrs messing with zelda oot testing for you i was wrong turn off dynarec doesnt help new problem. anytime you encounter the mini gohma eggs ANYwhere in deku tree the emu almost certainly freezes and dies. any room chamber boss fight etc. it is the master quest. the R10 NEVER does this, so i really hope this specific info helps you fix the issue. on R10 i can make it through the deku tree, some doors must have dynarec off but on R11 its no longer possible to get through the stage. THANK YOU!!

JATF said...

Great release. Thanks for all your hard work on this emulator.

KingPepper said...

Very Impressed with R11, Nice Speed Increase & More Roms now Working, Super Smash Bro's Works up to Level 3 then goes Wrong Sadly in Game, i got Over 7 Roms to run, Well Done for all your Great Coding, Keep it Up :)

Japo Freak said...

thanks for this marvellous work.

I think it is not only an emulator is a way get all the countries forgotten as you're receiving greetings from all over the world.

Do you think that SSB will be playable on R12?

Saludos desde vila real(spain )

Anonymous said...

AWSOME WORK! Loving these updates Norman (if that is your real name :D)!!

Just one question, and I know there are still many bugs to be worked out, but I tried playing Zelda: Majoras Mask and it seems that after the Skull Kid steals your ocarina, Link has 3 to spare! Every c-button has an ocarina on it, AND you can use them! :P

No big deal, it's not playable yet but it's looking GOOD!

Also is the white ground a texture problem or a memory problem?

Jay said...

Will this work with fireware 3.03 OE-B

porchemasi said...

Thanks man, keep up the good work.

Maybe you can fix dynarec issues so that we can get sum 30 fps action going >:)

BTW Did you go to York University in Ontario, Canada?

Nico said...

Great work once again!

Mario 64 is almost FULL SPEED! Just a few releases more and you're there... anyways, a joy to play, like in the old days :P

I hope you keep it up! Thanks man!

Mas saludos desde Barcelona!

Gregor said...

Tested ROM:
Super Mario 64 (U) [!].z64

Games Doesnt Haves Statistics - about life - stars etc
stars are yelow-black
in first episode fps is not good because there is too much graphic

Tested ROM:
Mario Kart 64 (U) [!].z64

baloon colors are bad
but game have better some graphics glitches
but speed is better -
Tested ROM:
Wave Race 64 (U) (V1.1) [!].z64

Wave Race 64 works but after select player the game have freeze
lot of graphics glitches - np sky is black
tested without sound

Tested ROM:
GoldenEye 007 (U) [!].z64

Not Working--------------------------
Tested ROM:
Star Fox 64 (U) (V1.0) [!].z64

working without sound quiet good-
playble - but graphics glitches

Tested ROM:
Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.1) [!].z64
BIG graphics glitches - not playble

Tested ROM:
F-ZERO X (U) [!].z64

not working
Tested ROM:
Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (U) (V1.2) [!].z64

not working
Tested ROM:
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (U) (V1.2) [!].z64

working - too much graphics glitches

Kamus said...

Thank's a lot!

Keep going on!

Muchas Gracias y sigue adelante con el proyecto!

icemaN said...

Thanks keep up the good work i can actually play Zelda =) but it crashes occasionally usally when i jump through the spider web i think it has a hard time processing the level so fast

Lasse Jørgensen said...

I have the same problem as the other two blokes. In Mario64 my HUD is gone. Cant see how many stars I have etc.

Btw, thanks for doing this strmnnrmn.
I really enjoy following your work :)

MiLO22 said...

Great Job Strmnnrmn!! and 1 little thing......MEDIA ENGINE!!!

thanks ^_^

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work buddy.

I found that Gex 3D hard crashes for some reason . Could be a once off thing who knows.


Jody said...

Great job on R11. F-Zero-X doesn't work any more, but who cares? SSB finally works. I'm sure you noticed the HUD in Mario64 is gone. Good release, strmn.

Tyler said...

I second the ME support plea. I imagine it might take a couple of months but it will definately be worth it. Thanks for everything.

sam said...

outstanding work bruv! this is amazing i dont think there could ever be a better coder than you! wel done!

Max said...

Well done Strmnnrmn. I see that many people want more compability with games but i sugest to you that you still work on finishing the emulator. (if you ever plan to be finished ;) ) Because as i see it many of the games will not be fully playable even if they work so I hope you still focusing on emulator work and to get better framerate // Haxxmax.

Macia said...

I've tested Doom 64 (E) [!].v64 rom and there are no textures and game runs very slow :(

robin said...


Sorry for the dumb question earlier (about changing icons), I was trying to unpack the wrong EBOOT!

All sorted now
cheers, Rob

rik said...

great update, likin wa i see so far..but in dungeons 2 y 3 of loz:oot it freezes on the same room when im goin to the next...while it freezed i thought of a wild idea...for it not to crash cant u create a folder where the program can store the textures in the mem stick instead of the cpu?just a wild thought...
any way exelent release and keep up the good work!

Andrew said...

You are an awesome person for doing this, and each release is showing how possible this is. Thank you for this.

name Nick said...

Wow! After seeing Banjo Kazooie go about only 2 or 3 FPS, it now goes to like 16 FPS to 25 FPS!

That is incredible! Thanks so much!

WAFCToM said...

Advice to most people -

keep R10

and get R11 too!

find which works the best with your games

like SMB64 is better with R10
But MK64 is bets with R11