Sunday, May 07, 2006

Let's try again

I started a blog here a few months ago and, as expected, my enthusiasm shriveled up and died fairly quickly. Now that I've released Daedalus PSP I wanted to have somewhere I could easily post progress updates and other bits and pieces I thought might be interesting.

Anyway, I've written up a short piece about what I'm doing with the dynamic recompilation engine for Daedalus PSP, so I'll start with that.



Soopergooman said...

Hey Man, Keep up your great werk, Eveyone around the Globe really appreciates the hard werk that you've put into dadelous psp. I know that I do. I can't wait until you have it updated so that sound and most roms werk with it. Cheers Dood.

dzeikei said...

If you set up Google Adsense on your BLog it may aid you for developing your emulator :)
GL and GW