Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It turns out that exophase had already suggested two of the three optimisations I implemented this weekend in a conversation we had way back in February.

Whoops! It's been such a long time, I'd totally forgotten we'd talked about it. I really should pay more attention sometimes - if I had been you might have seen some of these improvements way back in R9. Sorry exophase - kudos for spotting this so long ago!



mike03$$$ said...

please i hope the wrestling games work

Anonymous said...


Sounds very convincing!

Kudos to you :)


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot i asked,

I did mention this

A while ago too, hlide has a few tips there that might prove worthy for R13

Hope its useful.


Staroz said...

You totaly rock!
Please take some long time to
build the next R13.
I dont need some 10% speedup...
I think most of us would like some 70% gameimprovement.
Thanx for the updates and
see yah at the next update.

Your FAN Staroz...^^

Mattias said...

please stop asking about those wrestling games! its like the lowest priority right now. so stop ask for them everytime you write here!

thanx Strmn for all your work, hope R13 will be great. perhaps mario 64 will be fully playable with framskip 2 now :D

tyler said...

I guess it's better late than never... You could always blame it on being too into the emulator. BTW, whats the third? I see two optimizations...

Exophase said...

Thank you ^^

no said...

keep up the good work.please try to get zelda oot working better and diddy kong racing and donkey kong 64 working...thanks i can't wait for r13.

Erik said...

Do you have any idea on how to fix what I've been calling "black screen games"? Games like Bomberman 64 and Kirby 64 which seem to working fine (judging from the music and framerate) other than the fact that you can't see anything for the majority of the game. (hence black screen games) I understand that the current focus is still on speed, but I'm just curious if you have anything in mind to fix these games. Thanks for your time.